Mighty Goose Review


Mighty Goose is a run and gun action game that was developed by indie studio Blastmode and was published by Playism. It released to PC and Consoles in June 2021.


Mighty Goose is an intergalactic hunter who travels through space to take out his foes. This time his sights are set on the Void King, and to save the galaxy, Mighty Goose takes up arms on his entire army!

The game is honestly pretty light on storytelling. You get some dialogue at the beginning of the levels and sometimes in them to give you context as to what you’re doing. Whether it’s destroying the Void Kings facilities or saving miners from an asteroid, you at least always know what you’re doing. Some of the dialogue was a bit funny, but there was definitely more room for potential, especially if the game ran a bit longer. Coming in at just about two hours, there wasn’t much room for a story.

On the flip side of that coin, there is quite a bit of content when it comes to gameplay itself! Not only is there the main levels, plus a bonus level after you beat the story, which was really fun as well, there is a NG+ mode that makes the game harder, and if you beat it, you apparently unlock something special. Whether it’s a new AI partner or a new ending remains to be seen, because I didn’t play through NG+, at least when I have the craving for an exciting run and gun, it’s always there!

The game plays kind of like Metal Slug, more in terms of the way the guns work, and the fact you can get vehicles to absolutely destroy your enemies with. It was fun and exciting, especially when a weapon dropped from the enemies and I had a new way to blast them away. As you hit enemies and defeat them, you end up building up a super meter, and when it’s full, you can activate it. It makes your guns hit harder, makes them shoot faster, and makes you invulnerable to all damage. Though the game says you still take damage from some sources, I never found those sources.

It also helps that while you’re taking out everything on screen in a hellfire of bullets and explosions, the controls feel amazing. Everything was nice and tight like it should be, you have a Dodge button that gives you invulnerability while you do so, so you can get out of some bad situations, and even the platforming was awesome. When you defeat enemies, they end up dropping coins. You can use these coins to buy vehicles or weapons in a level, except they can only be used IN THAT level. They do not crossover for whatever reason, but I also never found a reason to be using them, as I always had weapons available to me, and I didn’t enjoy the vehicles.

The only things that didn’t feel the best to control were the vehicles. Every vehicle felt clunky to play. Whether it’s because they move too quickly, the guns spin around too slow and it’s not an instant thing, or because you can only shoot forward, I just hated being in one. Even if I was in a beautiful zone, in a submarine, admiring the ocean. In the last level you pilot a jet fighter for a small period of time that is equipped with missiles, and everytime I used them, I truly wasn’t sure if they worked!

As you beat levels and do some side requirements, like killing 1,000 enemies, or gathering a ton of coins, you end up getting little perks you can put on yourself. These range from a double jump, to guns having more ammo when you pick them up, or rolling further. I was always thinking of how I should get myself ready for the next level, and if some of the new perks were worth changing things up. I imagine you’d really have to think about it if you were trying to get an S rank on all the levels, as that’s an extra challenge you can take on as well, and by all means, good luck! It may be easier with a co-op partner, as the game offers that, but without having someone to play with, I never got the chance to experience that side of the game, which really sucked. But it would absolutely be one heck of a time.


Rating: 8 out of 10.


  • Tight Controls
  • Lots Of Challenge And Content
  • Beautiful Art


  • Vehicle Feel Clunky
  • Coins Feel Pointless


Mighty Goose is a shining example that not every game needs a good story. So long as the game is fun and frenetic to play, with right controls, it’s enough to carry it all on its own. I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed it even more with a co-op partner, but if that day comes, I still have content I can clear with them, while we scream and blast people away, and save the galaxy once again!

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Blastmode
Developer Socials: Twitter
Publisher Website: Playism
Publisher Socials: Twitter
PSN Store Links: £13.99/€16.99 Europe / $19.99 North America
Trophy Information: 19. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 9 / Silver 5 / Bronze 4

Mighty Goose – Reveal Trailer


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