Repentless 2 Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 8 – 12 min
Trophies: 34. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 5 / Silver 12 / Bronze 16
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 4 and 1 partial


Greetings gamers and welcome to the Repentless 2 trophy guide!
This one is from Developer/Publisher Acyntha.

The sequel of Repentless, where your character the Dictator is still imprisoned and still alive somehow. Can you survive the Sequel as well?


First Playthrough
Choose first choice until the Journalist Character
2) Hey I know….
1) Must be my….
1) Let’s not put…
Top choice till Professor Character
1) Why, I do
1) Coercive? Were you…
3) May you spare…
2) See how it’s….
1) Your friend…
Top choice till Schoolgirl
Choose first choice until the Schoolgirl Character
1) I guess
3) It’s a large topic…
2) Equality is a….
Continue to Priest
1) The priest aren’t…
2) A shrift…
1) Yes! Just set ….
1) You said I…
2) What is it…
2) What’s wrong…
2) I didn’t say anything…
1) What gives…
Choose first choice until the The Follower Character
2) That Doesn’t matter…
2) Wait! You were…
2) They took me…
2) You can help…

Second Playthrough
Choose second choice until the Journalist Character
1) Tell the world…
1) ack!!
1) Let’s not put…
Top choice till Ghost character
2) Never felt this…
2) Your own fault…
1) Foreign…
Top choice till end

Third Playthrough
Just choose second choice until the end

Fourth Playthrough
Just choose first choice until the end

Fifth Playthrough
Choice one unless there is a choice 3 until the plat pops.

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Trophy List

Inevitable end
And so, the pillars crumbled!
Fourth Estate Bronze
Complete the Journalist dialogue
Creative class Bronze
Complete the Actress dialogue
Budget sucker Bronze
Complete the Professor dialogue
Bloom of the nation Bronze
Complete the Schoolgirl dialogue
Spiritual authority Bronze
Complete the Priest dialogue
Underdog Bronze
Complete the Follower dialogue
??? Silver
Complete the Ghost dialogue
How could this happen? Gold
Survive a bullet
Washing machine Bronze
Complete the game with any ending
Once a traitor, always a traitor Bronze
This new liberal journalist isn’t actually new..
Why didn’t it work out? Bronze
Get damaged
Hot-tempered male Bronze
Make your first visitor as angry as possible… and discover his story!
Can’t be real Silver
Discover the story behing Ghost’s death
Worst student Silver
Make the professor really angry
A friend of youth Silver
Answer a schoolgirl’s question
Being humane Silver
Ask the schoolgirl for mercy. That’s how the mighties fall.
What’s up? Bronze
Complete the intro
Interview Bronze
Make an answer in Journalist dialogue
Measuring the talent Bronze
Make an answer in Actress dialogue
Swag! Bronze
Make an answer in Schoolgirl dialogue. Cruel kids these days! It’s probably videogames to blame!
Shadows on the wall Bronze
Make an answer in Priest dialogue
Finally, brother! Gold
Make an answer in Follower dialogue
Insanity Gold
Make an answer in Ghost dialogue
Anathema! Gold
Discover the names of heresies you’ve spilled while trying to look religious
Blessing Gold
Trick the priest into praying for you
So, equality is a myth? Silver
But do you really like it this way?
Pillar 5: Multivectoral Propaganda Silver
Creating fake opposition might look dangerous. It says bad things about the government, but… When the time comes, it will support your trends and narratives, spread its own set of fakes and create a safe vector to release the steam.
Pillar 4: Negative selection Silver
Also connected to the phenomenos called large poppy syndrome and kakistocraty. The dictatorship destroys the best members of the society or puts them under survelliance to use for the regime’s benefit. So, the ruling clique stays the smartest, most powerful kids on the block. However, a rigid clique wouldn’t recognise some talents and technologies as “high poppies”. That’s where changes may grow.
It was a boar, not a bear. Silver
Get Q#1 from the Journalist
It gives me soothing and free-spirited vibes. Silver
Get Q#2 from the Journalist
I made it for my dear guests. Silver
Get Q#3 from the Journalist
It’s a postironical statement. Silver
Get Q#4 from the Journalist. But aren’t they unspirited, those people? Aren’t they so low on morals, unlike us? Think of it.
Still can go on Bronze
You have less than 10 hp.

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