REMOTE LIFE Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 5/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 3+ hours (Skill Dependant)
Trophies: 19. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 9 / Silver 7 / Bronze 2
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 17 Missions


Welcome to the REMOTE LIFE trophy guide!
Aliens are coming to destroy earth, and you have two months to stop them from reaching Earth. Stop them in this hardcore 2D Shmup that will push you to your limits!


Step 1: Do The Small Tutorial + Beat The Game
Go to the options menu and turn the game to Easy and turn on Enemy Radar so you know when enemies are coming behind you. The tutorial related trophy will pop once you start the tutorial, but it just basically shows you the controls in one room. All you have to do is worry about beating the game and you’ll have the platinum. Below is a list of tips and tricks to help you try and survive.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Tutorial Done ! (Bronze)
Bronze First Boss Killed ! Great ! (Bronze)
Silver Talented Pilot ! (Silver)
Silver Nice !!!!! (Silver)
Silver Well Done ! (Silver)
Silver You Have Skills ! (Silver)
Silver Compliments ! (Silver)
Silver So So Great ! (Silver)
Silver Congrats ! (Silver)
Gold Cool ! (Gold)
Gold RESPECT ! (Gold)
Gold Awesome ! (Gold)
Gold Incredible ! (Gold)
Gold Bravo ! (Gold)
Gold You Are Talented ! (Gold)
Gold You Are Strong. (Gold)
Gold You Are Really Courageous ! (Gold)
Gold YOU ARE THE BEST ! (Gold)
40-platinum Techno Skull (Platinum)

Tips and Strategies

  • Once you beat a level, hit the touchpad to go to the main menu and get all your lives back
  • Extra lives appear once you reach two lives, but disappear at three lives.
  • The weapons you pick up tell you what weapon slot they go to.
  • Try to keep special weapons for big enemies and bosses, as they can kill them super quick.
  • If you pause the game and hit circle, you end up using a bomb. Avoid it.
  • Enemies and their bullets can go through the walls.
  • Don’t shoot green spiky balls, as they can’t be destroyed and only multiply infinitely.
  • If a support weapon is on screen, it will follow the directions you’re aiming. Use that to destroy stuff instead of your tiny ship. 
  • Ships don’t do anything extra other than give you speed. It’s not worth switching them.
  • Enemy bullets can be destroyed, and you’ll always need to be destroying them by shooting them.

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Trophy Guide

Get all other trophies.

Get all other trophies.

Tutorial Done !
Only smart pilots train before war !

When you select “Tutorial/Training” on the main menu, this will unlock immediately

First boss killed ! Great !
Mission 1 Accomplished.

The first level of the game is a straightforward level. You’ll run into walls and doors that may not open right away, but as the level scrolls more, they will. The enemy on the portal at the end, once killed, has a second part to it that also needs to be killed. The boss is a giant bug on a swing. Try to stay to the left side of the screen during the beginning of the fight. When you destroy its head and body, you’ll need to destroy a third part. Once that is destroyed, a bunch of spiders will be released. Kill them and you’ll get this trophy.

Talented Pilot ! Gold
Mission 2 Accomplished.

During the second level, the biggest thing to look out for are little tentacles coming out of the floor/ceiling, as if you touch them, you’re dead. Halfway through the level, you’ll reach a little miniboss that shoots saw blades out of its mouth while the walls to your left close in. Eventually it will start shooting saws in a different direction, but they can be destroyed with gunfire. As for the boss at the end of the level, it shoots lasers at you from its mouth, while a turret on its backside shoots at you. If you keep a “Cavitation Gun” on you in your 3rd weapon slot, you can kill the boss in a matter of seconds!

NICE !!!! Gold
Mission 3 Accomplished.

The third level in the game is a little tough. There are a whole lot of turrets in the level and enemies are constantly coming in from behind. There are little turrets in grooves of walls that shoot really small orange bullets. You have to keep an eye out on these constantly as they’re easy to miss. If you destroy eggs, keep shooting to make sure no alien slugs come out and attack you. At one point you have to shoot walls to move them as well. Midway through the level you’ll reach a miniboss that’s behind an electric wall. Shoot the top or bottom to destroy the transistor, then shoot the boss in the ring! The end boss is really annoying. On the left side of the screen, you have objects slowly falling that you can stay behind. The boss is inside of a ring that’s always moving. I suggest you stay on the left and get in shots when you can, as the ring is so sporadic that you will die a lot if you go in it. The boss will spawn one enemy and three little lights that shoot in one direction now and again. Easy enough to kill and dodge! Once it’s dead, you get this trophy and a new ship!

