The Dark Prophecy Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 40 – 60 min
Trophies: 13. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 1 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: 3 (Silver Careless eater, Gold Deep waters, Gold Heartless)
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: –


Welcome to The Dark Prophecy trophy guide!
It’s time to save your village! You must wake up the magical wizard Merlin in this quick and easy Point and Click! Do you have what it takes to complete this task?


Step 1: Complete the game + watch for missables
You can acquire all the trophies in one run of the game, so long as you watch for the 3 missable trophies. Though two trophies are right at the beginning of the game, and the other is right at the end. So be warned. At the end of this step, you’ll have everything done hopefully! Below is a text Walkthrough or a video walkthrough if you’d prefer.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Silver Careless eater
Gold Deep waters
Gold Open sesame
Gold Bookworm
Gold Potion Master
Gold Unattended.
Gold Culinary
Gold Chamber of Secrets
Gold Troll defeater
Gold The sword and the star
Gold Village savior
Gold Heartless
40-platinum Platinum Prophecy

Tips and Strategies

A few things to note before playing. When I say “use” something, you have to swap to the finger icon with R2/L2/Circle. To walk, the cursor has to be a basic cursor. To use items from the inventory, on others or with other items, the cursor has to be a basic cursor. To use them on yourself, it has to be a finger icon, but I stated which items to use on yourself.

Text Walkthrough

  • Wait for the bubbles to appear
  • Look at bubbles
  • “Who are you?”
  • “What do you need?”
  • “Yes! I’m ready to help!”
  • Use berries, top right of the screen.
  • Save your game!
  • Move the cursor to top of the screen and use the berry on yourself (Silver Careless eater unlocks).
  • Go to the left of the screen and back to the lake.
  • Use “lake bottom” which is right next to the dock (Gold Deep waters unlocks)
  • Go back to the lake if you’re not there. 
  • Go to the left and use the leaves to get a red leaf
  • Go right to the Village.
  • Use wheat to get some.
  • Talk to the Witch and exhaust all of her dialogue to get a key.
  • Move the cursor to the top of the screen and select the key. Use it on the witch’s house in the top right.
  • Enter witch’s house
  • Use the chest
  • Top, cloud. Right, rain. Bottom, puddle. Left, puddle with steam. (Gold Open sesame unlocks)
  • Use chest
  • Use book, and keep reading until you find mention of a passage (Gold Bookworm unlocks)
  • Put berry and leaf in boiler
  • Exit the house 
  • Go to the castle in the top right
  • Talk to the troll, exhaust all dialogue options and play his game
  • Go left to the village
  • Talk to the witch and ask about the troll
  • Use the rope in the well
  • Enter the well
  • Save your game!
  • Use the root just to the right of the character.
  • Talk to the face on the right side in the vines and exhaust all dialogue options. Should have questions about the troll and lucky coins, and Mira.
  • Use shrooms on the left side to get one.
  • Exit to village
  • Talk to witch again and exhaust new dialogue 
  • Go into witch’s house
  • Use root with closet
  • Use the shroom with the boiler
  • Use amulet from your inventory on yourself
  • Exit the house and go left to the lake
  • Talk to the fish, and exhaust all the dialogue options to get the bundle
  • Use bundle from inventory
  • Go to the village and go into the well
  • Use dirty bottle on clean water
  • Go up the well, into witch’s house
  • Use amulet on boiler
  • Use bottle on the boiler (Gold Potion Master unlocks)
  • Use root on hot coils
  • Go to the lake
  • Use the breathing potion on yourself
  • Enter Lake Bottom
  • Interact with the rusty sword to get it 
  • Exit the lake and go to the village, then down the well.
  • Use sword on the door on the left (Gold The sword and the star unlocks)
  • Enter Dark Passage
  • Save your game!
  • Use melting stick on the second torch on the wall
  • Interact with the skeleton to get Royal Sign
  • Go all the way back up the well, and up to the right to the castle
  • Talk to Guardian #1 and ask to get into the castle, then use the new dialogue option.
  • Enter castle courtyard
  • Enter servant’s room
  • Use bag of potatoes
  • Exit to the courtyard, then go into the jail
  • Use the barrels to make a mess
  • Go back out to the courtyard
  • Talk to the Steward and exhaust all dialogue options (Gold Unattended unlocks)
  • Enter Throne Room 
  • Try to walk further in and be thrown out.
  • Go down into jail and talk to the prisoner.
  • Go back to the Castle Courtyard and talk to the child.
  • Go to the Kitchen
  • Talk to the cook
  • The order is as follows: potato, potato, carrot, herb, corn, potato, herb, herb.
  • Leave the kitchen, and enter the servant’s room
  • Use the cloth
  • Use spices, to leave the box, interact with the faded brown top of it
  • Go back to the kitchen
  • Talk to the cook and give her the spices. (Gold Culinary unlocks)
  • Go to the throne room.
  • Talk to the King
  • Enter the Wizard’s room.
  • Use bowl with crystals
  • Use sleeping Merlin
  • Use Telescope
  • Exit the castle and go to the prison
  • Talk to the prisoner and ask about taking his clothes. You’ll have a new prompt for trading for soup.
  • Go back to the kitchen, talk to the cook for more soup, go back to the prisoner and give him the soup.
  • Combine criminals’ clothes and the jewel in your inventory. The cursor has to be just a cursor to combine them properly.
  • Exit the castle, and go to the village, then enter the witch’s house.
  • Use the crystal in tissue on the hatch on the floor (Gold Chamber of Secrets unlocks.)
  • Go down into the hatch. 
  • Use the lucky coin
  • Go back to the castle entrance and talk to the troll
  • Say you want to play its game and choose the new option. Pick whatever hand you want. (Gold Troll defeater unlocks)
  • Save your game!
  • Go back to the witch’s house
  • Use the insomnia pollen on Mr Fluffy (Gold Heartless unlocks)
  • Go to the castle, go through the throne room, and enter the Wizard’s room.
  • Use insomnia pollen on sleeping Merlin.
  • Talk to Merlin and exhaust all the dialogue options. (Gold Village savior & 40-platinum Platinum Prophecy unlock)

