Catmaze Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 6 – 8 hours
Trophies: 21. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 9 / Silver 5 / Bronze 6
Missable trophies: 1. Gold …Is this the end?
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the Catmaze trophy guide!
Go on a quest to save your mother in this exciting and intriguing metroidvania! Do you have what it takes to get to the other side and back?


Step 1: Complete The Game
Don’t worry too much about trying to get every item and definitely don’t worry about completing every sidequest, or you’ll lock yourself out of the bad ending. Just sit back and enjoy the game! You’ll have a few trophies by the end of this step.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Ready to fight
Gold …Is this the end?

Step 2: Side Quests + Map Completion
During this step, you’ll be focusing on clearing up every side quest that you missed + clearing out the map and getting all the items. To get sidequests, make sure you talk to everyone! They’ll put a question mark (?) icon on the map to show you where to go. For any secret area you’re missing or collectible, talk to the cats at the portal to Nav in Catmaze and they will guide your way. Plus, at the point you’ll have all the traversal skills to get everywhere! By the end of this, you’ll be missing one trophy!

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Silver The Dawn Goddess
Silver The Veles God
Silver I know how to pray
Silver Golden Fish seeker
Bronze Ghostbuster
Bronze Housekeeper
Gold Fight with a God
Bronze Knight’s savior
Bronze No Fear
Gold Real Warrior
Gold Defender of the East
Gold Defender of the West
Gold Defender of the divinity
Bronze Oink!
Silver It’s a prank!
Gold Guess who is it

Step 3: True Ending
When you have everything completed and gathered, it’s time to beat the last boss again! Doing so will net you the true ending and stepping into the arena will get you the arena will get you 100% map completion!

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Gold Researcher
Gold What an adventure!

40-platinum Platinum Witch

Tips and Strategies

I’m making this section to hopefully help anyone. These are the things I found that helped me make it through;

  • Always save. If you die, you go back to the last save.
  • I used the cat melee attack once I had it unlocked. It was fast and did decent damage. I also used the porcupine magic ability to give me three Shield like allies around me.
  • Always use monuments when you see them. They give you extra health.
  • I always used the attack up bracelet.
  • The shop doesn’t always stock options regularly. If you see them, buy them, then try not to use them. They’re extremely useful for the timed survival sidequests late in the game!

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Trophy Guide

Platinum Witch
Get all other trophies.

Get all other trophies.

Ready to fightBronze
Start a real adventure.

This trophy unlocks after you get the herb your mother is after. There is a cutscene, then when it’s done, you get this trophy. You’ll need to get your first magic spell during this section. I’ve marked its location on the map below. You’ll need to jump over the barrels. If you destroy them, enter the area again and try again.

The Dawn GoddessSilver
Find all the spheres of the Dawn Goddess

To get this, you have to find all of the health upgrades. Don’t worry too much about this at the start, as once you reach the end of the game, you can get their locations revealed by talking to the cats at the portals to Nav. Once you have them all, you get this trophy.

The Veles GodSilver
Find all the spheres of the Veles God.

To get this, you have to acquire all the mana upgrades. This is just like Silver The Dawn Goddess, so refer to that for details.

I know how to praySilver
Find all the prayer stones.

For this trophy, you have to find all the collectible prayer stones. These are not the GIANT statues you pray at, these are the yellow glowing symbols you find that give you more “prayer strength”. Refer to Silver The Dawn Goddess for how to find them.

Golden Fish seekerSilver
Help kids to save their father.

This is a side quest where you help two boys find a fish for their fathers. Once you reach the big village, talk to everyone. You’ll end up running around the map, as someone goes to a swamp and back. You won’t complete this fully until the end of the game, then when you do, go into the first house on the left in the village to get an item. Refer to the map below for the village location.

Banish ghosts from a house in the north.

Eventually you will find a house in the top left of the map, and you’ll get told about the haunting of it. You’ll then need to go to the house to inspect it, then to the village to get the key for it. Once inside, you’ll need to fight a little ghost boss. After you kill it, this trophy unlocks. The house’s location is in the map below.

Bring your furniture back.

This is a long quest near the end of the game that ties into Bronze Ghostbuster. Eventually you’ll notice a question mark on the map near your house. A domovoy will be there, and he’ll tell you how he lost his powers. Once you get through the ghost house, go back and give him his amulet. Near the end of the game, you’ll go down into the swamp to learn about a helmet and you’ll run into a long scene about a love triangle. Afterwards you’ll see a question mark on the map where you beat the first boss, who was the giant mushroom. Go there, and get your furniture back, after you’ve given the domovoy his amulet and get this trophy.

