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Lego The Incredibles is an action adventure game based on the movies The Incredibles and was developed by Travellers Tales and published by Warner Bros Interactive. It was released on consoles and PC in June 2018.

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When superheroes are outlawed and are forced to live normal lives, not all of them are able to. In the event of the Parr family, they’ve had many adventures when superheroes were canceled and they still went around to save the day because that’s what a superhero does. But now you can relive all of the fun in this tie-in to both of the movies!

When the game starts, you are immediately thrown into the events of the second movie, and you find yourself playing through that one first and foremost. If you haven’t seen these movies, I highly recommend them as you’ll see little silly nods and jokes in this game, but you won’t really get the full story of what actually happens in them. You can get sort of a brief summary of what happened in the movie and you get to play through the really big moments, but for the most part, a lot is left out.

What I found weird is that after you finish all six levels for the second movie, THEN you get to play the levels for the first movie instead of the other way around. Why wouldn’t it let you pick, or start with the first one? It was a weird choice if you ask me. Who really wants to play the events backwards? Though if I’m being honest, now I really want to rewatch the movies just so I can enjoy them all over again!

The way the gameplay progresses is honestly a lot different in this game than in just about every single Lego game out there. In most of the Lego games, the first thing you basically have to do right away is the story. Then when you’re done with the story, you may just have enough of the right people to be able to make it through all of the activities in the open world, and be able to get all of the collectibles in each level. But in this, as soon as I was done with the first level, I was immediately able to do just about everything in the open world.

I actually really enjoyed the open world in this one. The world is split up into districts, and it’s your job to stop the crimewave in each district to be able to make it safe again. Once you do this, you’re able to see a bunch of activities on the map, like ultimate Lego builds that pertain to other Pixar movies, or the Incredibles themselves. These were always fun to build, especially when I got a new character from a different movie, like Dory, or Woody, or Merida! Unlocking them always gave me a red brick which gave me bonuses too. The weird thing though is once you found these, you got the bonus automatically as opposed to having to buy it. I’m so used to a specific Lego formula this all threw me for a loop.

The levels of the game were all fun and exciting and I forgot how relaxing a Lego game can truly be. The combat is easy as most of the time you just press square and immediately explode your enemies, then when they’re dead, you destroy everything in sight to try and build something that helps you through the levels. Honestly my least favourite mechanic though was the ultimate builds in levels. These usually required kind of tedious tasks, because you need special Lego bricks to start them, then you have to mash circle as you cycle through characters to make them build the big thing.

The controls were honestly kind of a pain sometimes, especially considering you have to aim attacks so much. If you had to use laser eyes to destroy gold bricks and an AI got in your way? Suddenly you’re hitting them. Flying with a superhero? The right stick controls your height and stuff instead of controlling the camera, and boy is it sensitive! So doing races in the open world required a lot of trial and error to get right when I was flying. But at least I had a pretty big cast of characters to mess around with to learn how to fly. Or swim!


Rating: 8 out of 10.


  • Fun Open World
  • Exciting Levels
  • Relaxing


  • Play Movies Out Of Order
  • Flying Sucks


It has been a good long while since I played a Lego game and The Incredibles did a fantastic job at reminding me why I love them. It was chill and fun and it didn’t overstay its welcome at all. I definitely recommend this, especially with a co-op partner. It’s a blast!

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Travellers Tales
Developer Socials: Twitter
Publisher Website: Warner Bros. Games
Publisher Socials: Twitter

LEGO The Incredibles – Crimewaves Gameplay Trailer


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