Almost My Floor Trophy Walkthrough

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 2 – 3 hours
Trophies: 20. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 9 / Silver 6 / Bronze 4
Missable trophies: None, with the walkthrough
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the Almost My Floor trophy walkthrough!
Almost My Floor is a horror point and click adventure game. You play as Alex, who just wants to get back home, but he’s begun to see things others can’t, the elevator refuses to cooperate, and his girlfriend has gone missing. Can he keep his sanity long enough to figure out the madness in his apartment building and finally get home?

Video guides of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the guide linked!

Tips and Strategies

Click = the hand icon. I also use this for “pick up”

One of the QTE types is a sliding bar with green spots. On bars where there are multiple green spots, you only need to hit one to pass the QTE.

This walkthrough is following the good/angel path. There are a few things you can do to follow the bad/devil path; ultimately that doesn’t affect any trophies (just some story progression), but if you choose to follow the bad/devil path, parts of this walkthrough will not work for you and you’ll need to find alternate solutions.

MAKE MANUAL SAVES OFTEN. This game is currently buggy. Not trophy-wise, but there were several times where the game would soft-lock and I couldn’t move or access the pause menu, meaning I needed to close out and relaunch the game in order to continue. The game has autosaves, but you can make manual saves whenever you want, so better to have those to fall back on if/when the soft-lock happens to you.

A full written text walkthrough is provided below, and if you enjoy my work, please consider donating to my Ko-fi.

Text Walkthrough


Bronze It’s a long story…  unlocked

Pick up cup x2 – get cup
Click mailbox 7
Walk right to elevator
Click elevator button
Click elevator doors (not the note)
Walk right to stairs
Turn on light switch right of stairs
Use cup with electrical panel (Square to access inventory)
Click door on right
Walk left to Masha
4 Masha, you’re looking absolutely gorgeous today – get electrical diagram
In inventory, look at electrical diagram
Walk right and click electrical panel

Do not click any ?s that may appear during this (or any other) puzzle or you will void some trophies.

Numbering the plugs from left to right 1-9:
Plug 1 and 3 into the left green slot
Plug 2 into left yellow slot
Plug 5 and 9 into left purple
Plug 6 into left red
Plug 7 into left blue
Plug 4 and 8 into right orange

Gold Genius unlocked
Click right door
Pick up crowbar
Use crowbar with elevator doors
Exit via elevator (click when there’s a big red arrow on screen)


Floor ???
Pick up shield
Use shield with self
Whenever an eye turns red, quickly press whatever QTE button prompt it gives you.  There are 6-7 rounds of this.

Floor 7
Use phone with self
Click flyers – Gold Nika unlocked
Walk right until you’re standing between a door and a bicycle
Click the single open box on the ground in front of the door – get electrical tape
Walk right to the bicycle
Use electrical tape with peephole on right-most door
Pick up spoke from front bicycle tire
Use spoke with single box directly right of elevator call button – you’ll need to pass a few QTEs
Use spoke with single box (again)
Pick up spray can from box
Walk left to Masha, then talk to her
2 Really strange shit has been happening to me
2 Are you stupid?
2 Ladies first
TIMED: Use keys with left-most door
TIMED: Use spray can with left-most door
Click left-most door

Alex’s Apartment
Click window
Exit right

Floor 7
Exit via right-most door
Click left-most door
Walk left to poster, then click it
Use phone with self
New number – 666, then green call button
2 No
Exit via elevator


Pick up wire cutters
Use wire cutters with bomb
Click red “don’t touch” button – Bronze First blood and Silver Red button unlocked
Part I: Number wires left to right 1-9.  Cut in order: 1 / 3 (blue, not orange) / 6 / 7 / 9
Part II: Just click blue, pink, green.  They don’t need to be near each other to count; just click one of each before repeating a color.
Part III: Obvious.  All the lines just need to reach the right side of the screen.

Floor ???
Use phone with top of elevator (“darkness”)
Click cabinet
Pick up solvent
Pick up stone (under cabinet)
Walk left
Pick up note (on wall, next to a warning sign)
Walk left until you can’t anymore
Use stone with “explosive thing” (on the ceiling behind the monster body) – pass QTE
Pick up flower
Pick up stone
Use keys with left-most door
Use note with left-most door, then look at note in inventory
Use solvent with sticky plank, then pick it up
Walk right to cleaning lady
Talk to cleaning lady – pass QTE – Silver What was it? unlocked
Use flower with cleaning lady
Pick up rag from bucket
Walk to right-most door
Click rug on ground – get key
Walk to left-most door
Use plank with “trap spot” (directly under the “explosive thing” from earlier)
Use key with left-most door
1 Open the door
Use stone with “explosive thing” from earlier – pass QTE
Pick up monster heart – pass QTE
Walk back to elevator
Use monster heart with mini-portal
Use rag with warning sign
Exit via left-most door

Alex’s Apartment
Walk left and pick up medallion
In inventory, look at medallion
Rotate each ring so that the column at 12:00 reads, from big to small ring: triangle / circle / square / square / circle.  All of these shapes should be the outlines, not the colored-in versions.  Gold Smart unlocked
Exit apartment

Floor ???
Walk to elevator and click elevator buttons
The left column of elevator buttons is the order of the shape outlines on the medallion
The right column of elevator buttons is the order of the colors opposite the shape outlines on the medallion (remember: big ring to small ring)