Well done ! Gold
Mission 4 Accomplished.

On the fourth mission you’re introduced to escort missions. This is where it can get hectic as you have to destroy everything in front of the ship and shoot walls in the way to push them down. I suggest keeping your good weapons until you have to move a wall and try and keep your basic gun for anything else. Halfway through the level, you’ll stop escorting the ship. When you reach the boss, it will spawn enemies around itself from the top, and bottom left/right. Just hit it with your best weapons and it will eventually explode and you’ll get this trophy!

You have skills ! Gold
Mission 5 Accomplished.

This trophy is for beating level five. The immediate tip I can give you is when the level starts, shoot to the left, as there’s enemies right away. Try to stay in the middle of the screen, as the level has a lot of moving hazards you have to maneuver through, and there’s usually enemies after them. So if you’re sticking to the left, you’ll most likely die. There is a mid level boss, but it’s nothing to worry about. The boss at the end has two phases. For the first phase, it’ll shoot bullets from its many blue eyes on its body. Try and destroy them as fast as you can. When it transforms into its second phase, it’ll shoot a gas at you. This is scripted and won’t hurt you, instead it’ll make the screen go all psychedelic with weird colours. Then the bullets come, and there’s many, and they’re small. If they’re closing in on you, focus on clearing a small path, then attack the boss again. When it explodes, you win.

Compliments ! Gold
Mission 6 Accomplished.

This trophy is for beating level 6. This level has a lot of enemies in it, so never stop shooting. You can use all your best weapons, as there is no boss in this level. Halfway through, you’ll find yourself in control of a big cannon. I recommend clearing a singular path along the top or bottom of the screen, as you don’t need to kill everything you see. At the end, when the dialogue plays, go down the hole with the blue light to beat the level.

So so great ! Gold
Mission 7 Accomplished.

This trophy is for completing level 7. This level is a lot more different than everything else so far. You get put into an area that you can explore at your own pace, with an abundance of lives. Your goal is to work your way around the map, destroying all the blue dots. Just take it slow and steady, and you’ll beat the level with no issue!

Congrats ! Gold
Mission 8 Accomplished.

This trophy is for beating level 8. This level takes place in the dark. So your ship has a flashlight on it. There are a lot of things you don’t see in the dark, so you have to keep a sharp eye out. The flashlight will point wherever your gun is pointing. The biggest hazard in the level, outside of the darkness, are flowing enemies and weird floating mushroom looking enemies. When they die, they will shoot bullets out from them, so if you’re not cautious, you will die. There are a lot of areas with the green spike balls during the level as well. Remember, they can’t be destroyed, and they only multiply if you shoot them. So if you see them, try not to hit them. The boss at the end of the level is a pain. When the fight starts, there are enemies all over the walls on the left side, so focus on them first. The boss is a giant fish with a light on its head. It will shoot tiny little blue balls at you. Try to focus on its light to destroy any enemy it shoots out, and you’ll eventually destroy its body. Once it’s destroyed, its bone body will follow you around the arena. The back end will leak oil, but this can’t harm you. Pull out your best weapons, destroy its bones, and you win!

Cool ! Gold
Mission 9 Accomplished.

This trophy is for beating level 9. The level is a little busy and you have to be on the lookout for enemy spawners a lot. There’s also a lot of moving obstacles you have to weave in and out of. Halfway through there is a miniboss that shouldn’t be an issue. The end boss on the other hand is a bit of a handful. It has a laser that comes from its mouth that shows where it will shoot bullets that will rain down on you, and saw blades all around the arena will shoot small little sparks at you that all must be taken out when they appear or you will find yourself dying a lot. So be prepared. Once you’ve unloaded your best weapons into the boss, it will die and you will win.

Mission 10 Accomplished.

This trophy is for beating level 10. This is an escort mission and it gets hectic very fast. There are a lot of enemies on screen at all times, so don’t worry about ever saving your best weapons. If you get one, use it. When a support weapon is on screen, it will fire wherever you’re aiming, so focus on where its bullets are going and not your ships, as it can destroy enemies fast. At the end, there is a boss. It will start the battle by shooting spike balls from its mouth. I found it easier to dodge them all by staying on the right side of the screen as opposed to the left. Once its face gets very red, it will explode and a new face will appear and it will shoot blue bullets at you. Destroy the bullets that come near you and hit the boss as much as you can and when it explodes, you’ll get this trophy.

Awesome ! Gold
Mission 11 Accomplished.

