Robby’s Adventure Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 15-30 min
Trophies: 17. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 9 / Silver 3 / Bronze 4
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 6.5 Levels


Welcome to the Robby’s Adventure trophy guide!
A heart-warming story awaits during the introduction of DillyFrame Games‘ first ever release on PC Robby’s Adventure.
“Robby’s Adventure is a side-scroller platformer game where you will guide a robot named Robby through numerous obstacles and challenges.


You will want to make your way through the 6 and a bit levels, whilst collecting at least 100 cogwheels. Keep an eye out for Bronze First tool in level 1, Bronze Wrong Conveyor in level 2, and Gold I have a thing! within the final level. The rest will come naturally as you progress, and nothing is missable due to level select.

There is a video walkthrough below, and also a level explanation within Gold Only the beginning.

Tips and Strategies

The mechanics on this game are not the best, and it can be quite difficult to judge your jump timing. You can run during this game, and in fact you will need to run/jump together on a number of occasions. Just take you time with the jumping, and do not get too frustrated if you mess up a couple of times.

There are plenty of cogwheels within the levels, so you should not worry too much about collecting all that you see. Just ensure that you collect all that are within reach on the path that you are heading. I have added into the description of Gold Only the beginning roughly how many cogwheels you will want to end a level with.

Other than that this is a fairly simply, and enjoyable game, that can be played at your own pace.

Video Walkthrough

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Trophy Guide

Fixing is never over
But you always can start again.

Collect all other trophies.

Beginner Mechanic Bronze
Collect 10 cogwheels.

See Gold Lead Mechanic.

Junior Mechanic Silver
Collect 20 cogwheels.

See Gold Lead Mechanic.

Middle Mechanic Gold
Collect 50 cogwheels.

See Gold Lead Mechanic.

Senior Mechanic Gold
Collect 70 cogwheels.

See Gold Lead Mechanic.

Lead Mechanic Gold
Collect 100 cogwheels.

There a a vast amount of cogwheels scattered around the 6 levels, which can be obtained via level select at the end of the game if you did not collect enough during your first playthrough.

Most of the cogwheels are along the natural path, so you should have no issues with this. Collect all that you see, without worrying too much, and then head back into level 1 once you have finished the game if you have not reached the 100.

Death Bronze
Die 1 time.

See Gold 15 deaths.

5 deaths Silver
Die 5 times.

See Gold 15 deaths.

10 deaths Gold
Die 10 times.

See Gold 15 deaths.

15 deaths Gold
Die 15 times.

Level 2 is a perfect level for farming this trophy if you have made it through the 6 levels without dying at least 15 times.

Load up level 2 from the Main Menu and you will be faced with a laser that can kill you right at the beginning of the level.

First tool Bronze
Get a screwdriver.

When you start the very first level jump out of the box and head to the left, over a table, and then over some boxes. There you will find a tool laying on the ground, just before you reach the wall.

Wrong Conveyor Bronze
Let a conveyor pull you inside.

During the first part of level 2 you will make your way to the right, and will be forced to jump over 3 of lasers. Once you have mastered these ones you will see a conveyor belt that is heading towards the back wall with a big A2 sign, that you will need to take a ride on.

Push me! Silver
Push 5 items.

You can push specific items by holding down the :circle: button. This is introduced to you from level 4, and will be earned naturally within level 5.

Refer to Gold Only the beginning for some pointers.

I can run again! Gold
Fix the running.

Right after earning Silver Push me! you will need to collect some parts from the lower level. Fall down to them and grab them with the button.

First Escape Gold
Escape the tank.

Earned during level 6a, you will need to avoid the projectiles being fired at you from the Tank during the level.

Refer to Gold Only the beginning for some pointers.

I have a thing! Gold
Find any collectible item.

You will only need to find a single collectible, and the easiest one to locate is found within level 6b.

Refer to Gold Only the beginning for it’s location.

Only the beginning Gold
Unlock 1 level from Group B

Level 1 (01:35) – Head right and make you way up and over the boxes/stacking units. You can operate the lifting mechanisms by activating the buttons to the side of them before jumping on for a ride
There are a vast amount of cogwheels in this level, so collect as many as you can without going too mad searching for them. You can easily grab 50+ of them on this level, however there is no real need to collect any more than 35-40.
The exit for this level can be found on the far right, mid level, so you will need to activate the final lift to get to it. Once there hit the button and make you way through the vent.

Level 2 (04:50) – Head right and make your way over the first 3 lasers, then pick up the light that is located beside the conveyor belt you ride for Bronze Wrong Conveyor. After this you will need to keep heading right, over many more lasers, before reaching the far wall.
Once at the far side you will need to make your way up and to the left over the stacking units, and head back to where you came from. Be careful here as you can fall back to the lower level and have to repeat the laser sections.
When you are finally back at the far left side, be sure to jump far enough to the wall to get back through the vent in which you came out of at the start.
You will want to have around 55 cogwheels by the end of this level.

Level 3 (05:50) – This is a very short level where you will need to grab the power supply from the right hand side. Once you have grabbed to power supply head back to the vent on the left that you came from to finish the level.
The spotlights here work in a simple back to front circular pattern, so should not take too long to master; however, feel free to refer to the video if you get stuck.

Level 4 (06:51) – You are introduced to the push function here (), and you will need to initially push a few of items right so that you can use them as a jumping point to get to higher ground.
Once you reach the far right side it’s a simple case of having to make your way back to the vent on the left again, via the higher ground.
You will want to have around 60-65 cogwheels by the end of this level.

Level 5 (08:26) – We are back with the lasers…. But this time we are also introduced to some Tanks that will fire at you! As usual make your way to the right hand wall, before moving up a level. When you start to make your way back to the left you will need to push the final 2 objects needed for Silver Push me! to the left and off of the platform. Make sure to push the left hand one first, or they will get stuck.
Once this is done jump down and collect the items before making your way back up and over to the vent on the left again.
This level can be just as frustrating as level 2, so take your time with your jumping, and you will want to have around 75 cogwheels by the end of this level.

Level 6a (13:31) – It is paramount that you keep on the move for this level as you are joined by a Tank that will be constantly firing at you. Keep an eye out for the easily identifiable projectiles which will kill instantly, and ensure you make a sharp turn if one is heading for you.
Once you reach the right and wall on this one you can simply press the button (:square:) to allow you through to the next part.
Finishing this level with around 85-90 cogwheels will set you right for the 100 required, as there is around 20 in the next part of this level.

Level 6b (14:05) – Run all the way to the right collecting as many cogwheels as you need on this one, and you should be able to simply run past the tanks. Once you reach the end wall you can climb up the ladder structure to the next level where the vent is.
If you have not earned Gold I have a thing! by now, then you can make your way up one further level by jumping on the hanging light, to reach the Tank Collectible.
To end the level simply exit the vent on the middle right hand side. You then only need to enter into the next level to earn this trophy.

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