Saomi Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 4/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 1 – 2 hours
Trophies: 18. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 10 / Silver 3 / Bronze 4
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: All 60 Levels


Welcome to the Saomi trophy guide!
From QUByte Interactive, Saomi is a pretty cheap precision platformer that will test your skill and patience.

During the adventure, Saomi will run, jump through obstacles, use the double jump to jump through even bigger obstacles, use her air thrust skill to dodge traps, jump and slide along walls and much more in search of lost treasure.


Step 1: Play Through 60 Levels & Collect Diamonds
Barring the death and diamond trophies, all trophies in this game are progression related, and will be obtained naturally as you progress. In order to obtain the platinum, you will need to complete all 60 levels, die at least 60 times, and collect a minimum of 100 diamonds.

There are more than 100 diamonds throughout the 60 levels, so you do not need to collect them all, however it is worth trying to collect each one you come across, as once you have collected, they will stay collected even if you die.

There is no time limit for any levels, so it is worth taking your time and not rushing your next move. Dying is one of the things that will come naturally as you progress, and you will for sure obtain the death trophies naturally.

You can replay a level as many times as you need and completing a level will unlock the next. Levels can also be replayed via level select (continue), if you want to go back to collect diamonds post completion.

Tips and Strategies

As this is a precision platformer that does not have time limit restrictions, it is worth taking your time with a difficult move. As you progress to harder levels you start having checkpoints throughout the levels.

You are also taught how to double jump and utilise the bounce pads as you progress.

Gameplay Video

Feel free to check out the Gameplay Video below before attempting this one.

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Trophy List

Unlock all trophies
Unlock all trophies
Getting Started Bronze
Find the Desert.
Spikes in the way Bronze
Pass through spikes without dying.
Danger in the desert Bronze
Watch out for the scorpion.
Death is not always a bad thing Bronze
Die 10 times.
You have infinite lives Silver
Die 20 times.
Trampoline Silver
Use a trampoline.
Die a lot Silver
Die 40 times.
20 Diamonds Gold
Collect 20 diamonds.
Entering the Pyramids Gold
Reach the Pyramid.
Guardians of the Pyramid Gold
Watch out for the mummy.
60 Diamonds Gold
Collect 60 diamonds.
Traps on Pyramid Gold
Watch out for arrow traps.
Find the Forbidden Forest Gold
Reach the Forbidden Forest
Forbidden Forest Gold
Beware of forest traps.
100 Diamonds Gold
Collect 100 diamonds.
Forest dwellers Gold
Find a native of the forest.
You did it Gold
Finish the Game.

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