Portal Dungeon: Goblin Escape Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 4 – 6 hours
Trophies: 26. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 8 / Silver 5 / Bronze 12
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the Portal Dungeon: Goblin Escape trophy guide!
Wanna be a goblin that kills lots of things with an easy platinum trophy? Come play Portal Dungeon!


Step 1: Finish the Game
The first step should be beating the game. This will net you most of the trophies honestly. The hardest point is probably the first boss, so you can grind some coins before you beat it. I recommend getting max armour and a few weapon upgrades at least! By the end of this you should only have a few trophies left.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze First Step
Bronze My Treasure
Bronze Weapon Strength
Bronze Freshness
Bronze You Can’t Buy Health
Bronze Nothing Is Eternal
Gold Many Legs
Gold Woof! Woof! Woof!
Gold She’s A Queen
Gold I’m Too Tired
Gold They Had No Chances
Bronze Give Me 5
Silver Give Me 10
Bronze 10 Challenges
Gold Full Set
Gold Maximum Strength
Silver Money Can Not Buy Happiness
Silver I Know Them All
Bronze We’re The Same Blood
Bronze This One Is Different
Bronze Give, And It Will Be Given To You
Silver Cemetery Secret
Silver Let Them Die
Bronze Strange Freedom

Step 2: Money Grinding
If you still need to max out your weapons, I recommend going into level 19. It’s short and sweet and it gives out a decent amount of gold. By the end of this step, you should have the platinum!

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Gold Give Me 15
Gold Maximum Strength
40-platinum Was It Escape?

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Trophy Guide

Was it escape?
Unlock all other trophies.

Unlock all other trophies.

First step Bronze
Find a portal key

To get this trophy, you have to find a key. Destroy everything you can in a room and you’ll eventually find one.

My treasure Bronze
Open 5 treasure chests

In every level you’ll see yellow X’s painted on the walls. Usually behind these are treasure chests. Attack the wall, then open the chests behind them by attacking it and after you open 5, you’ll get this trophy.

Weapon strength Bronze
Upgrade a weapon

When you buy your first weapon upgrade, this will unlock.

Freshness Bronze
Find a refresh token

When you destroy the environment or kill enemies, a refresh token can drop, which will let you re-roll challenges. This will come without trying.

You can’t buy health Bronze
Restore health using terminal

In the HUB room there are five pedestals. One of the pedestals contains a health station. You can only buy health if you’re damaged, so try to end a level with missing some health. When you get back to the HUB, buy some health and get this trophy.

Nothing is eternal Bronze

Simply die.

Many legs Gold
Kill the Spider Boss

This boss is the first boss you fight once you hit level 4 and it is tough. I went in with level 2 armour and a level 3 weapon and still had a tough time. So the choice to grind is yours. The boss cannot be stun locked like normal enemies and if you can get behind it when it webs down, stay behind it as best you can. When the boss is up high spitting at you, it cannot hurt you if you get hit with a ball. It just roots you in place. When it teleports away, little spiders will spawn. Kill them. If you need health, break the environment and hope for the best. Once it’s dead, you get this trophy.

Woof! Woof! Woof! Gold
Kill the Barghest Boss

This is for killing the boss in level 8. I went in with level 5 armor and a level 9 weapon and fared well. I don’t necessarily understand how to damage the boss, but when it spawns, just attack some of the dogs. When they leave back through the portal, little dogs will stack you. After you beat the boss, this trophy is yours.

She’s a queen Gold
Kill the Rat Queen

In level 12 you find this boss and it is incredibly easy. It spawns a bunch of rats, but it also sits on a ledge, and sometimes runs away. Go up the stairs near and and sit behind it, and when it tries to run, you can push it away. Once it’s dead, you get this trophy.

I’m too tired Gold
Kill the Lizard Boss

In level 16, there’s the lizard boss. It just sits there and nothing. Kill it for this trophy.

They had no chances Gold
Clear 20 portal

In level 20, instead of a traditional boss fight, you have five rooms of enemies that you have to defeat. You’ll know you’re done in a room when a chest appears. Once you’re done with the level, the trophy is yours.

Give me 5 Bronze
Upgrade your character level to 5

When you reach level five, this trophy is yours.

Give me 10 Silver
Upgrade your character level to 10

When you reach level ten, this trophy is yours.

Give me 15 Gold
Upgrade your character level to 15

When you reach level fifteen, this trophy is yours. You gain exp for killing enemies and destroying objects.

10 challenges Bronze
Complete 10 challenges

In the HUB, there are five pedestals and the far right one has series of challenges you can do. Only three show at a time, and if you can’t do them, you can use a reroll coin to get new ones. Simply do 10 and this trophy is yours.

Full set Gold
Upgrade armor to level 5

For this trophy, you have to get the best armor which is the fifth upgrade.

Maximum strength Gold
Upgrade weapon to level 25

For this trophy, you have to get all twenty five weapon upgrades. This will require you to grind some money. The best level I found was 19. It was short and easy and I would get anywhere from 300-800 coins per run.

Money can not buy happiness Silver
Accumulate 10000

To get this trophy, you have to get a cumulative amount of 10,000 coins. You can spend whatever you need to and still pop this trophy eventually.

I know them all Silver
Unlock all the enemies in the bestiary

To get this trophy you have to fill the bestiary. You do this by killing an enemy once to get their entry added. The only monster that’s sort of missable is the one related to the “Cemetery Secret” trophy.

We’re the same blood Bronze
Save a prisoner

In level two, if you go down the right hallway at the beginning you’ll end up in a basement with prison cells. Smash the door on one and you’ll save a goblin and get this trophy.

This one is different Bronze
Teleport using yellow portal

In level 5, you’ll find some portals that are yellow. Enter one and get this trophy, then enter it again to get back to where you were.

Give, and it will be given to you Bronze
Make a donation

I first found a donation spot in level 10. It kind of looks like an altar that you can interact with, and has two blue crystal balls with beams of light going to the wall. Walk up to it and hot square to donate and get this trophy. But be warned that you will lose half of your money!

–°emetery secret Silver
Find out what is hidden on the Cemetery

In level 6, you’ll come across a cemetery that has a lot of tombstones and a few buildings. In front of each building is a plot of land with 9 tombstones each. There is also a number on each building. Destroy the amount of tombstones relevant to the number, and eventually you’ll see a green light around the plot of land. When you do all six spots, you’ll get this trophy and spawn a monster that you MUST kill for the bestiary.

Let them die Silver
Make an enemy die without using weapon

In level 13, you’ll end up coming across some electric traps with enemies around them. Try to bait an enemy to the trap after smacking them once or twice, then get them in the trap to die.

Strange Freedom Bronze
Free the miner

In level 5, you’ll be in an open area, and you’ll find many goblins mining rocks. Attack one and get this trophy.

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