Bright Memory: Infinite Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 5/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 4 – 6 hours
Trophies: 31. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 5 / Silver 11 / Bronze 14
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1 full, and 1 partial


Welcome to the Bright Memory: Infinite trophy guide!
Developed By FQYD Studio and published by Playism.

If you’re looking for a great playing and looking game to spend a couple hours on, slam it into easy and blow through the game. While the game is light on story you won’t notice it if you’re ploughing through it on easy mode. The games weapons are way overpowered in this mode and makes for great fun.

The platinum in the game is harder due to the difficulty trophies. But after your first playthrough and the upgrades it brings, it shouldn’t be too bad, unless your piss bad at shooters.

Special side note. The game is half the price of the EU and NA on the Hong Kong PSN store. So, if you have a Hong Kong PSN account I recommend grabbing from there.


Tips and Strategies

No matter the difficulty you’re playing on the sword and guns deal a lot of damage. The way the game makes it harder is you take more damage on the harder difficulties. As long as you have been upgrading your powers and weapons during your first playthrough this will help offset the damage you take.

The keys to making the harder difficulties easier are using slide, strafe and your weapons special ammo, as well as having your sword fully upgraded.

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Trophy Guide

Lord of Light
Unlock all trophies

Earned for unlocking all other trophies.

Power Balance Gold
Defeat the Tian Yu Emperor

This is the first boss you encounter in the game. For this one use deflect to counter his attacks and thus lowering his shields. Once his shield is down attack with the sword first, once your stamina is down switch to shot gun as it does more damage. Once the bosses shield regenerates rinse and repeat the above process. You can also use the EMP ability to suspend him in the air once his shield is lowered.

Fallen General Gold
Kill the Tian Yu Emperor

Please see Power Balance. This is the first phase of the final boss fight; he can be beaten using the same strategy as the first time you encounter him. Once he is defeated, the second stage of the boss fight will begin.

Battlefield Veteran Gold
Kill the Giant King

There are two phases to this boss fight. The first phase of the fight the boss will attack you with fists and a large sledgehammer. the sledgehammer can be deflected but will not damage him. During phase one the sword and shotgun do the best damage, while the handgun bullets will bounce off doing no damage.

Once you’ve depleted his health the first time, phase two will start. He will lose the sledgehammer and replace it with his fists. He now will have the ability to throw rocks at you, launch missiles, and hit you with various lava punches. Neither the rocks nor the lava punches can be deflected, however the missiles can be deflected back and cause damage to the boss. During this phase the boss will also summon more enemies. The sword will do decent damage during this phase, but the AR, SG and HG alternate ammo do the best damage.

The best way to approach phase two is to keep the boss in your sights, and to slide/strafe backwards to avoid being hit. This will allow you to easily avoid damage from both the boss and the other enemies in the arena all while shooting at the boss.

Burning Bridges Gold
Kill the Six-armed Emperor

This is the second phase of the final boss fight in the game. He takes techniques from all former bosses and uses them in this fight. He will have the fire abilities of Emperor Tian Yu, will have the lava punches and missiles of The Giant King, he will be able to throw an electrified axe at you, and on his shoulders, he carries with him an eagle and a serpent. Both the eagle and the serpent can leave the boss’s shoulders and attack you. The serpent can be tricky as it can get up close very quickly and can get behind you without you noticing.

While fighting the boss in easy mode, the shotgun is a good choice as it does more base damage then the other guns, however in revenge mode and up each guns’ special ammo does the best damage. During the fight the boss can shot missiles at you that you can deflect back at him using your sword, when he launches them it’s best to spam as it increases your chances at deflecting them all.

He can also attack using a thrown slash attack, this can be deflected back as well. While fighting the boss, the method that I found works best is to keep the boss in your sights at all times and to slide/strafe backwards in order to avoid him. This allows you to see all his attacks and effectively dodge and deflect them as needed. It also allows you to see when the eagle and serpent become active and makes avoiding them easier.

While running around the arena, you can unload each weapons special ammo on the boss for maximum damage. After you have used up all your special ammo it turns into a game of run and gun. There is ammo laying around the arena near the two pillars towards the back that you can pick up as needed.

