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Trifox is an action platformer that is developed by indie studio Glowfish Interactive and was published by Big Sugar. It saw a release in October 2022 for PC, Switch and Xbox. Seeing a PlayStation release a month later, in November 2022.

*Disclaimer: A code was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review. This in no way affects the review as my thoughts are mine and mine alone.

Video Review


One day as Trifox is enjoying a lazy day and watching television, his TV suddenly breaks and he’s not sure why. So he decides to get himself up, and go outside, only to find people stealing his cable box. Why it’s on the outside of his house, and how that blew up his TV, I’ll never know, but I digress. So after being hit over the head, he follows the trail of gears to a series of mysterious worlds to defeat the fiends who broke and stole his stuff, and get it all back!

As you complete levels and defeat bosses, you end up seeing news presses on a TV in the hub area. Whether these actually correlate to anything or not I’ll never actually know. Sometimes there’s news presses, sometimes a villain is laughing or yelling at you, but you never understand it, as the language in the game is all gibberish and the devs never actually put any words to the random noises. For all you know they’re talking about how they’re hungry and wanna go get a pizza or something. We’ll never know.

The gameplay is a twin stick shooter with platforming elements all tied into it. When you first start the game, you get to choose between one of three classes which are; warrior, mage, or engineer. I went with the engineer and this ended up being a long range damage dealer that could spawn turrets or lay down traps for enemies to have to deal with. As I got further in the game and bought all of my classes skills, I ended up buying some mage skills and this is when I started really mixing and matching the class skills, because you can have any skills from any class you want. Though the caveat is you can only have four skills at once, so you really need to think about it.

As you progress through the game, you end up going through less than a dozen levels, not including the bosses. Some of these went relatively quick, but there were a few that just dragged on and on. But I will say they were absolutely beautiful to look through, and there were quite a few secrets to uncover if you kept your eyes open and destroyed stuff or found hidden paths! The platforming itself felt a little floaty for me, especially with the abilities each class has that helps you with platforming. You get a ring under you to see where you’re going to land, but it was also annoying watching for that ring, instead of watching the character itself.

When you’re running around fighting enemies, the one thing I couldn’t stand is that you had to stop using whatever weapon you were using and press the other weapon button. So every class has a basic attack, and if you press another button the other skill doesn’t get used if you held down the basic attack. I made this mistake so many times during the heat of battle, wondering why my other turrets would never go down. Now the other thing the game could’ve used, even though I wouldn’t have used the feature, is co-op. It would’ve been awesome to be able to play with someone who is making a build different from you, and seeing who could deal the most damage. Maybe in a future update!


Rating: 7 out of 10.


  • Class Mixing
  • Beautiful Levels


  • Some Levels Are Far Too Long
  • No Co-Op


TriFox is a fun little game where you can create a class that is right to your liking. The platforming is fun, even if a little rough, and the gameplay is a fun and frenetic time. It would’ve been better with co-op, but oh well! It’s worth an afternoon.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Glowfish Interactive
Developer Socials: Twitter
Publisher Website: Big Sugar
Publisher Socials: Twitter

Trifox | Release Date Trailer | PC, Switch, Xbox, PS


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