Chess Brain: Dark Troops Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 1/10 with guide / 7/10 without guide
Estimated time to Platinum: 15 – 20 mins with guide / 60 mins plus mins without
Trophies: 17. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 10 / Silver 2 / Bronze 4
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 30 levels


Welcome to the Chess Brain: Dark Troops trophy guide!
This one is from QUByte Interactive.

Hello friends, geeks and nerds everywhere. This puzzle game isn’t your typical chess game, they throw in an AI for extra spice. The AI will move your opponent’s piece in a set and repeating pathway. Once you’ve got their path down, you can plan out the path you’ll take, but make sure to not intersect with the AI. Further into the game there will be multiple AI all with different paths you must avoid, so bring your big brain for this one, folks.  And if ya don’t feel like straining those brain cells of yours today, follow our guide down below to breeze through like a true champ of chess.


Direction Key –

D = Down
U = UP
L = Left
R = Right
DR = Down Right
The rest should be self-explanatory

Text Walkthrough

  • Puzzle 1 – R, R, DR, UR
  • Puzzle 2 – DR, R, U, U, R, D
  • Puzzle 3 – UR, U, R, DR, DR, UR, UR
  • Puzzle 4 – DR, DR, U, R, UR, UL, L
  • Puzzle 5 – DR, U, R, R, R,
  • Puzzle 6 – U, UR, R, DL, DR
  • Puzzle 7 – U, R, D, DR
  • Puzzle 8 – U, R, U, UR, DR, D
  • Puzzle 9 – R, U, U, DL, U, L
  • Puzzle 10 – UR, DR, DR, UR, L, DL
  • Puzzle 11 – D, L, UL, UR, U
  • Puzzle 12 – R, R, R, U, R, U, L, L, L, L
  • Puzzle 13 – R, UL, UR, L, U, U,
  • Puzzle 14 – U, R, UR, DR, D, D, UR
  • Puzzle 15 – U, R, UR, DR, U, DR, R
  • Puzzle 16 – R, U, R, DR, R, R, R
  • Puzzle 17 – R, R, DR, R
  • Puzzle 18 – R, U, R, D, DR, UR
  • Puzzle 19 – D, R, U, R, UR, DR, DR
  • Puzzle 20 – UR, D, D, DR, U, UR, R, DR
  • Puzzle 21 – UR, DR, U, DR, DR, R
  • Puzzle 22 – UL, L, U, L, D, UL, UR, R, UR, DR
  • Puzzle 23 – R, U, U, R, R, R, DL, DR, DR, DL, L, L, L
  • Puzzle 24 – R, DL, D, D, DR, R, R, U, R, UL, U, R, U, UR, DR
  • Puzzle 25 – R, U, U, DR, R, R, UR, UL
  • Puzzle 26 – D, R, R, UR, U, DR, DR, R, U
  • Puzzle 27 – U, R, DR, DL, R
  • Puzzle 28 – UL, L, U, UL, R, R, DR
  • Puzzle 29 – L, DR, DL, L, U, DL, L, U, R, U, UL
  • Puzzle 30 – D, D, D, R, R, UL, R, U, UL, R, R, D, UR, D, D, DL, R, R, DR

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Trophy List

The journey ends
Unlock all Trophies
Welcome Bronze
Complete level 1
When the Dark Troops arrived… Bronze
Complete level 4
There was no mercy Bronze
Complete level 6
Rising to the challenge Bronze
Complete level 8
Unswerving Silver
Complete level 10
The Dark Infantry Silver
Complete level 11
Coming from far away… Gold
Complete level 13
Storming the castle Gold
Complete level 16
In front of corrupted brains Gold
Complete level 17
Something lost, something gained Gold
Complete level 20
A desperate King… Gold
Complete level 23
A fortress besieged Gold
Complete level 24
This far, no further Gold
Complete level 26
The cost of victory Gold
Complete level 28
In search of his… Gold
Complete level 30
Farewell my darling Gold
Finish the game

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