Clear the game

Earned upon finishing the game. This is best done on easy mode first.

Bitter Rivals Gold
Clear the game on “Revenge” difficulty

Once you have cleared the game in easy mode, you can use the chapter select option in the main menu to skip straight to the final boss. Make sure to select revenge difficulty. Trophy is earned after beating the final boss.

Infinite Gold
Clear the game on “Hell” difficulty

Please see Silver Bitter Rivals.

Sever 50 enemy limbs using weapons or skills

As long as you’re using the sword and grenades this will come naturally during the game.

Matchless Warrior Gold
Sever 100 enemy limbs using weapons or skills

As long as you’re using the sword and grenades this will come naturally during the game.

The Heat is On
Defeat 20 enemies using flame-type weapons or skills

Once you have fully upgraded the shotgun grenades and the EMP punch, they can be used to kill enemies with flame damage. The shotgun’s alternative ammo will be an incendiary grenade.  The EMP punch when held for a longer period of time will become a powerful flame punch.

None Shall Survive
Kill 15 people without being spotted by the enemy in the infiltration mission in “Surrounded”

This one is not cumulative; it must be done in one go and may take a couple tries. There are a total of 15 killable enemies in this level, if you get spotted by an enemy you will need to start over.

There is a point closer towards the end of the level where 3 guards will group together below the balcony you are sneaking on, do not attempt to attack them or you will be spotted, and your progress will be lost.

Extreme Skills
Activate “Counter” 50 times

See Silver Invulnerable for info.

Invulnerable Gold
Activate “Counter” 100 times

You must deflect with the sword at last second to counter the enemies’ bullets or arrows. There is a spot in the last level where there is a line of archers and a large enemy that is great for farming this one. Spamming R1 is the easiest way to ensure you get the deflect off properly.

Eagle-eye Gold
Use “Defend” to deflect 20 enemy bullets

Use block with the sword to earn this one. You can block by holding R1.

Peerless Warrior
Defeat 80 enemies using any skill

See Silver Herculean Strength.

Herculean Strength Gold
Defeat 150 enemies using any skill

Will be earned naturally as you progress through the game as long as you’re using your arm’s special abilities or sword’s special abilities. Both set of special abilities are unlocked using reliquaries.

AR Silver
Defeat 80 enemies using your assault rifle

See Silver SR Gold for info.

AR Gold Gold
Defeat 150 enemies using your assault rifle

See Silver SR Gold for info.

SG Silver
Defeat 80 enemies using your shotgun

See Silver SR Gold for info.

SG Gold Gold
Defeat 150 enemies using your shotgun

See Silver SR Gold for info.

HG Silver
Defeat 50 enemies using your handgun

See Silver SR Gold for info.

HG Gold Gold
Defeat 100 enemies using your handgun

See Silver SR Gold for info.

SR Silver
Defeat 50 enemies using your sniper rifle

See Silver SR Gold for info.

SR Gold Gold
Defeat 100 enemies using your sniper rifle

All the weapons kill trophies are cumulative and can be easily farmed once you’ve beaten the game. The Close Call level is a great level to farm as there are a good number of enemies right at the start. You can restart and run through as many times as you need, switching guns as needed until you’ve earned each trophy.

Destroy 5 enemy vehicles with missiles during the car chase

Midway through the game you are placed in a car. During this sequence there are only five enemy cars you can shoot at with your car’s missiles. Make sure to blow them up and not outrun them.

Get Rich
Acquire 20 “Reliquaries”

See Silver Get Richer.

Get Richer Gold
Acquire 50 “Reliquaries”

As long as you’re being thorough during your first playthrough you won’t be too short of the 50 needed. Once you’ve beaten the game you can farm the Close Call level, 3 reliquaries spawn within the first minute of the level.

See video below –

Get Richest Gold
Acquire 100 “Relics”

This is earned by killing enemies and smashing open boxes. Will be earned by your first playthrough of the game.

Unlock “Blade Slash Whirlwind: Lv.3”

Unlocked using reliquaries.

Flames in the Sky
Unlock “Rocket Punch: Lv.3”

Unlocked using reliquaries.

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