Repentless Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 5 – 10 mins
Trophies: 24. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 8 / Silver 7 / Bronze 8
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 4


Greeting gamers and welcome to the Repentless trophy guide!
This one is from developer/publisher Acyntha.

“You are the imprisoned dictator. People of your country come visit. Survive as long as you can.”


This short visual novel is played using Cross to spam through the text and Triangle to select the choices. Just follow along below for another platinum trophy.

First playthrough just pick first choice until the end.

Second Playthrough
select replay then continue
2) don’t you think
1) Indeed, and i did
2) I am but a
2) There are no
1) To loud
2) Such are the
2) Indeed, I wasn’t
3) You haven’t got
Select top answer until the end

Third Playthrough
select replay then continue
Always top choice until average one character on ride side of screen
1) Too loud
2) Such are the
2) Indeed, I wasn’t
1) No!
Top choice until the end

Fourth Playthrough
select replay then continue
2) Don’t you think
1) Indeed, and I did
2) I am but a single human
1) You’re lying
2) My sincere condolences
3) Because death
1) o-oh-h
1) I only ruined
1) Blood of victims
2) You’re talking
1) Fake news
2) Who died
1) Brace yourself
1) Didn’t he

And platinum 40-platinum

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Trophy Guide

Inevitable end
And so, the pillars started to crumble
Trial for Errors 1 Bronze
Tried to defend yourself and made 5 answers
Who are you? Bronze
Complete the intro
Why didn’t it work out? Bronze
Receive damage
Working class Bronze
Complete the Blue Collar dialogue
Trial for Errors 2 Silver
Tried your best to defend yourself and made 10 answers
What’s going on? Silver
Receive more than 10 damage
Electorate Bronze
Complete the Average Person dialogue
Upper Middle class Silver
Complete the Small Business Owner dialogue
Not your patient Silver
Make an answer in the Psychotherapist dialogue
Meet your end Silver
Complete the game with any ending
Got tax? Silver
Make an answer in the Small Business dialogue
It’s never your fault Gold
Try to pass the buck
No Gold
You learned to say No
Last Joke Gold
You lifted the moods
Angry woman Silver
Complete the Mother dialogue
What I said wrong? Gold
Make your first visitor as angry as possible
Spitted Gold
Get spitted on
Pillar 1: Murder Gold
Turns out, your political rivals were erased roughly.
Pillar 2: Sanctification Gold
Somehow your “it’s holy” argument didn’t work out as intended
Pillar 3: Kleptocracy Gold
From workers to professors, everybody knows your dirty secret
Should be easy..? Bronze
Make an answer in Blue Collar dialogue
Fake news! Bronze
Blame it on the fake news
Let them eat cake Bronze
Why don’t people simply go and make their life successful, really?

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