TMNT Shredder’s Revenge Review


Tighten your black belts, polish your shells and finish off your pizza, as it is time for the return of your favourite band of turtles!! Developed by Tribute Games and published by DotEmu and Gamera Games for multiple platforms, it released on 16th June to critical acclaim, with many people enjoying this nostalgic trip.

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TMNT was a daily part of my life while I was growing up, it used to be something that I never missed when it was being broadcasted on TV.  I was really excited when the game was announced as it fulfilled two parameters for me: 1. The game can be played co-operatively with upto 6 people and 2. The opportunity to relive my childhood memories. 

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The gameplay is reminiscent of classic beat em up games with side-scrolling action and is spread over 16 levels, featuring new visuals each level. You can choose from all the turtles plus April, Master Splinter and even Casey, and all these characters have their own playstyle. Each character has different stats when it comes to the three attributes, namely range, speed and power, plus each character have their own super move which you can charge up by using a taunt or by defeating enemies. The combat is also fun as you can do jump attacks on enemies, they are very effective, in supplement to your normal punches and kicks, plus a dash attack which I rarely used.

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Coming to the villains, the game has notable villains like Krang, Baxter, Slash, with the main villain being Shredder and you also get to fight Statue of Tyranny, an evil version of the famous Statue of Liberty. The game is short, so it doesn’t outlive its welcome or gets boring. The boss fights are mostly engaging and unique, with bosses having a diverse moveset, plus even the normal enemy mobs have good variety which keeps the combat interesting. You can find pick-ups in form of pizza boxes which give you either health back, individually or for the whole team, or you get unlimited super for specific time and a box which allow you to perform rage move for limited time. 

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You have the choice of playing either the story mode, with multiple difficulties to choose from, or the arcade mode which gives you only a set number of lives and you have to finish it in one session. The best part is that the game features voice actors from the 1987 animated TMNT series, which I felt was a nice touch as the developers tried to keep the things as original as they could, appealing to both the older generation of fans as well as people who will be experiencing it for the first time. Visually, the game has pixelated graphics and the map design is appealing in addition to being distinct, making each level interesting and fresh.

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Brilliant music composition by Tee lopes, with guitarist Jonny Atma, rapper MeganRan, singer  Mike Patton and members of Wu-Tang Clan contributing, making the game an audio treat and constructed an immersive experience for me. 


Rating: 9 out of 10.


  • Villain and mob variety 
  • Co-op experience transforms the game
  • Combat is enjoyable and satisfying 


  • Connectivity issues
  • Can get a bit chaotic while playing with multiple people


TMNT Shredder’s Revenge is a blast to play with friends, with nary a moment of boredom or staleness creeping in and a game which I thoroughly enjoyed. It strives to be a short experience and packs a whole lot of punch during that time, making it an experience which you would want to play multiple times.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Tribute Games 
Developer Socials: Twitter
Publisher Website: DotEmu
Publisher Socials: Twitter
PSN Store Links: ₹1,749 India/ £19.99 GB/€24.99 Europe / $24.99 North America
Trophy Information: 31. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 6 / Silver 10 / Bronze 14

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