TOEM Basto DLC Review


The Basto DLC was an added area to TOEM and was released in September 2022.


After finally taking a picture of the phenomenon that was TOEM, your nana decided it was time to take a vacation! So what better choice than the island of Basto!? It’s time to pick up your camera once again, and take some beautiful pictures of a new territory, and help out the citizens in aid!

As you help the citizens in the area, you get stickers to give you access to the big campfire event on the island. With plenty to do, you should have no problem getting access. The DLC introduces a day and night system, where you change the time by sleeping in hammocks scattered around the island. This brought out new creatures to take pictures of, new quests that needed solving, and let the tide roll out from the island so you could explore the area. Eventually you’ll find yourself constantly switching as you try to piece everything together and it was made easier considering every area had a hammock, instead of making you run back to one specific point.

The quests were all enjoyable but a few of them were kind of like collectathons, that you had to keep a careful eye on, and carefully inspect each area. My favourite took place in a little carnival tent that gave you the ability to play little minigames. From target practice, to matching faces, to a weird little guitar hero, I loved each and every one of them and I wish there were more!

Speaking of target practice you get a new item in this DLC. That being water balloons! So you get to use them to solve puzzles, open up weird tubes, or if you really want to, throw them at people. Will it do anything? It might, and even if it doesn’t, it was still fun to do.

The one big downside to this DLC, is that it’s sadly a bit too short. I had it fully completed in an hour and a half. If I wasn’t going for 100% completion, it probably would’ve been finished in half that amount of time. But on the flipside of the coin, it was such an amazing send off for the game and a love letter to the fans of the game, new and old. The devs even put a bit of a heartfelt note at the end of it, and it honestly got me choked up because of my love for the game. I’m sad to see it ride off into the sunset, but I’m excited to see more.


Rating: 8 out of 10.


  • More Things To Discover
  • Excellent Send Off


  • Too Short!


I’m so happy I had a reason to go back to TOEM. I loved everything about this game, and I want the devs to be successful. If you haven’t played this yet, now is the perfect time.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer/Publisher Website: Something We Made
Developer/Publisher Socials: Twitter
Publisher Socials: Twitter
PSN Store Links: £15.99/€19.99 Europe / $19.99 North America

TOEM Basto Region Trailer – Coming Soon to Switch, PS5 & PC


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