Dadish 3 Review


Dadish 3 is a platformer that was developed by indie developer Thomas K Young. It was released in June 2022 for consoles and PC.

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Dadish once again finds himself having a nice peaceful afternoon nap while the kids have fun playing in the garden, when suddenly, a bus pulls up to the vegetable patch and the kids hop on it for a field trip! Dadish then has to once again wake up and run after all of his silly children, when all he wants is a nap! This time they are so so so grounded when he catches them!

During this adventure the story actually adds a new character, that being Mom-ato, the possible children to all of Dadishs’ kids, and you learn why she isn’t in the picture. It was actually pretty funny when it came down to it, and even the lines of dialogue you get at the end of each level was even better than it was in the second one. I snickered and laughed quite a bit this time around when compared to the last entry in the series.

Honestly I love the way the dialogue and “story” are presented in these games but I would love a full blown actual story. I feel like the dev could make a fantastic and silly, tongue in cheek story when it came down to it. Especially with the humour that they got down in these games.

When it comes to the platforming, this has the hardest and best designed levels so far in the series and I loved every second of it. From the crazy deserts to the harsh underwaters, the levels are riddled with traps and death galore. The hardest level was in world five, when I had to float through bubbles and jump on more bubbles, and if I messed up even once, I was dead because there were spikes everywhere!

With the introduction of Mom-ato, there were some new kinds of levels where you ended up riding on her and she bounced around really high. Some of these levels were kind of tough, mostly because of her high bounce, so you really had to time your jumps. The platforming didn’t feel floaty in the slightest, so when I died, I knew I just had to get better, and try again just to beat the level, which eventually I did.

I will say, this entry has some of the easiest bosses ever, and none of them required luck when it came to damaging the bosses. So I just had to hit the button and wait for the boss to run into the trap, as opposed to hoping they hit the trap. At least they all died in about three hits! I do wish the world maps were back too. Just like the last entry, this one did away with the world map. Now it’s just numbers in a line and it sucks.


Rating: 8 out of 10.


  • Good Jokes
  • Tight Platforming
  • Challenging Levels


  • No World Map


Dadish 3 has pulled me into the line of forever fan in this series. I hope the creator keeps going with all this insanity and builds upon the current challenge of the series. For fans of platformers I cannot recommend this enough. Seriously play this game.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Thomas K Young
Developer Socials: Twitter
Publisher Website: CatCup Games

Dadish 3 Trailer


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