Black Death: A Tragic Dirge Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 5 – 10 min
Trophies: 21. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 8 / Silver 6 / Bronze 6
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: Find 20 Collectibles


Welcome to the Black Death: A Tragic Dirge trophy guide!
Welcome wary traveller. Nothing is as it seems in the Medieval world of Black Death. Find sanctuary in this eerie town that does not exist on any of the maps you have seen before. The Black Death is horrible plague that drives its victims insane and causes extreme paranoia. It has infected most of this town’s residents and seeks to claim your sanity too.


Step 1: Find 20 Collectibles
There are 20 Collectibles/Interactable items within the game, and each item is worth a trophy when you interact with it. All items are slightly hidden, however the Village within the game is quite linear. Simply find all the items, press on them all, and you will have your platinum.

Below I have outlined where each item is.

Text Walkthrough

  1. Straight ahead down the left side from the starting point – Gold Deer
  2. To the left as you enter through the main entrance to the village – Silver Wheat
  3. Continue along the left side of the village, next to the horse – Bronze Skull
  4. Up the stairs from the previous and enter the doorway – Bronze Rune
  5. Upstairs in this building – Bronze Stone
  6. Back outside, turn left as you exit the door – Gold Hand
  7. Go back down to ground level and head 180 degrees to the Notice Board – Gold Gargoyle
  8. Continue along the left and enter the next building – Bronze Plague Doctor
  9. Upstairs in this very building – Silver Rope
  10. Turn left as you exit and left by the pigs and enter the back of the last building you were just in (Go past the steps) – Gold Antidote
  11. Turn right as you go out this building and make your way up the stairs in front of you – Gold Eye

Now it’s time to make you way back down the other side of the village.

  1. Inside the last building on the right side of the village – Gold Letter
  2. Left as you exit and head up some stairs and into the building next door – Bronze Crawler
  3. Upstairs in this building – Gold Necklace
  4. Go back down to ground level and head 180 degrees to continue making your way back to the entrance. This one is in the Fruit Stall (Market) – Silver Token
  5. Go into the next building along – Bronze Nun
  6. Upstairs in this very building – Silver Apple Candy
  7. Back outside and into the next building – Silver Voodoo
  8. Located in the first building on the right. The entrance is located on the right side of the building (if you are looking from the starting point), right by some pigs. Head up the stairs and in the door on your left – Silver Knight
  9. Upstairs in this building – Gold Oath & 40-platinum Sanctuary

Video Walkthrough

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Trophy List

Find sanctuary in this eerie town that does not exist on any of the maps you have seen before
Plague Doctor Bronze
Dr. Lorme
Crawler Bronze
Contact with an insect
Nun Bronze
She always asks for a shroud
Rune Bronze
Magic is primarily for defense
Stone Bronze
Like a diamond
Skull Bronze
Peering into the darkness
Apple Candy Silver
Tree of life
Knight Silver
Armor of the soul
Voodoo Silver
Take your heart
Wheat Silver
Traditional motif
Token Silver
Marca Polo’s Token
Rope Silver
A Beatiful day for death
Eye Gold
Eye for an eye
Antidote Gold
Remedies for the common folk
Letter Gold
Hello penpal
Hand Gold
The creation of Adam
Deer Gold
The Hunt
Gargoyle Gold
An impressive gargoyle
Necklace Gold
Dame’s necklace
Oath Gold
The Poor Soldiers of Jesus

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