Bronze Here comes a new challenger! Unlocked
Click trash bags – get statuette
Talk to guys – exhaust conversation
Exit into building
Walk left and enter Alex’s apartment

Alex’s Apartment
Click coat – get key
Use key with diary (in box of books).  Left lock: 1309  / Right lock: 1204
Click Masha – exhaust conversation
Exit apartment

Floor 7
Walk all the way right
Click right-most door


Go right and pick up wooden plank
Go left to Masha
Click trash can (behind Masha) – get rubber gloves
Use wooden plank with green ooze, then cross it
Click bottom hand – get firecracker
Pick up cup (in bucket) – pass QTE
Click ashtray (on top of mailboxes) – get lighter
Click mailbox 2 – pass QTE – Gold Good boy unlocked
Use coffee with Masha
Walk right to live wire
Use gloves with live wire
Use firecracker with right-most door, then light the firecracker
Click right door – pass QTE – Bronze Hello there! unlocked

Floor ???
Look at badge (on coat rack – it should have a phone number on it)
Use phone with self – new number – 678-876, then click call button
TIMED: Pick up cleaning supplies (just call her again if you miss the timing)
Walk all the way left
Use cleaning supplies with dirt – pass QTE – Silver Cleaner assistant unlocked
Exit via left door – pass QTE

Floor ???
Walk left
Pick up dry stick
Go right until you’re stopped
Use dry stick on hole with teeth – get eye
Go left to where you got the stick
Use dry stick with bone (in vines)
Use eye with hole with teeth
Pick up all three bones
Go back to the biting plants and give them all three bones
Walk right and pick up key
Walk all the way left, then exit via left-most door

Click right cabinet
Click the following books: red circle / blue square / red square / green square
Click left cabinet
Click the following books: blue circle / yellow square / red triangle / green circle – Gold Wise unlocked
Pick up key from drawer (left cabinet)
Use both keys with big locks, then pick up big book
Exit apartment

Floor ???
Walk right to woman, then talk to her
2 Can you help me get on the elevator?
2 Don’t ask why, but I already have the book with me.  Take it!
Just keep going right, and exit via the door when you finally reach it – Gold Finally unlocked

Alex’s Apartment
Click laptop
Click diary (left cabinet)


Floor 7
Silver No body, no crime unlocked
Click body, then click all hotspots (press Triangle to see them all)
Get through a few cutscenes
2 Arrive without prior notice

Kate’s Apartment
Walk right
Click PC
Click board
Click window
1 Jump out


Freudgele’s Office
Talk to Freudgele – exhaust conversation
Walk right
Click the curtain, then click the door (if you rushed through the conversation option in the previous chapter and warned him you were coming, get the keycard from the bag on the left side of the room and use it to open this door)

Secret Room
Pick up beads (under bed)
Pick up patient records (under bed)
Click pillow – get DNA sample
Exit to Freudgele’s Office

Freudgele’s Office
Click desk, then click top drawer
Click laptop – 1408
Click outside of the desk to leave it
3 I don’t have any more questions today

Outside Building
Enter left-most window
Click safe – 6897
Pick up chainsaw
Pick up bolt cutters
Walk right and exit
Use bolt cutters with chain
Enter storeroom

Pick up fuse (under toolbox)
Click locker, then click uniform
Use phone with self – new number – 999
4 I work for Neatnik
Use phone with space under locker – get key
Use key with cabinet
Pick up hose
Exit back outside
Go right and enter control room

Control Room
Click electrical panel, then use fuse with it
Click red button
Exit down ladder

Click lightswitch
Pick up stone, paper, and lighter from shelves
Use paper with “empty space” (ground in front of the safe)
Use lighter with paper
Use stone with monster – Silver May the force be with you unlocked
Pick up stone (on ground in front of the safe)
Use stone with lever on right wall – pass QTE – Gold Well done unlocked
Pick up gas canister – get gas canister/hose
Exit back to Control Room, then Outside

Outside Building
Exit left
Go left to bus
Use gas canister/hose with gas tank


Just a cutscene – Silver Finish him unlocked


Click cabinet
Click boxes on top of cabinet
Click stool
Click boxes on top of cabinet – get tablecloth
Exit right

Lilia’s Apartment
Pick up beads (under couch)
Click all hotspots around the apartment (press Triangle to see them all)

Police Station
Click blood sample report
Talk to Lilia – Gold Killer story unlocked during cutscenes
GoldSee ya next time and 40-platinum Almost My Floor Platinum unlocked at credits

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Trophy List

Almost My Floor Platinum
Good job! Completed all tasks!
It’s a long story…
Start your journey
First blood
I can die in this game?!
Killer story Gold
Find the truth
Nika Gold
Where did Nika go?
Genius Gold
Solve the electric puzzle without help
See ya next time! Gold
Complete the game
Smart Gold
Solve amulet puzzle without help
Wise Gold
Solve book puzzle without help
No body – no crime Gold
Find a dead body
Finish him Gold
Shoot the real monster
Red button Gold
That sign can’t stop me because I can’t read
Good boy Gold
Miss you so much
Well done Gold
Roast the meat monster
May the force be with you Gold
Let the monster use his power
Finally Gold
Get out of the endless tunnel
Cleaner assistant Gold
Wash your door from the dirt
What was it? Gold
Survive mop’s attack
Hello there!
Meet the neighbor
Here comes a new challenger!
Play as a detective

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