Unbeatable [White Label] Review


Unbeatable is a game under development by D-Cell Games via Kickstarter funding and to give a taste of what the game is about, they released Unbeatable [White Label] in May 2021. This side story features a tutorial section and a starting area where you begin your one and only music session present in the demo. There is no release date as such for the full game, but the developers are working hard on it, since 2021. White Label is available for free to download on Steam and Itch.io.

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I’ll be honest, this was my first brush with rhythm games and I was a bit skeptical when somebody recommended me to try this game out, as I never felt that I could have fun playing such games. My apprehension turned out to be unfounded, as the mesmerising song by Rachel Lake and Peak Divide began to play and I was introduced to the gameplay via a helpful tutorial. The controls are pretty easy, just have to press up or down to hit the notes at the right time to rack up a high score. I did struggle to get the timing right on hitting the notes, but after a few tries, I managed to get a B rating (I can improve!!).

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White Label, since it is a side story, has only one section where you can move around freely and interact with your band member and objects of interest, and depending on which song you pick, you also witness cutscenes related to Beat, the lead character. The controls while you are in a session are pretty simple, as you only need to move up and down to hit a note, but complexity arises due to the presence of different types of notes. The game has 4-5 types of notes which you can hit, normal ones, dual notes that need to be attacked at the same time, notes which require multiple hits etc. There are 13 tracks to choose from, with some of them being remixes and what they serve to do is, add different kind of notes which serve to make each song unique. I felt that, even for a side-story, the replayability was fantastic as it takes time to score high in a level, especially when there multiple notes present.

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White Label looks really good, the stage design and pseudo CRT plus cartoony aesthetics are very pleasing to look at. The visual effects are not intrusive and don’t hinder visibility at all, making for a pleasant gameplay experience. The game is very smooth and responsive, no lag while pressing keys, which is very important for a rhythm game. There are multiple resolution and refresh rate options, and in addition to it, there are options to turn off visual filters so that you can enjoy the visual profile that you like.

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Finally, the music, which is the most integral part of rhythm game, is top notch. You get to pick from 13 tracks, most of which have been performed by Rachel Lake and Peak Divide. The songs are charged with energy, they have this mellifluous sound that compels you to perfect each beat and vibe along with the music. You can enjoy this music, outside of the game by buying the Demo Tapes, official soundtrack of White Label, which is updated everytime the developers update the game.


Rating: 8.5 out of 10.


  • Fantastic Music
  • Lovely art syle and visuals
  • Responsive and smooth gameplay with multiple accessibility options


  • Would love more coherency in flashbacks present in the side-story


Unbeatable [White Label] was an unforgettable experience which promised and delivered a lot of excellent content in such a bite sized package. Stay for the lovely songs and the visual, have fun trying to rack up a perfect score and just groove. I am very excited for the release of the full game and will be eagerly awaiting any release date announcements.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer & Publisher Website: D-Cell Games
Developer & Publisher Socials: Twitter
Steam Store Link: Here
Itch.io Link: Here


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