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Resident Evil Re:Verse is a multiplayer PvP game that was developed and published by Capcom. It was released in October 2022 after a year and a half delay, for consoles and PC.

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Have you ever wanted to play as your favourite character from the Resident Evil universe and fight other people who then turn into some of your favourite antagonists of the universe? Well now you can! Although the selection is limited at every corner in this shallow PvP game.

Part of me was partly excited for this. I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but I have fond memories of Resident Evil Resistance. I remember hating that beta, but seeing that it came with Resident Evil 3 Remake, I tried it and loved it. So for an actual PvP game in the Resident Evil world? Sign me up. I’m all for it, no matter how bad it is. But part of me was not prepared for this. The game is unbalanced, there’s only one game mode, and it gets old, fast.

So when you start the game, you get a choice of who you want to play from a cast of 6 characters. There’s Chris, Jill, Leon, Claire, Ada, and Hunk. Everyone remembers Hunk right? That random side character that everyone in the community just loves! Why was he a choice when they could’ve instead gone with Ethan, or Rebecca, or even Barry! Each of them come with their own set of skills and weapons that help you out on the battlefield, obviously, but some help way more than others and it shows. Hunk for example can go invisible and has a close range attack that stabs people, doing more damage if you are invisible, leaving the player stunned so you can finish them off quickly. The downside, people can still see you when you’re cloaked. I found when I played Hunk, they could see me a mile away, but I could only see people right in front of me.

Chris has an ability where he can stop all damage from hurting him, then punch you like a boulder across the room, then shoot your face off. Leon has a shotgun that can kill you in one shot. Then the rest of the characters feel absolutely useless. Especially Ada. She has a crossbow for a main weapon, and even if you buy her damage booster, it still can’t kill in one shot. So when you have to reload, you end up dead. Each character has their own class loadout basically. You can buy skills using points to do things like let them reload faster, or do more damage with a gun, or heal more from a green herb. But you can only buy these once. Heck, some skills are locked to the battle pass. Free and paid! I never felt like I was actually progressing or getting better because of this system.

When it comes to the monsters, when you’re alive in a match, you have to collect virus samples. When you collect at least one, two max, you then get to transform randomly into a monster depending on how many you have. Wanna be Jack Baker? Collect one. Tyrant or Nemesis? Collect two. Then it was just two little random monsters from the series, that WERE NOT ZOMBIES! That’s right, you don’t get to play as zombies in a Resident Evil game. Why!? As a monster, they act just like a human. They all have their own basic attacks and skills, and heaven help you if you run into a monster at any point in time and aren’t the first to attack. It’s so easy for a monster to stun lock you until you die, it was so aggravating.

The game has a revenge system where if someone kills you, and you kill them back before your next death, you get to continue your kill streak. This was kind of cool considering it put more pressure on hunting down that one player in the match and hoping you get the drop on them, which sometimes is easy to do, because there’s no feedback from taking damage! When you get shot at, your controller doesn’t vibrate. You just see little arrows on your screen, then you’re dead. That’s it!

I wish the game had more than two maps and a better progression system. Even if you just got loot boxes for cosmetics, at least then I’d be working towards something! Heck I’d even take a team deathmatch so I can play with friends properly! But I will applaud them for the innovation to the battle pass. Instead of progressing just by playing, you actually have to do little challenges to get further. This got a bit tougher the more I played because as you play matches, your MMR goes up, which puts you against higher ranked players, and crossplay is ALWAYS ON. So even when I placed last, I gained MMR and had to play with crazy players on PC who could just spin around and kill me immediately. Hooray crossplay! But at least I only ever had to suffer for five minutes at a time, so it’s nice the matches were so short.

Rating: 2 out of 10.


  • Battle Pass Progression


  • Two Maps
  • No Game Modes
  • Wildly Unbalanced


I knew this game was going to bed, but I didn’t expect it to be this bad and shallow, especially after a year and a half delay. Sure they have a roadmap set up, but I don’t see myself coming back, ever, unless they do a Team Deathmatch and a friend wants to try it. I recommend playing something else.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer/Publisher Website: Capcom
Developer/Publisher Socials: Twitter

Resident Evil Re:Verse – Teaser Trailer

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