Overrogue Demo Impressions


Overrogue is a card battling roguelike with RPG elements. It is being developed by Exe Create and being published by Kemco. This demo is a limited demo that was brought to us as part of the Summer Games Fest event. It will be released later in 2022.


The 444th Overlord of the Underworld is holding an event to figure out who the 445th Overlord is going to be. You play as Sael, the son of the Overlord who is taking part in the event even though he doesn’t want to. This is the basic story. You don’t find much out in the demo, besides a hit of backstory on Sael and how the entire event works, setting up a possibly interesting story that I can’t say I’ve seen before.

The game is a mix of a couple things. You have a levelling system like in typical RPGs, where after you defeat enemies, you get EXP that you actually get to keep, whereas most roguelikes set you right back to square one if you die. The game shows you a few of the systems you’ll see in the game, like the gacha system to get new cards, it tells you about side quests, but you never get to do any, and it teaches you all of the systems you’ll see in the game.

The battle system honestly feels like it’ll get a bit stale kind of fast. As you work your way through the randomly generated dungeons, you get in fights. You then use cards you get from enemies or chests in the dungeon, to fight against the enemies. Every card has a damage stat on it, so long as it’s not a buff card and the damage dealt is exactly what is shown on the card. You also only get to use a certain amount of cards per turn, depending on how much energy they have. I’m curious as to whether that stat will increase in the full game. Once you clear a dungeon as well, you go back to having just your basic deck. No upgraded cards, no nice hard hitting cards, nothing. So every dungeon will start the same.

As you start unlocking different cards, these dungeons are meant to get easier. So you’ll find yourself getting the chance of getting these good cards from chests in the dungeons, or from the shops, or even from the enemies as drops! But that won’t exactly replace the other terrible cards you may end up getting I’m sure.

There is no exploration in the game. I mean you have the option to roam around whatever area you’re in, but at the end of the day it’s just about clicking through menus. Even in the dungeons, they’re laid out in a straight line, you just pick the path you go on with a menu press. Am I interested to see the full game? Absolutely. Am I a little hesitant on playing the full game now because of this demo? Yea, a little. But that’s okay, because at least I got to try it!

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Exe-Create
Developer Socials: Twitter
Publisher Website: Kemco
Publisher Socials: Twitter

Overrogue – A Card Deck-Building Roguelite – Official Trailer


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