Forspoken Demo First Impressions


Forspoken follows the journey of Frey, a young New Yorker transported to the beautiful and cruel land of Athia.  In search of a way home, Frey must use her newfound magical abilities to traverse sprawling landscapes and battle monstrous creatures.

First Impressions

The Demo consists of 5 main objectives that give you a basic idea of controls, abilities, game style and mechanics. 

There are a few ‘side’ objectives that you can check out too and places of interest.  To fully squeeze the life out of the demo, it would take about 1-2 hours.  However the main objectives can be completed in about 30 minutes without much exploration.

I enjoyed the style of the game, the magic aspect and story seem interesting – I’m just not sure I can get hyped for a full game yet.  The banter between Frey, the main character and her magic cuff seems fun and humorous, but could get annoying after a while as they repeat what they say to each other.  But that wouldn’t stop me buying the game. 

The controls took a little getting used to, however, once I got the hang of them they were fairly simple, though there’s quite a lot to remember – until you get into the game I guess.

I played the demo for about an hour, completed all the main objectives and did a little bit of sight seeing and I did enjoy it.  The game itself looks very colourful and easy on the eyes with the beautiful serene landscape.

I probably spent about 10 minutes just playing around with parkour – it was a lot of fun!  Once you get used to the controls and all the abilities and options, everything was seamless and very enjoyable.

The enemy fights were basic; magic spells and melee, though some of the magic spells and abilities were very ‘cool’ looking.  The spells that some of the enemies have mean you need to be good at dodging, or you can add a parkour flair which is much more interesting.

I think the demo is worth checking out if you have any interest in the game at all – as it’s a great way of getting a feel for the game and testing it out before the release on January 24.

Don’t watch the video below if you don’t want any spoilers!

First 30 minutes of the Demo Gameplay

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Luminous Productions
Publisher Website: Square Enix

Images –

Forspoken – The Game Awards 2021 Trailer


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