eFootball 2022 Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time to 100%: 30 – 90 mins
Trophies: 17. 40-platinum 0 / Gold 0 / Silver 4 / Bronze 13
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 2 Matches Minimum


Welcome to the eFootball 2022 trophy guide!
eFootball is a free offering from Konami, that is available on multiple platforms. It is described as “an all-new era of digital football: “PES” is evolving into “eFootball™”!
Now you can experience a brand new chapter of football gaming with “eFootball™ 2022”!

Despite the fact that the game is free, it does offer a substantial variety within it, and the graphics have not lapsed from the PES days. This basically acts as an introduction to what PES was and can be treated as a game that will give you some nice easy trophies.


Step 1: Play Through Some 10 Minute Games
There are a few trophies tied to finishing a match, so it’s worth setting the timing to 10 minute halves, and playing around during them.

You will need to win a game after being 3 goals behind, score a Hat-Trick, and assist 3 times with the same player. You will also need to keep a clean sheet during a match, so you will need at least 2 matches to complete this.

Other than that, the trophy descriptions below will be able to guide you through the remainder of the trophies.

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Trophy Guide

Comeback King Gold
Won after coming back from 3 goals down

With 2 controllers you simply need to first score 3 own goals with your alternate (Player 2). I found it easier to pass the ball back to the Goal Keeper, and then run the ball into the net.
Once this is done you can do the same with your actual account (Player 1), but 4 times to ensure you get the win at the end of the match.

You can combine this with a number of different trophies also.

Scored with a substitute

You will first need to enable substitutions, and then you will need to wait for one to be made automatically before being able to do so.

To enable substitutions pause the game and do the following –

  1. Head into Game Plan ()
  2. across the top to “Team
  3. Head down into “Automatic Match Support”
  4. Substitutions “On”
  5. “Very Early”

Once this is done head back to the game and continuously sprint () with one player (it’s
best that they have the ball). This player will then get tired, and required to be substituted automatically during a break in play. If you’re spamming through the cutscenes you may miss the substitution, so be aware of what player(s) you were hoping to get substituted.
Once they have gone, and a new player/name appears in the game you will need to go on and score with that one.

For me Rashford was substituted, and I noticed that Cavani had come onto the pitch.

The Sniper
Netted a free kick from 25 m or more

With 2 controllers you can make this as simple as anything. Foul your actual account (Player 1), your alternate (Player 2) close (ish) to the area and you will be awarded a Free Kick.
With your alternate (Player 2) you will want to run your ‘keeper out of the way, so that the ball sails into the net nice and easy. This can be done by holding the button, and pressing the stick.
Once the ‘keeper is out of the way shoot with your account (Player 1), and hope that you have got the power right… it may take a few attempts, but don’t worry. The first one on target will go in.

In the top right you can see what the distance to goals is, so if it is not 25m, or more, just remember where that foul was, and do it slightly further back next time.

Phantom Striker
Scored with a defender

Your formation, will determine how many defenders you have on the pitch. Again, it is much easier with 2 controllers, as you are able to run past people easier this way.
It’s possible for you to earn this without even trying, as from a corner kick your defenders tend to have a good chance of scoring.

The best player to use for this would be one of your centre backs, as it is guaranteed that they are classified as a defender – Sometimes your “Full Backs” are classified as “Wing Backs”, so they may not necessarily count for this.

It may take a couple of tries to get it past the Goal Keeper, as the defenders shot ability is not always that good, so keep trying on this.

Final Twist Gold
Pulled off a win by scoring in stoppage time

With 2 controllers you can idle the game right until the end, and then score an own goal with your alternate (Player 2) as soon as the clock ticks past 90:00. You will normally get a few seconds past this time, which is plenty if you are prepared for it.

You can combine this with a number of different trophies also.

Hat-Trick Gold
Scored 3 goals with the same player in a match

Own goals do not count for this one, so don’t try and make it easy on yourself, but you can of course use 2 controllers again for an easier time.

