Burrow of the Fallen Bear: A Gay Furry Visual Novel Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 6 – 8 min
Trophies: 18 40-platinum 1/ Gold 9 / Silver 8 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1 Full / 2 Partials


Greetings gamers and welcome to the Burrow of the Fallen Bear: A Gay Furry Visual Novel trophy guide!
This one is published by our friends at EastAsiaSoft.

The Burrow of the Fallen Bear’s seal is getting weaker and adventurers from the Furland Kingdom are coming to explore the house of one of the most fearful and violent assailants in the land. Guide a feline rogue named Krile on his journey to prove his worth and be chosen to save the Furry Heroes!

Burrow of the Fallen Bear is a furry-themed visual novel with multiple romance options layered within an exciting medieval adventure. Along the way, you’ll meet 3 potential companions with unique backstories and motivations. Each character comes to life with animated sprites.”



Start Playthrough

You must hold Square to skip.

2) Play with static Sprites
2) This may be dangerous
1) Look for some kind of infirmary
1) Was stung by an insect on way here
2) Don’t think it would hurt to stay a little longer
2) Can you help me relax a little more?
1) Investigate the long tent close to trees
2) Ask about his goals here
1) I must hear what he has to say
1) What if i do? What about it?
1) Examine the tent with a Blazon
2) I thought adventurers had their own code…..
1) No sir please….
1) Check out peddler…

Save 1

1) I want the old sharp knife
1) Search for Boris
1) I believe you in doctor
1) find a way to disarm the Trap
After trophy pop load save 1

Load Save 1

3) I prefer the ancient medallion
After trophy pop load save 1

Load Save 1

2) Give me the protection ring
1) Move forward to strike…
1) Move forward to strike…
2) Search for Ulfric
1) Get his attention….
2) Use the Stone’s magic power
2) Search for Grivoth
1) Can’t you use air magic….
1) I work with Grivoth as a team
2) Explore the burrow by yourself
2) Now turn to the left
1) Enter the door
1) Enter the door
2) Turn to the left
1) Back one room
1) Turn to the right
1) Open the door
1) search for Boris
1) I believe in you doctor
2) Find the secret exit…
1) Enter the opening alone!
2) Respect his wishes and leave him alone
1) Ask about Ulfric
3) I don’t think so at the moment
1) I need to stop Ulfric

Save 2

3) Throw a dagger him
2) Attack him close range
1) Try to talk with him
2) Wait for him to attack first
1) You are doing what the world wants

Load Save 2

3) Throw a dagger at him
2) Attack him at the close range
2) Attack him at the close range

Video Walkthrough

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Trophy List

Furry Master
Unlock all other trophies.
The Sealed Burrow Gold
Enter the Burrow of the Fallen Bear.
A Friend in Need Gold
Accept Sylvester’s help with his spell.
The Other Side Gold
Listen to the Mercenary Ulfric’s story.
A Tender Kiss Gold
Accept Doctor Boris’ offer.
The Servant of the Phoenix Gold
Hear about Boris’ past as an adventurer.
The Knight of the Waves Gold
Learn about Valerie, the wolf knight.
Delicate Paws Gold
Give a massage to the researcher Grivoth.
A Final Farewell Gold
Say goodbye to a partner.
Fallen Bear’s Wrath Gold
Start the final battle against the Fallen Bear.
A Forgotten Friendship Gold
Discover Grivoth’s bond with Alius, the royal advisor.
The Secret of the Eagles Gold
Find the Fallen Bear’s secret library.
The Ancient Medallion Gold
Buy the ancient medallion from the peddler.
The Protection Ring Gold
Buy the protection ring from the peddler.
The Magic Dagger Gold
Buy the magic dagger from the peddler.
Silver Hunter’s Victory Gold
Get pushed off the bridge by Ulfric.
Just a Flesh Wound Gold
Get skewered by the earth sector trap.
The Wolf’s Revenge Gold
Adventure with Ulfric in search of the truth.

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