41 Hours Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 5 – 7 hours
Trophies: 29. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 7 / Silver 6 / Bronze 15
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the 41 Hours trophy guide!
Welcome to 41 Hours, the run and gun FPS about trying to save an android! With a pretty easy trophy list, the biggest factor is beating the game. But it’s easy, so let’s go!


Step 1: Finish the Game
You can play on Easy to finish the game as there are no difficulty related trophies. I recommend you try to get the sniper trophy and Lea’s ability trophies out of the way as soon as possible, but if you can’t, there’s a level select if you miss them. At the end of this run, you’ll have most of the trophies, if not all.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Chapter 01
Bronze Chapter 02
Bronze Chapter 03
Bronze Chapter 04
Bronze Chapter 05
Silver Chapter 06
Silver Chapter 07
Silver Chapter 08
Gold Chapter 09
Gold Chapter 10
Gold Chapter 11
Bronze Hunter I
Silver Hunter II
Gold Hunter III
Bronze Collector I
Silver Collector II
Gold Collector III
Gold Coming of age
Bronze Getting Better
Bronze Secret deals

Step 2: Combat Related Trophies
In the odd chance you missed some combat related trophies, now is the time to do them. Remember, you CANNOT grind these trophies on the same enemies, it has to all be unique kills. After this step, you’ll have the platinum.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze Companion I
Silver Companion II
Gold Companion III
Bronze Demolition man
Bronze Dashing through the snow
Bronze True marksmanship
Bronze Time flies
Bronze Sniper
40-platinum Super Human

Tips and Strategies

  • Suppressors are useless. Don’t use them.
  • Upgrade your held weapons as soon as you can, because having more than two is a game changer come level 4.
  • NEVER use explosive ammo (R1 + Square) because this ammo puts down the fighting mechs easily at the end of most levels.
  • As for the fighting mechs, if you shoot them and the shield is red, stop. They take damage when the shield is green.
  • Slow Motion is the best ability. Use it every combat encounter. It makes you take less damage and can avoid damage easily.
  • Headshots on enemies cause them to drop health.
  • Manual save a lot. The game only autosaves after an objective is done.
  • Objectives are always marked with diamonds in the world. So if you’re lost, look for the black diamond.

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Trophy Guide

Super Human
Unlock all other trophies.

Unlock all other trophies.

Chapter 01
Complete chapter 01.

To get through the balcony of the military base, you have to go around the back side of the base in the grassy area. Squeeze between the garage and the fence.

Chapter 02
Complete chapter 02.

Level 2 is a wide and expansive level that requires you to use your telekinesis a few times to get to some objects. If you can’t remember how, press left on the DPad to activate it, and R2 to grab items. Once you beat the level, the trophy is yours.

Chapter 03
Complete chapter 03.

During this chapter, you’ll eventually need to fight a robot who bunches you and shoots fire at you. If you have the XM8, use the explosive rounds by holding R1 and pressing square, to take it out quickly! After this, there is a building on one side of the ruins with boxes, so you can get up into the wormhole.

Chapter 04
Complete chapter 04.

During this level, you’re roaming around a city looking for collectibles basically. They’re all marked by diamonds on the map. There are always enemies at each marker, so be prepared. At the end, you’ll have another robot that requires explosive bullets to put down fast, so save them.

Chapter 05
Complete chapter 05.

In this level, you’ll be gathering samples for the doctor in the same map as level four, except it’s night-time. When you get to a sample box, tons of enemies will spawn, so be prepared. To gather the samples, you need to stand right next to the box until the words disappear that say, “gathering sample”.

Chapter 06 Gold
Complete chapter 06.

In this level, you’ll be running around a desert finding intel. Nothing is too hard about this level, but there once again is a robot enemy that requires you to use your explosive bullets to put down. At the end lz to get the last thing of Intel, you have to use all 6 boxes on the left to get over the wall. So, pile them up and make sure they don’t fall!

Chapter 07 Gold
Complete chapter 07.

For this level you’ll be running through an island with water around, needing to find resistance points. At one point you need to go to one out on rocks in a lake. You cannot swim. Instead, find a wormhole nearby on top of a rock, and jump into it.

Chapter 08 Gold
Complete chapter 08.

This level is surprisingly short as you trek through a snowy area. As usual, you have a robot at the end that you need to shoot with explosives to defeat so keep that in mind.

Chapter 09 Gold
Complete chapter 09.

This level is super quick! After you activate all of the computers around the building, you have to go to a door and finish the level. You could technically run through the whole level without killing anything.

Chapter 10 Gold
Complete chapter 10.

