A Frog’s Job Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 10 – 15 min
Trophies: 12. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 0 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the A Frog’s Job trophy guide!
You are a frog. You have died. You make a deal to come back to life by collecting souls of frogs in this quick little puzzle platformer!


Step 1: Play to level 31
Every trophy is automatically acquired on your way to level 31. Nothing is missable. The puzzles are pretty easy to get through, but there is a video below if you’d like a visual representation! Enjoy the game!

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Gold Time Wizard
Gold Saviour
Gold Slime Goo
Gold Block Caster
Gold Turtle Flipper
Gold Freezing Time
Gold Dehydration Time
Gold Mud Time
Gold Starting
Gold Moving Forward
Gold Almost There
40-platinum Platinum Frog Reaper

Video Walkthrough

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Trophy Guide

Platinum Frog Reaper
Get all other trophies.

Get all other trophies.

Time Wizard Gold
Stop time the first time.

In level three, you find out how to freeze time. Once you do, this trophy unlocks.

Saviour Gold
Get your first soul.

Once you beat your first level, you get a soul!

Slime goo Gold
Get a slime bullet.

When you hit level 13, you get your first Slime Goo! You use this by pressing circle and it is used as a platform.

Block Caster Gold
Spawn a block.

In level 6, you’ll be introduced to boxes. These are activated by pressing the little red buttons on the ground. You’ll use these plenty!

Turtle Flipper Gold
Kill your first turtle.

In level 25 you have your first chance of killing a turtle by dropping a box on its head! Keep hitting the button until you get it!

Freezing Time Gold
Reach the snow biome.

You reach the snow biome once you get to level 11.

Dehydration Time Gold
Reach the desert biome.

You’ll be in the desert biome once you make it to level 21.

Mud Time Gold
Reach the swamp biome.

Once you reach level 31, you’ll be in the swamp biome!

Starting Gold
Complete Level 5.

Beat level 5!

Moving Forward Gold
Complete Level 15.

Complete level 15!

Almost There Gold
Complete Level 25.

Finish Level 25!

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