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Alphadia is a turn-based RPG that was developed by studio Exe-Create and published by Kemco. It had an initial release on mobile in March 2011 and saw a 3DS release in February 2016.


When Ash and Karim are out on patrol around their town of Heiland, they come across a mysterious girl. Before they know it, the Schwarzchild Empirical Forces are bearing down on them, besieging and destroying their home all in search of this mysterious girl. They decide to band together and escort this girl where she wants to go, without realizing who she may truly be.

The first thing this game tells you in the description is that it’s a “huge sprawling adventure that’s 30+ hours!”, but in actuality that’s not true. I finished the story in 18 hours. The story had me quite hooked, even if you find all your teammates right away, they were all enjoyable to be around. The only one I didn’t like was Weid, but that was intentional I think. I just find it weird when you play an RPG and get all your teammates in the first 20 minutes. I like the build-up, and reason for it all, other than “hey let’s go beating the big bad!”.

As you join the resistance to help bring down the empire, the story sort of starts off basic, where you’re tasked to go fetch all the magical macguffins before the enemy can. Eventually it started to evolve to the point I started taking interest. There were twists and turns all related to the main character and what they are, or why the big bad is doing what they’re doing. Heck there’s even some deceit and a twist I didn’t really see coming. It had me hooked after so many hours! I was hoping for a true ending, but the one the game gave you is satisfactory enough at least.

The gameplay was very boring. Which seems to be a trend with a lot of Kemco RPGs that I play. For most of the game, I just sat there mashing the A button to quickly get through the fights, as there was no strategy needed. At least not until the very end. Even the bosses throughout were a joke. But that’s likely due to me grinding just to be able to afford the equipment! Eventually I started using magic, as everyone has a magic element tied to them. When you use them in battle, they get SP, which goes towards their magic level, which unlocks more spells. But if they’re not in combat, they only get 70% of the EXP earned from battle, and no SP. So I found myself constantly switching up my party, only to be able to keep everyone’s magic level at a respectable pace.

But by doing this, I earned some really awesome spells that helped me just rip through every boss I came across. Some bosses never got a chance to attack, or if they did, it was only once! The dungeons in the game are surprisingly complex. From twisting corridors, to dead ends, to annoying dropping floors, the only thing the dungeons were missing were puzzles, and a different design. For the most part, the dungeons were all just giant “towers”, so they all had the same gray brick aesthetic. So there was nothing visually pleasing to look at. Even the final dungeon was a gray brick castle. BLECK!

Aside from the story, there are quite a few side quests to do. I found a few here and there, but unlike other Kemco games, you didn’t know if an NPC had a sidequest in this. There was no bubble above their head or anything, so you had to talk to everyone to find one. I did one at the beginning of the game and didn’t really get much in return for it, so I never bothered doing any later on, mostly because it just seemed like there wasn’t a lot, or if there were, they were in the town I JUST came from, and I was not walking all the way back there.

Now earlier I mentioned grinding to afford the equipment, and this was the biggest downfall of the game. As you progress, from town to town, there’s always new sets of weapons and armour to buy for your crew, as with most RPGs. The only thing is, these cost thousands upon THOUSANDS of gold! For the first half of the game, I was lucky to make 300 gold off a battle. So just for my entire team to have new weapons, I had to do a few hundred battles. Wanted new armour? Do it again. At one point, I got the newest gear I could get. Went through about three dungeons before I hit the next town, and I was only able to afford weapons for four of my six teammates. WHY!? Eventually I started just switching what I’d upgrade. One town I’d do armour, the next town, weapons. It was infuriating and I hate RPGs that do that! Why!?


Rating: 5 out of 10.


  • Interesting Story When It Picks Up
  • Dungeons Aren’t A Straight Line


  • Grinding. So Much Grinding!
  • Combat Is Boring
  • Nowhere Near 30 Hours Long


A surprisingly interesting story is unfortunately bogged down by so many annoying systems. Combat is tiresome, you have to grind so long to afford stuff, and the dungeons look dull and colourless. It’s hard to recommend this, especially with the eShop on 3DS shutting down soon, but plus side, you can play it on your phone. Just be prepared for terrible combat. I recommend watching TV while playing just to stay awake.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Exe-Create
Developer Socials: Twitter
Publisher Website: Kemco
Publisher Socials: Twitter

RPG Alphadia – Official Trailer

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