Fight with a GodGold
Travel to Chernobog’s world.

This is a quest line that spans most of the game. When you first run into Volibor near your aunt’s house, he’ll ask for some herbs. Once you get three, and give them to him, he leaves. Eventually during the story, you meet up with him again, and afterwards his quest line continues. You’ll end up helping him save Siyana, so you’ll need more herbs. After you’ve done the Bronze Ghostbuster quest, and are in the Catmaze area, you’ll see a cutscene of Volibor near the haunted house. Go to it, then battle Chernobog again, and get this trophy.

Knight’s saviorBronze
Save Tverdomir.

This is a questline after you beat Gorislava. You need to help her bring back her brother Tverdomir. This all ties into the Bronze Ghostbuster quest as well. Once you do this questline, you’ll get this trophy!

No FearBronze
Defeat Liho.

This questline takes place in the swamps area and has you finding Achim. He’ll tell you how Liho stole his happiness and you’ll be tasked with defeating him. This can’t happen until you unlock the yeti melee weapon, as a stone is blocking the way to the Liho arena. After you defeat him, you’ll get an item to take back to Achim, so make sure to do that. The location of Achim is down below.

Open 100% of the map.

To get this trophy, you must have the map 100% explored. This will only unlock during the true ending, as you have to explore everywhere to do every side quest. To do that, talk to all of the cats at the portal to Nav. You should be at 99% just before you click yes to the point of no return. Once you reach the last boss, the trophy unlocks.

Real WarriorGold
Upgrade all the bracelets.

As you progress through the game, you’ll end up finding bracelets that give you stat boosts. You’ll find them as you reach for 100% map completion. Once you save the old man, he’ll go back to the big village and is right next to the left exit. If you talk to him, you can use coins to upgrade all the bracelets. The prices are roughly 100, 150, then 200. So, you’ll need a lot of coins. Once you upgrade all three, you’ll get this trophy.

Defender of the EastGold
Help the guardian at the East.

This quest unlocked once I got all the health upgrades. Go back to the village and talk to the guard all the way at the west side and he’ll tell you about how he misses his wife. You’ll then be thrust into a timed arena and have to survive for two minutes. Once you survive, you get this trophy.

Defender of the WestGold
Help the guardian at the West.

This quest unlocked once I got all the mana upgrades. Go back to the village and talk to the guard all the way at the east side and she’ll tell you about how she misses her husband. You’ll then be thrust into a timed arena and have to survive for two minutes. Once you survive, you get this trophy.

Defender of the divinityGold
Help the priest.

Once you find all the prayer stones, this quest unlocks. Go to the big town and talk to the priest in front of the giant prayer monument. This will put you into a timed arena where you have to survive for two minutes. After you survive for two minutes, you’ll get this trophy.

Bring the pig back to the village.

After you defeat Gorislava, and go past her to the left, you’ll find a pig. You have to pick this pig up and transport it all the way back to the village. If you attack for any reason, the pig will be dropped, and you’ll need to pick it up. If you enter a new screen without carrying the pig, it will respawn to its original location past Gorislava. Once in the town, go talk to the farmer and return the pig, and get this trophy.

It’s a prank!Silver
Take Lesavka with you.

As you are exploring the map for 100%, you’ll come across Lesavka, sitting on a mushroom in the forest area. Talk to him and you’ll get him in your part automatically.

…Is this the end?Gold
Get the bad ending.

THIS IS MISSABLE! IF YOU COMPLETE EVERY SIDE QUEST, YOU LOCK YOURSELF OUT OF THE BAD ENDING. To get the bad ending, you have to finish the game without completing every side quest. Once you do, you get this trophy.

What an adventure!Gold
Get the good ending.

To get this trophy, you have to complete every side quest in the game. You’ll know you got them all once there’s no ghosts in Nav, just before the last boss. Once you beat the last boss, with “saving” everyone, you get this trophy.

Guess who is itGold
Find a guy from another game.

When you have the ability to freeze enemies, head back down to the swamp where I have the circle marked. Freeze the enemy that you see standing against a wall, then double jump up it. Talk to the character on the next screen and get this trophy.

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