Killing Floor: Incursion Review


Killing Floor: Incursion is a VR exclusive shooter, developed and published by Tripwire Interactive. Its initial release was in August 2017 for Oculus Rift, and eventually came to PSVR in May 2018.


As a random new hire to Horzine, you’re put into a simulation to help you learn how to deal with Zeds. What’re Zeds? Weird experimental undead creatures of some sort. But while you’re in the simulation you end up stuck in there by a virus, and the only way to get out is to deal with the hacker, the virus, and anything else that stands in your way.

The story in this game was so sub par, I was surprised there even was a story. I tried reading along with the subtitles but it was so dull and boring, it didn’t really do anything to stand out from many other stories that revolve around being stuck in a simulation. Even the villain is very obviously the villain, but that isn’t even alluded to that well, and instead just thrown right into your face the first chance the game has a chance to do so. So nothing is a secret and the story goes literally nowhere. Though it’s hard to built up a story when you have a run time of 2 hours and you don’t focus on that specifically.

I played the story twice, each with a different friend each time, just to try and get some extra time out of my purchase. It was nice that the game acknowledged that there were two of us during the cutscenes, and the game at least offers three different endings, but with level select these are all easy to obtain. You just have to replay the ungodly last level over and over again.

For a VR shooter, I will say, this is one of the best feeling shooters I’ve played. I mean, I’ve only played a few, but that’s besides the point. The guns are a blast to use, even though there’s only a few of them to choose from. My favourite loadout was an assault rifle in one hand and a fire axe in my other. So I was shooting enemies from fare away, and if they were close up, I was swinging away with my axe. Though a few of the guns give you the ability to hold them with both hands, I never once did this. I mean I tried to but they just felt weird and unnatural. So instead of pumping the shotgun, I’d just reload it then take another shot. Instead of holding the grip of the assault rifle, I’d just burst fire to kept the recoil from going crazy.

My absolute favourite weapon was the bolt action rifle, which you only get to utilize in the third level. The closer you move the scope to your face, the more zoomed in you get. The only thing that feels weird, was that the frame rate seemed to drop while looking through the scope. The game at least gives you two movement options, so if you’re like me, and can’t seem to handle smooth movement, you can teleport. The only thing is, the game honestly becomes a touch harder if you choose to teleport. You’re stuck in place and can’t kite the enemies around the areas while taking shots at them, and in a few areas, the tracking was really bad to try to teleport somewhere else.

I tried the traditional horde mode, called Holdout, with a friend, and he was able to play with smooth movement and I was at the mercy of teleporting around. This mode is not made for teleporting. As you survive, harder enemies start spawning, and if you’re stuck to sitting in one place, you’re going to almost immediately die, no questions asked. It felt like a crutch honestly and really made me feel like I was missing out on the other half of the game, even though I’m not really a fan of horde modes.

When you start up the game, the game asks you if you’re sitting or standing. This option sets where your weapon holsters are. You always have one on each shoulder though, and a hip strap for your two pistols, but if you choose sitting, your grenades are damn near impossible to get off your chest. Not once could I get one. When I tried, I kept grabbing either my pistols, or my flashlight. So if I found a grenade, I had to use it immediately. But it was a thrill when I got to pull the pin myself and throw it when I was ready too.

A really fun thing me and my friends did was throw our knives around and see if our aim was great or not. News flash, it wasn’t, but it at least gave us a lot of good laughs. If there’s one thing this game does well, it’s give laughs. Especially when you can grab Zed heads and mess with them, or slap each other with cut off limbs. Or slap the Zeds and watch them fly! Nothing says “die!”, quite like a pimp slap.


Rating: 6 out of 10.


  • Shooting Feels Really Good
  • A Fun Time With Friends
  • Pimp Slapping Zeds


  • Using Two Hands On Guns Felt Awkward
  • Weird Frame Rate In Rifle Scope
  • Teleporting Sucks At Some Points


As short and uneventful as this game was, playing with friends really elevated the short experience. If I played this alone, it would’ve been a boring time with some good shooting mechanics, and I would’ve questioned my purchase. So I can’t recommend this solo, but bring a friend, and it’s sort of worth it.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer/Publisher Website: Tripwire Interactive
Developer/Publisher Socials: Twitter

Killing Floor: Incursion – Launch Trailer | PS VR


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