The Witch’s House MV Review


The Witch’s House MV is a horror puzzle game designed in RPG Maker VX. The game was first released on PC back in October 2012. Dangen Entertainment then ported the game to consoles in October 2022.

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One day when Viola is out to play, she decides to go off into the woods. In the woods, she stumbles upon a house that belongs to the witch of the forest, who is known to make children…disappear. Unfortunately she enters the house and now has to find a way out.

The story mostly gets told through journal entries that you find around the house through your journey. These tell of a story of the witch doing weird and cruel things to people who happen to stumble upon the house, and how she ended up all alone. With the two endings in the game, I honestly was never satisfied with either. Sure the true ending has a weird revelation to it and it had me shocked, but at the end of the day…meh. Even during the unlockable difficulty, called Extra, it adds a bit more lore to the overall story, but doesn’t change anything else.

When it comes to the rest of the game, it’s all puzzle heavy where death comes often. On the easiest difficulty, when you die, you get to just restart from where you died. But if you die on Normal or Extra difficulty, you end up back at the main menu. The amount of times I saw the main menu was way too many! Why does it have to take me to the main menu? It’s not like I died due to lack of skill, it was more trial and error, and it was so stupid!

The puzzles compared to Normal and Extra aren’t too different. Some spots are mixed up just a little bit with different solutions when compared, but they’re all mostly the same. For the most part, the puzzles are all easy to figure out, as they usually require you to search the environment, or just use an item from your inventory in a very obvious spot. But there was one really convoluted spot that I actually had to look up a walkthrough for. Luckily there was one, or who knows if I would’ve gotten through it.

As I said about death coming often, there’s so many death scenes for you to find. Between giant spiders eating you, or shadow figures stabbing you, or even floor spikes impaling you, you are always dying! These were really funny to me and I had a ball always trying to see all of them. Unfortunately I know I missed a few, but I wish I did see them all. But oh well.


Rating: 6 out of 10.


  • Funny Death Scenes
  • Puzzles Don’t Take Too Much Effort


  • Seeing The Main Menu So Many Times!
  • The Story Isn’t Great


The game was an enjoyable time, each run only taking about two hours, but I wish the story was a little deeper, even if the atmosphere is a bit creepy. I did have way more fun finding all the death scenes than I should’ve, but either way, I at least recommend this game a little!

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Game & Developer Information

Developer: Fummy
Publisher Website: DANGEN Entertainment
Publisher Socials: Twitter

The Witch’s House MV – Official Trailer

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