Rick Henderson Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 5/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 3 – 5 hours (RNG dependent)
Trophies: 29. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 6 / Silver 10 / Bronze 12
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: Several


Greetings gamers and welcome to the Rick Henderson trophy guide!
This one hails from long time friends of NODE, publisher EastAsiaSoft. This one was developed by Fat Pug Studio.

The difficulty in this one is based on the fact its a bullet hell SHMUP and the RNG aspects of the game. Makes for a combo that can make the game a lot easier or a lot harder. Overall a very fun game but not your normal EZPZ.

“Paying homage to arcade classics and wrapped in nostalgic 16-bit graphics, Rick Henderson is an endless horizontal-scrolling shoot’em up with unlimited replayability. Twitch your fingers through five enemy factions and their bosses, upgrade your ship and try to survive unpredictable space events.

Rick Henderson features multiple difficulty modes to maximize accessibility, helpful tutorials to get you started and a deep scoring system with multipliers, grazing, ranks and perk bonuses. Choose a ship that suits your playstyle, equip 27 unique weapons, perform upgrades and test your skills against dozens of enemy types, all set to a blood-pumping synthwave soundtrack.”


There are a few things to look out for while playing the game while all other trophies will just come by playing the game. I’ll outline below.

The GoldPS5 Colonel and GoldPS5 Looper will be tied together for the most part. A loop consists of 6 levels, and you must finish all 6 in 1 sitting for this trophy. At the end of this you should have achieved the colonel rank between points and collecting what I’m calling the floating book things.

At the end of each boss battle, you can collect a new power up, choose wisely based on how you would normally play this type of game.

Now for the most frustrating and RNG based trophies of the game, SilverPS5 I Like Rocks, SilverPS5 Laser Dance, SilverPS5 Burn The Space, and SilverPS5 Minesweeper are based on random events you encounter in the game. These 4 trophies could account for half of the total platinum time in the game. Keep track of each event so you know how many of each you have left to save needless grinding. None of these seem to appear in the first level and hopefully you picked up a few through your GoldPS5 Looper playthrough. There is no trick to making them spawn so keep restarting the loop if one doesn’t appear by end of level 2. The good thing is that the game time will still be spent working on the other cumulative trophies.

That’s everything major needed for the game, just give the trophy list a look over for the cumulative across all playthroughs trophies to look out for.

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Trophy Guide

Endless Ship
Unlock all other trophies.
Attain private rank.
Attain corporal rank.
Attain sergeant rank.
Attain lieutenant rank.
Captain Gold
Attain captain rank.
Major Gold
Attain major rank.
Colonel Gold
Attain colonel rank.
Rank Collector Gold
Collect 100 ranks.
Looper Gold
Finish a loop.
I Like Rocks Gold
Enter asteroid field 3 times.
Laser Dance Gold
Enter laser barrage 3 times.
Burn The Space Gold
Enter meteor storm 3 times.
Minesweeper Gold
Enter minefield 3 times.
Kill 100 enemies.
Mostly Harmless
Kill 250 enemies.
Kill 500 enemies.
Kill 750 enemies.
Adept Gold
Kill 1000 enemies.
Skilled Gold
Kill 2500 enemies.
Boss Hunter
Kill 3 bosses.
Boss Killer Gold
Kill 6 bosses.
Boss Destroyer Gold
Kill 12 bosses.
Space Pirate Gold
Kill 100 transports.
Gem Collector
Collect 25 gems.
Gem Prospector
Collect 50 gems.
Gem Stockpiler
Collect 75 gems.
Gem Hoarder Gold
Collect 100 gems.
The Dragon Gold
Collect 150 gems.

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