This trophy is earned after beating level 11. Again we have another hectic level. The enemies at the beginning are long mechanical arms that move and shoot you. They can only be damaged by hitting the ends where the bullets come out. A lot of enemy spawners around, but you can destroy a lot of the environment on the top and bottom of the level. There are blue rods that you have to shoot to go around them, but these do reappear after a few seconds, so be aware of that. Halfway through the level there is a spider boss but it should fall quickly. At 70%, you get to ride in a giant support gun for the rest of the level. The boss at the end is a giant hammer fish that lunges at you to strike the left side of the screen. I honestly could not find out how to dodge it. So just blast away at it with your best weapon, and hope for the best.

Incredible ! Gold
Mission 12 Accomplished.

This trophy is earned for beating level 12. This is another exploration mission, which means you’re given a large map to explore at your own pace. The first big thing I have to say is take this level incredibly slow! There are a ton of enemies around every corner, and their bullets can go through walls, but yours can’t. Some enemies also come out of the walls. Many paths have the green multiplying balls, so if you shoot them too many times and can’t get through, you’ll need to either die to get through, or find another way. Keep enemies at the edge of the screen until they die if you can. When you have one last objective to destroy, search for special weapons. When you destroy the last objective you’ll be warped to the boss room. Stay on the left side of the screen at all times, as its arm and head move a lot. Use your best weapons to hit the face and cancel a bunch of bullets and so damage. When the head explodes, you win.

Bravo ! Gold
Mission 13 Accomplished.

This trophy is for completing level 13. This level is a constant struggle of finishing off enemies that are constantly spawning behind you while also fending off the enemy bullets that are coming from in front of you. Just try to focus on killing either the top or bottom half of the back enemies. No need to kill them all, then try to always destroy the bullets in front of you. The boss is a little worn that always follows you around. It doesn’t actually shoot anything at you, but when its body pieces get destroyed that do become obstacles. Once all the body parts of the worm are destroyed after shooting it in the face enough, you get this trophy.

You are talented ! Gold
Mission 14 Accomplished.

This trophy is for completing level 14. The first third of this level is easily the worst bit of it. There is barely any room to move, the tentacles that you have to shoot end up moving back to position after a few seconds and there are enemies galore. The middle half of the level eases up a touch and the end gets a bit hectic with enemy spawns, but there is still some manoeuvrability. The boss at the end of the level can kill you easily and quickly. The first phase has a long neck and a giant jar body. Shoot anything to cause damage. Once it’s destroyed the boss will start crawling on the ground and will make brown streaks in the air that can kill you when it jumps towards you. It will also shoot bullets at you. If you have any special weapons left, use them and hope for the best.

You are strong. Gold
Mission 15 Accomplished.

This trophy is acquired once you beat level 15. This level will definitely take you many tries. Be warned, enemies are always spawning behind you. At the beginning, stay against the bottom of the screen unless you think you can safely get the new guns along the top of the screen. The second section of the level isn’t too bad, but it does require a bit of fine movement. There are some tougher enemies that definitely recommend using your third weapon option on. Once you beat them, switch off the weapon. The end of the level requires you to time going though fallen platforms and bullet cases that fall in pairs of two. Once two fall, move quickly. The boss is a giant monster that will shoot a machine gun of bullets in your direction. In the arena there is a falling brick you can stay behind to avoid the bullets. Afterwards the boss will shoot out a weird wave of void energy in your direction, that has a huge area. If you’re under 3 hearts, one extra will appear in the arena. Use your best weapons and hope you kill it before it kills you.

You are really courageous ! Gold
Mission 16 Accomplished.

This trophy is acquired for beating level 16. This level is an escort mission, but it is leagues easier than the previous levels. The escort target is a truck on the ground. The biggest thing is tentacle grass on the ground and doors. There are obstacle balls, but I don’t understand how they work. So just shoot them until they move. There’s no reason you should need to use any special weapons in this level. The boss is very simple as well. It’s a prisoner attached to the roof with chains. His bottom half shoots about four bullets at you that can easily be destroyed. Aim for his head, and it will eventually explode, exposing a moving head on an arm. Hit it with a special weapon and it’ll die fast.

Mission 17 Accomplished.

This is acquired for beating the final level of the game. It is just a boss fight. Nothing more. The boss has a bunch of arms all over it, and will follow you around the area. Try to circle around the boss while shooting the arms if you can, as the face will flow now and again and shoot a laser at you that is fast. The arms will shoot bullets as well, but as you destroy them, the amount becomes puny. Once all arms are destroyed, you finally win!

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