Grid Legends Enduring Spirit DLC Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time to 100%: 3 – 5 hours
Trophies: 10. 40-platinum 0 / Gold 0 / Silver 3 / Bronze 7
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the Grid Legends Enduring Spirit DLC trophy guide!
The second DLC release for Grid Legends contains 8 new Story events, new sponsorship challenges, and 4 new vehicles for us to play with, including an “Endurance” based environment.


Step 1: Story Mode
Particate in Season 3 of the Story Mode with 8 new events to tackle. This is not about winning; this is about completing the objectives throughout each race.

You’ll be earning these trophies:

Step 2: Sponsorship Events & Miscellaneous
Not as many miles to grind in this one compared to the previous DLC, but you’ll need to ensure that you complete the objectives for all of the new sponsorships, and their events. There are a couple of miscellaneous trophies that you can earn on the way, so it is not as bad as before.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Ultimate Import
Bronze I got nothing but time
Bronze Kei to the city
Bronze Maximum Power!
Bronze Downtown Brave City
Silver Bentley Rhythm Race

Silver Ace Driving

Tips and Strategies

Before starting out in Step 2 make sure you purchase the “Sponsorship Requirements 3” upgrade from Team > Mechanic Development. This will ensure your objectives are reduced significantly.

Secondly make sure you activate one of the Sponsors that you will need to complete prior to starting out the new story mode.

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Trophy Guide

Complete Story – FUJI FREAKOUT

This is the first event in the new DLC Story. During this 10 minute Endurance event at Fuji you will need to finish within the Top 4 of your vehicle class in order to progress the story.

Complete Story – CLOCK’S TICKING

Another Endurance event awaits in the fifth-round of the continued story. This time you will be at Fuji again, and you will need to finish within the Top 3 of your vehicle class in order to progress the story.


In the Tournament Final you’ll face a final Endurance event where you’ll need to finish first during this race, once again in Fuji.

Bentley Rhythm Race Gold
Win an Endurance Race at Mount Panorama in the Bentley Continental GT3

It’s good to combine this with Bronze I got nothing but time, as you’ll need to complete another endurance event otherwise. This can be set up in Race Creator –

  • Discipline – Endurance
  • Class – GT Class 3
  • Vehicles – Bentley Continental
  • Location – Mount Panorama
  • Route – Any
  • Conditions – Any
  • Time – 15 Minutes
  • Drivers – 2 Minimum
Ace Driving Gold
Win a 5 lap race at Fuji International Speedway with at least 3 different Japanese manufacturers

You will need to win 3 separate races for this trophy choosing a different Japanese manufacture each time. This can be set up in Race Creator –

  • Discipline – Circuit Racing
  • Class – Super Modified
  • Vehicles – All (Select a different vehicle each race)
  • Location – Fuji Speedway
  • Route – Fuji Speedway Racing Course
  • Conditions – Any
  • Laps – 5
  • Drivers – 2
Ultimate Import
Win an Elimination event in the Mazda AZ-1 at a London and San Francisco location

You will need to complete 2 separate elimination events for this one, however being as we can create them with a single opponent within Race Creator it will not take long.

The set up as follows –

  • Discipline – Elimination
  • Class – Kei Car
  • Vehicles – Mazda Autozam AZ-1 Mazdaspeed
  • Location – London / San Fransisco
  • Route – Any
  • Conditions – Any
  • Laps – N/A
  • Drivers – 2
I got nothing but time
Complete two 15 minute Endurance Races

If you have combined this with Silver Bentley Rhythm Race then you’ll only need one more to nab this trophy. Head into Race Creator and set up a 15 minute endurance race, with any settings that you prefer. There are many different scenarios you can use on this, but here’s mine –

  • Discipline – Endurance
  • Class – Vintage Prototype
  • Vehicles – Bentley Speed 8 (Working on AVANZAR Sponsor event requirements)
  • Location – Havana
  • Route – La Habana Vieja Sprint
  • Conditions – Day
  • Time – 15 Minutes
  • Drivers – 2
Kei to the city
Complete the ACCUSE Sponsor event

Three new sponsors are introduced for this DLC, and in order to unlock the Sponsor Event you must first select the sponsor from the Team Tab, and then complete each objective within it.

Before you start your journey on this you are going to want to purchase the “Sponsorship Requirements 3” upgrade from Team > Mechanic Development. This will ensure your objectives are reduced, and you will therefore only need to achieve reduced objectives.

The 3 new sponsors are –

  • ACCUSE –
    • Complete laps at Fuji – x17
    • Complete laps in the Mazda Autozam AZ-1 Mazdaspeed – x4
    • Beat Lara Carvalho in events – x5
    • Finish top 2 in your class in Endurance Events – x2
    • Miles driven in the Bentley Speed 8 – x51
    • Events completed with Dust Storm weather – x3
    • Survive eliminations in Elimination Events – x25
    • Unlock Tier 3 upgrades for the BMW V12 LMR
    • Beat Prince Ventor in Drift Events – x2

Unlike with the first DLC, you will actually need to achieve all of the objectives with each of the Sponsors. Once you have completed all 3 objectives head to Career > Rookie > Grid Challenges to find the events.

Maximum Power!
Complete the AVANZAR Sponsor event

See Bronze Kei to the city.

Downtown Brave City
Complete the BELLEZZA Sponsor event

See Bronze Kei to the city.

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