It is best to pick a player that is easily recognizable by name (I used Ronaldo – Manchester United), and ensure that you are always passing to that player before shooting.

Another method would be to regularly foul your actual account (Player 1), your alternate (Player 2) close to the area and use the Free-Kick taker as the person you are going to get the Hat-Trick with, as they are always the same player close to the area.

You can combine this easily with other trophies, especially Silver Best Supporting Actor, if you decide to go for it during normal play.

Performed a trick to get past a player and score

A “trick” can be anything in this game, and it does not need to be flashy. All you will need to do is flick the stick in a direction when you’re running near an opponent and it will count as having performed a “trick”. Go on to score with that player, without passing, and the trophy will be yours.

You can combine this with a number of different trophies.

Scored a goal on a counterattack

Have your second controller run the ball up to your area, then tackle the ball away from them and go on to score.

You may get this naturally whilst going for one of the others trophies, as I was awarded this the very first time I scored a goal.

Goalmouth Guardian
Saved a penalty kick (not in penalty shootouts)

With 2 controllers you simply need to foul your alternate (Player 2) in your Goal Area, and then make a very tame shot by tapping the button. Your ‘Keeper will not need to move and will save naturally.

Clean Sheet King
Win with a clean sheet

As long as you reach the end of allotted time having scored at least one goal, and not let any goals in yourself you will be awarded this at the end of the match.

You can combine this with a number of different trophies also.

First Glory
Won a match

Awarded the first time you have outscored your opponent when the match has finished.
Can be done with 2 controllers, and you can combine this with a number of different trophies.

First Goal
Scored a goal

Likely to be your first trophy. You will achieve this whilst going for any other trophy that involves scoring.

Braced for Victory
Scored two goals with the same player in a single match

Earned automatically when going for Silver Hat-Trick.

Chipping In
Scored a goal with a chip shot

A “Chip Shot” is performed by holding the button when shooting ().

You can combine this with a number of different trophies.

Best Supporting Actor Gold
Scored 3 assists with the same player in a single match

Can be earned whilst going for “Hat-Trick”, but it is not necessary to do so. It’s best to pick an easily recognizable player by name (I used B. Fernandes – Manchester United), and always ensured that I passed the ball to him prior to passing to one of the strikers that would score.

Playing a 4-4-1-1 formation is a good idea if you are struggling for this, as there will be a single player behind the striker at all times.

No Time Wasted
Scored a goal within 3 touches after a quick restart

Credit “guitarpaulo” on TrueAchievements for the best way I found on this one, as it was a bit tricky to get the quick restart going, without the cutscene popping up.

Having 2 controllers makes this trophy so much easier, as you can run your ‘keeper out of the way and get them to run it out for a throw in. If you have a player close by, they will quickly receive a ball back from the supporting ball collectors, and you will be able to take a quick throw in to another player.

As long as you are able to shoot quick enough before the ‘keeper returns, you should be awarded the trophy.

Just be sure to shoot as soon as the ball is received by the player, and it will ensure they are not touching the ball more than 3 times.

The Wall
Blocked 5 shots in a single match (excluding GK saves)

It is absolutely necessary to use an easily recognizable player by name (I used Maguire – Manchester United), as it is paramount that you are using the same player for this. Also ensure that you are using the controllers the right way round…. (I did it with my player 2 the first time and wondered why I didn’t get the trophy).

With 2 controllers regularly foul your alternate (Player 2), with your actual account (Player 1) close to the area and you will be awarded free kicks. Once you are in this position use your stick, or on your account (Player 1) to select your player, and have him positioned between the ball and the goal (slightly away from the wall).

When all is set up you can change the angle of the shot (Player 2), and have it so that it is aiming ever so slightly to the side of the aforementioned player, then take a light shot (it does not need to be on target).

As soon as the ball is struck you will need to mash (Player 1), and they will make a movement towards the ball, thus “Blocking” the shot.

Repeat 5 times, and the trophy should pop as soon as it’s registered the 5th block.

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