South of the Circle Trophy Walkthrough

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 1.5/10
Estimated time to 100%: 3 – 4 hours
Trophies: 10. 40-platinum 0 / Gold 1 / Silver 6 / Bronze 3
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the South of the Circle trophy walkthrough!
South of the Circle is a cinematic adventure game developed by State of Play and released in 2022. Set in the backdrop of the Cold War, you play as Peter, an academic sent to facilitate the Antarctic Treaty. En route, his plane crashes, and as Peter travels through the snow to find a radio to call for help, he recalls the decisions that led him to his potentially fatal situation.

Video guides of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the guide linked!

Tips and Strategies

Unless I say otherwise, your dialogue choices don’t matter.

“Investigate” – X prompt.  When you’re looking at the thing, either scroll through all the texts, or manipulate the object around to look at all sides.

Dialogue choices are as follows (viewable in the “help” menu):
red circle – confusion / panic / concern
green circle – honest / caring / open
gray rectangle – strong / forthright / assertive
yellow sun – interested / enthusiastic / curious
purple dot – shy / negative / downcast

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Text Walkthrough

Plane Wreck
After a lengthy cutscene in the crashed plane, you will be able to walk around as your character.
Silver Onto The Ice unlocked
Just keep walking towards the blinking red light.  There will be a cutscene in between.
When you reach the base, enter the building

British Base
Go upstairs (left door)
Investigate paper on desk (1/8)
Investigate long paper on desk (2/8)
Go downstairs and enter right door
Investigate with the vial on the left set of bunk beds (3/8)
Investigate typewriter behind right set of bunk beds (4/8)
Exit via door on left wall and enter the right building
After cutscene, exit back outside
Investigate the orange car (it’s locked; needed for later) (5/8)
Enter the building on top of the hill
Investigate radio (6/8), and fiddle with dial until a cutscene (x2)
Investigate map left of radio (7/8)
Pick up keys (8/8) – Silver Sleuth unlocked
Use the car

Keep driving forward – the game won’t let you go off track – through several cutscenes
During the first cutscene, you’ll eventually need to dial the radio to continue (should be channel 15)
During the second cutscene, choose the peace rally (Circle)
During the third cutscene, choose whatever while in the first tea room, then pinky swear (Square) in the second tea room
Eventually you’ll need to set the radio again (channel 15)
When the car stops, walk up the rest of the hill and enter the lower door of the Norwegian (whoops, Soviet) Base – Silver Diplomatic Relations unlocked

Soviet Base
Sit on the bed
When you gain control during the cutscene, investigate the soldiers and knock them all down – Bronze Toy General unlocked
Investigate the dresser and spin the globe (1/12)
Investigate the foot of the bed and play with the plane – Bronze Pilot unlocked
Investigate the door (2/12)
Exit outside via right door, then climb the stairs and enter the next building
Investigate the switches on the right (3/12)
Eventually you will gain control in a flashback

Investigate the height chart in the back left corner of the room (4/12)
Investigate bottom shelves of the bookshelf (5/12)
Investigate top shelves of the bookshelf (6/12)
Investigate fireplace (7/12)
Investigate record player (8/12)

Soviet Base
Investigate radio (9/12) – like before, turn the dial until a cutscene
Investigate map – Silver Cartographer unlocked after the the map is put away
Exit the base and walk towards the car
Keep driving forward
When the car runs out of gas, get out and keep walking forward, in and out of flashbacks, until you reach the Funfair

Funfair Flashback
Shoot the targets/soldiers.  DO NOT shoot the bird
Back away from the shooting gallery, then walk around the merry-go-round, enter the tunnel, try to enter the bunker, then exit the tunnel again

Russian Mine
Follow the snowy road until you enter the bunker
Investigate radio (10/12) – turn the dial until a cutscene
When you regain control, walk towards the dock
Eventually, you will regain control – enter the SS Lumi
After you leave the SS Lumi, keep walking forward and you will eventually reach the Norwegian flag and end the act – Silver Wake Up unlocked

Norwegian Base
Enter the left cabin (red door)
Investigate the telegram on the boxes (11/12)
Go back outside and enter the building behind the one you just left
Investigate note on the boxes (12/12) – Silver Scholar unlocked
Go back outside and walk forward until you reach a red vehicle – get in
Click the glove compartment, keys, and steering wheel
After the flare appears, click the keys and start driving – Bronze Survivor unlocked
Keep driving towards the flare – again, the game will keep you on the right path
During the flashback, set the radio channel to 15

Plane Wreck
Click radio
Click door (x2)
Just keep walking forward – you can ignore the gun prompts
Keep trying to dial the radio – eventually you will leave it
Lots of dialogue
Walk towards the blinking red light
During the dance, you’ll need to choose the only dialogue choice; the game won’t auto-time out for this one
Interact with the red door
Roll the barrel back to the plane
After the credits roll, Gold Fin will unlock

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Trophy List

Onto The Ice Gold
Begin the search for help
Diplomatic Relations Gold
Start Act 2 of the story
Wake Up Gold
Start Act 3 of the story
Fin Gold
Finish the game
Sleuth Gold
Discover all the items in the British Base
Cartographer Gold
Study all the maps
Toy General
Play a game of toy soldiers
Fly Peter’s toy plane
Scholar Gold
Study every object in the game
Deciding to live

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