Video Walkthrough

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Trophy Guide

Platinum Prophecy
Get all other trophies.

Get all other trophies.

Сareless eaterSilver
Eat the poison berry from the bush near the witch’s house.

After the opening scene of the game, you’ll be in a small town. At the top right of the screen is a berry bush. Interact with the bush, then move the cursor to the top of the screen. Use the berry out of your inventory and get this trophy.

Deep watersGold
Try to reach the bottom of the lake without the elixir of underwater breathing.

After you get back to the village after the opening bit, go back to the lake on the left. Use the lake bottom right next to the dock, and get this trophy!

Open sesameGold
Open the chest in the witch’s house.

In the village, talk to the witch and exhaust her dialogue options to get a key. Use it to open her house in the top right. Once in the witch’s house, interact with her chest the solution is; top, cloud. Right, rain. Bottom, puddle. Left, puddle with steam. The chest will then unlock, and so will this trophy. Below is a picture of the solution.

Find a mention of an underground passage in the witch’s book.

Once you’re in the witch’s house, interact with the book on her desk. Keep reading it until you find mention of an underground tunnel and this trophy will unlock.

Potion MasterGold
Craft a Potion of Underwater Breathing.

After you get all the necessary ingredients to craft the potion to get underwater, and fill up the empty bottle with the potion, this trophy unlocks!

Make the castle keeper leave.

Once you get into the castle courtyard, go into the servant’s room and interact with the potatoes. Now go to the jail and interact with the barrels. Go talk to the Steward and tell him of the messes and get this trophy!

Cook the most delicious soup in the kingdom.

This is acquired once you help the cook in the kitchen prepare soup for the king.

Chamber of SecretsGold
Open the basement in the witch’s house.

Once you’ve done all the tasks in the castle and have the crystal in tissue item, you’ll go back to the witch’s house. Use the new item on the floor hatch and get this trophy.

Troll defeaterGold
Beat the troll at his game.

Once you’ve finally got the magic coin from the witch’s basement, go to the castle entrance and talk to the troll. Ask to play its game, choose the new option, and pick whatever hand you want.

The sword and the starGold
Open the door with the sword.

Once you acquire the sword from the bottom of the lake, take it back to the well. Once in the wall, use it on the door on the left and get this trophy.

Village saviorGold
Thank you Chosen One! The village has been saved!

This will unlock once you beat the game! Hooray!

Break Mr. Fluffy’s sleep magically.

Once you have the insomnia pollen from the troll for beating it at its own game, go to the witch’s house and use it on the cat to get this trophy.

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