Midnight is Lost Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10 (With Guide)
Estimated time to Platinum: 45 – 60 min
Trophies: 12. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 0 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 29 Levels + Intro


Welcome to the Midnight is Lost trophy guide!
From Robotizar Games & QUByte Interactive, Midnight is Lost is a puzzle adventure game where you face a “challenging experience that needs to be solved backward.

Midnight is a witch’s animal helper, more precisely, a cat that has accidentally ended up on a mysterious island. Now he is lost in a weird world and needs your help to get back home.


Step 1: Complete 29 Levels + Intro
There are 30 levels in total within the game that can all be accessed via level select once you have completed the previous one. You will need to solve 29 of the 30 levels in order to unlock the relevant trophies, with only a couple of things to look out for whilst playing through the game.

The mini games can be replayed until you earned enough points to obtain the trophy, but it should only take a couple of tries max. The text walkthrough below will guide you to all the other trophies if followed precisely, with just a singular additional step needed for Gold CheckPoint.

Tips and Strategies

Do not at any point touch the button, as this will change the direction of the arrow in the bottom right corner. For this walkthrough to work it needs to point North West.

The first level serves as an introduction and teaches you the basics of what you need to do. The solution of this level is – D, R, Dx2, L, D, – At some point throughout this level you can get one of the easy trophies out of the way by pressing – The solution with this within would be – D, R, R1, Dx2, L, D, Trophy EarnedGold CheckPoint

Text Walkthrough

  1. Dx2, L, Dx2, R, D,
  2. R, D, R, R,
  3. Dx2, R, Dx2, Lx2, Ux2, Dx2, D,
  4. a) R, Dx5, R, L, Dx2, L, L, – Trophy EarnedGold Minigame A & Gold Good Aim
    b) D, R, Dx4, L, Dx2, L – Trophy EarnedGold Rules
  5. Rx4, Dx2, Ux2, R,
  6. Rx2, D, R, U, R,
  7. Rx4, Lx2, U, Rx2, Lx2, Dx2, Rx2, U, D, Lx2, Ux2, Rx2, U, R, Dx2, L, R, R,
  8. Ux3, L, U, Rx2, D, U, L, U,
  9. Rx4, Dx3, Ux5, Dx2, R, R, – Trophy EarnedGold Level 10
  10. a) Rx5, Dx3, L, R, U, R, – Trophy EarnedGold Minigame B & Gold Cooking
    b) Rx4, Dx2, Ux2, L, D, U, Rx2, Dx2, R,
  11. Dx4, R, D, L, D,
  12. D, R, Dx2, R, D, L, D,
  13. D, Rx2, U, R, U, R, U, R,
  14. Rx2, U, D, U, D, R, D, Rx2, U, R, – Trophy EarnedGold Level 15
  15. Ux2, Rx2, Lx2, Ux2, Rx2, D, U, L, U,
  16. Ux3, Rx2, D, Ux4, Rx2, Dx3, L, R, Ux3, L, U,
  17. Ux2, R, U, L, U, L, Dx2, Rx3, U, L, U, L, U,
  18. Ux2, Rx2, Lx2, Ux3, Rx3, Dx3, L, R, Ux4,
  19. Dx3, R, D, U, L, D, L, U, R, U, Lx2, D, R, D, Rx2, D, Ux2, R, D, R, – Trophy EarnedGold Level 20
  20. Ux5, Rx2, Ux2, Dx4, L, U, Lx4, U, R, Ux4, L, Dx2, R, Dx2, Rx6
  21. Rx3, L, U, R, U, L, Dx3, Rx3, D, L, U, Lx2, Ux3, Rx3, U, L, D, Lx2, Dx2, Rx2, D, R, Ux2, L, R, Ux2, L, U,
  22. Rx2, D, Rx4, U, R, D, L, D, R, Ux2, Lx2, D, Lx3, Ux2, Rx3, D, Rx2, D, L, D, R, Ux2, Lx3, Rx2, U, Lx2, D, U, Rx2, D, U, R, D, R,
  23. Dx3, R, D, R, Dx2, Ux2, L, D, Lx2, U, Dx3, Rx3, Ux3, L, U, Lx2, Dx2, Rx3, U, R, D, Lx4, Ux2, Rx2, Dx2, L, Rx2, Dx2, Lx3, Ux4, Rx2, D, Rx2, D, R,
  24. Rx2, D, R, D, Rx2, U, Dx2, R, Ux4, L, R, D, L, D, R, Ux2, Lx3, U, R, D, R, U, Lx2, Dx3, L, U, R, U, L, Dx2, Rx3, U, R, Dx2, Lx2, U, L, D, Rx2, Ux2, Dx2, Lx2, U, L, Ux2, R, U, Rx2, D, R, Dx2, L, Dx4, – Trophy EarnedGold Level 25
  25. Rx4, U, Rx3, D, Lx4, U, R, D, R, U, Lx3, D, R, D, L, Ux2, Rx3, D, R, U, L, Ux4, L, Dx2, R, Dx2, L, D, Rx3, U, Lx2, D, L, U, Lx2, D, Rx3, L, U, Rx4
  26. Rx2, U, R, L, D, Rx2, U, R, U, L, Dx3, Rx2, U, Lx3, D, R, Ux2, Lx2, Dx2, Rx2, U, R, U, L, U, R, Dx2, L, D, Lx2, U, Rx2, D, R, Ux3, L, D, R, D, R, D, Lx2, U, D, Rx3,
  27. L, Dx3, R, Dx2, R, U, R, D, Lx2, Ux2, L, U, R, Dx2, L, D, R, D, L, Ux2, Rx2, D, R, U, Lx3, D, R, U, Rx2, D, R,
  28. Dx4, R, D, L, Ux2, Rx2, Dx2, Lx2, U, Dx3, Rx2, Ux2, L, R, Ux2, Lx2, D, L, U, Rx3, Dx4, Lx2, Ux2, Dx2, Rx2, Ux4, L, D, R, Dx3, L, D,
  29. Lx4, Rx2, D, Lx2, U, L, R, D, L, D, R, Ux2, L, U, L, D, Rx2, D, Rx2, Ux2, Lx2, D, L, D, R, D, L, Ux2, R, U, Rx2, D, Lx4, U, R, D, R, U, Lx2, Dx2, Rx2, L, D, R, D, – Trophy EarnedGold Level 30 & 40-platinum Trophy king

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Trophy List

Trophy king
Unlock all trophies
Rules Gold
Discover the ground rules
Level 10 Gold
Reach level 10
Level 15 Gold
Reach level 15
Level 20 Gold
Reach level 20
Level 25 Gold
Reach level 25
Level 30 Gold
Reach level 30
Cooking Gold
Get 40 Points in the cook minigame
Good Aim Gold
Get 400 Points in the shoot minigame
Minigame A Gold
Find a secret minigame
Minigame B Gold
Find another secret minigame
CheckPoint Gold
Use one checkpoint

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