In this level, you’ll need to deactivate 4 satellites by getting very close to them. There’s a few where you’ll need to look for nearby wormholes. The second worst one is the satellite on top of giant moving pipes. Near here there is a fenced off compound and a mountain near it. Find your way up this mountain to the wormhole, then you’ll be in the compound. Find the other wormhole in here and you’ll be on the pipes. Make sure to save before this platforming section in case you fall.

The absolute worst one is one where you have to jump on moving platforms, as when you jump off, you go flying, no matter what. So, when you get to each new platform, SAVE! To get into the giant ring at the end, go into the compound nearby via the wormhole and jump on the moving platform that goes from the compound to the portal.

Chapter 11 Gold
Complete chapter 11.

This level is pretty quick, as you work your way through the lab. When you have to destroy the coil, make sure to shoot the top that’s flashing all weirdly. Then at the computer, you have to stand still and hold square for thirty seconds, so make sure there’s no enemies around.

Hunter I
Kill 15 enemies with your guns.

After you kill 15 enemies with your weapons, this trophy is yours.

Hunter II Gold
Kill 45 enemies with your guns.

When you kill 45 enemies with your guns, this trophy will be yours.

Hunter III Gold
Kill 90 enemies with your guns.

This final gun related trophy requires 90 kills to acquire.

Companion I
Get 10 kills with Lea’s abilities.

In The first level you learn how to use Lea’s abilities by holding down on the DPad, making a reticle appear, then after you aim it and press R2, it eventually causes an explosion. Stay away as this will kill you. Kill 10 enemies this way to get the trophy. You cannot farm this on the same enemies! Lea is only available on level 1, 2, 10, and 11, so make sure you get these done immediately.

Companion II Gold
Get 20 kills with Lea’s abilities.

Kill 20 enemies with Lea’s abilities. Refer to Bronze Companion I for more information.

Companion III Gold
Get 30 kills with Lea’s abilities.

Kill 30 enemies with Lea’s abilities and you’ll get this trophy. Refer to Bronze Companion I for more information.

Collector I
Collect 12 ammo packs.

To get this, you have to collect 12 packs of ammo. These are literally just the boxes you see on the ground, and there’s nothing special needed. If you want, you can even shoot your gun and reload it to pick up an ammo box to make sure it counts to this! But make sure you check houses and every area for ammo, as enemies rarely drop any.

Collector II Gold
Collect 24 ammo packs.

To get this trophy, you need to collect 24 ammo packs. Refer to Bronze Collector I for more information.

Collector III Gold
Collect 48 ammo packs.

For this trophy, you need to collect 48 ammo packs. For more information, refer to Bronze Collector I.

Coming of age Gold
Get 3,000 xp.

This is acquired by earning a cumulative amount of 3,000 EXP. You earn EXP by finding the odd collectible and killing enemies. Apparently, you get more for headshots, so always try for those. You can spend your EXP on upgrades and still get this.

Demolition man
Kill 5 enemies only with barrels.

For this trophy, you have to kill 5 enemies with explosive barrels. I found this to be very simple in the first level, especially at the end as there’s a lot of explosive barrels. But when you see one, try to bait the enemies to it and then blow it up!

Dashing through the snow
Kill 10 enemies while sliding.

When you are holding the sprint button (L3) and you hit the crouch button (R3), you will slide. This will immediately kill any humanoid enemy if you slide into them. So, slide into 10 and you’ll have this trophy done in no time.

Getting Better
Buy your first upgrade.

This trophy is for getting your first upgrade. The game MAKES you do this, so you can’t miss it.

Secret deals
Find and collect 3 intellisnippets.

This trophy is for collecting 3 collectible pickups. During the first level the game MAKES you gather three and even marks them, so this is unmissable.

True marksmanship
Get 31 headshot kills.

This trophy is for getting 31 headshots against enemies. I’m really not sure what counts as a headshot against some enemies, considering this trophy popped when I killed a giant mech with a cannon on its top. So, try to just aim for the face or what may be the face, and this will pop in no time!

Time flies
Kill 21 enemies while the time is slowed down.

For this trophy you have to kill 21 enemies while time is slowed. This is a skill you learn in the first level, automatically, by pressing right on the DPad. As I recommend basically ALWAYS using slow motion in combat, this will pop in no time.

Kill 6 enemies using a headshot from more than 50m distance.

This trophy is just a little problematic. You have to get 6 headshots on enemies from 50m+ away. When you buy the scope attachments upgrade, equip one on the XM8 by holding R1 and pressing Square or Circle until you get to the long-range scope. You can hold the touchpad to see how far away enemies are, kind of. When they’re far away, slow time and shoot at their heads and hope for the best. The reason this is problematic is because you can’t hold your breath and the bullets do not go in a straight line. But try to get this in the first two levels, as they are very wide open, then you won’t have to worry about it anymore!

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