The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day Trophy Walkthrough

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 2 – 3 hours
Trophies: 33. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 4 / Silver 14 / Bronze 14
Missable trophies: 1/3 of the list is missable (but none if you use the walkthrough)
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day trophy walkthrough!
In a post-apocalyptic world, a robot named RT-217NP stumbles upon evidence that perhaps not all humans have been wiped from existence. In doing so, he is drawn into the middle of a battle of two warring robot factions – one sympathetic to humans, and one working to ensure their complete eradication.

Video guides of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the guide linked!


This is actually the first chapter of a (so-far) unfinished game. As such, it ends on a cliffhanger. You have been warned.

Tips and Strategies

Click = button. Sometimes this will be the “pick up” icon, but you won’t actually pick anything up.

You need to get through this game without dying! There’s only a few points where you can die, which I will point out. Consider making back up saves from time to time!

Two collectibles – notes and audio logs. For the audio logs, make sure you stand there and listen to them in their entirety (none of them are long)

This is one of those adventure games where you can’t pick up an item unless your character knows you need it. As such, there’s a lot of back and forth. Sorry.

A full written text walkthrough is provided below, and if you enjoy my work, please consider donating to my Ko-fi.

Text Walkthrough

Walk towards the bed until the camera angle changes
Continue walking forward into a kitchen area
Pick up the battery from the table
Go back into the bedroom and look at the dresser
Use the batteries (Circle) with the radio
Click the left side of the radio to turn it around, and put the batteries in
Close the battery slot, click the right side of the radio to turn it around
Top right button will turn on the radio
Click the knob on the right side of the radio, then click the large knob on the front of the radio
Tune the radio – look at the bottom left corner of the screen to see how high your tuning bars are.  If not random, you’ll be turning the knob most of the way to the right
Go back into the living room
Talk to the TV – make sure you choose “keep silent” for every dialogue answer – the button will change with each option! – Silver Silent unlocked
Click note on the floor in front of the couch (1/12)
Click toolbox against the back wall – get data disk
Use data disk with TV – click through all the contents until Silver Curious unlocks, then back out
Go back into the kitchen
Click the machine on the table
Solve the puzzle – the timer will reset whenever you get a correct answer.  The positions are random and will change every time you have a correct answer.  You need to pair up the matching sides of each shape.  If you’re worried, take a screenshot, then pause the game so you can study it.  Just remember the shape locations will change, but the actual shapes won’t. – Bronze I can do a thing or two unlocked when you exit the puzzle
Go back into the living room and click the charging pod right of the bed
Click the electricity box on the right wall
Puzzle is randomized – you need to click the numbers to balance the green bars on the top of the panel.  When finished, click the charging pod again – Bronze Quick charge unlocked
BronzeBuckle up unlocked during cutscene

Outside Shipwreck
Walk up to the crashed ship
Use plasma cutter with door, then follow on-screen prompts

Shipwreck 1F
Walk towards the open door until the camera angle changes
Open the door and pick up the cables
Walk down and left, past both staircases
Pick up the large battery on the ground (may need to scroll the screen left more to see it)
Use battery with the robot
Click the power door on the robot’s lower back
Click the + and – spots on the battery, then click the robot’s power source x3 – it will tell you numbers.  Remember them, but they SHOULD be written on the top left corner of the screen afterwards.
Click the robot after the cutscene – get memory chip – Silver Every little helps unlocked. ALWAYS KEEP THIS CHIP.
Go upstairs

Shipwreck 2F
Click the pilot console
Disable the alarm
Open hold – put in whatever the numbers were, then click the green button.  It’s a four digit code, so you may need to guess what the last number is (indicated with a  *) depending on the numbers the robot gave you.
Go back downstairs

Shipwreck 1F
Open the door in the back right corner – Bronze Now you know unlocked

Outside Shipwreck
Bronze Hands up! unlocked
I was nearby
Bronze Short circuit unlocked

Hospital Room
(whatever) x2 / I have to help BE CAREFUL!  There are a few dialogue options that are similar.  You specifically need to choose HAVE to help for this trophy!  – Silver Uncertain unlocked

Hospital Hallway 1F
Go down and left until you can access a table
Click table – get flashlight
Go up to the yellow robot, then enter the open room on the left

Hospital Cafe
Look under the middle table to look at a cane – Silver Everybody lies unlocked
Click the audio log on the left table and listen to it (2/12)
Talk to left robot – exhaust conversation (ask her about the lighting to cut down on this)
Go back to the hallway, then enter the open room at the top of it

Hospital Hallway 1F
Talk to yellow robot – exhaust conversation
Go down past the staircase and click the open door on the right
You’re looking for four contractors (fuses) – on the middle shelf of the far left shelving unit / on the ground in front of the second locker (going left to right) / between the two garbage bins / on the white back on the back wall
Go past the yellow robot and enter the open room at the top of the hallway

Hospital Admin Room
Talk to robot – exhaust conversation – if you have the option to give the memory chip to the robot, DO NOT DO IT.
Go back to the hallway

Hospital Hallway 1F
Talk to yellow robot
You should now be summoned into the Cafe, so go there

Hospital Cafe
Talk to right robot – exhaust conversation
Go back into the hallway

Hospital Hallway 1F
Go down to the stairs, but don’t use them yet
Pick up the fuse from the cart across from the stairs
Exit down the stairs

Hospital Basement
Go into the open room
Look at the post-it notes on the back wall (3/12)
Click the servers on the left side of the room – click 1, 3, and 4 (starting from the left)
Click the computer, then add the fuse to it
Click the router to the right of the computer – you need to find a chip
Click the thing on the right wall – you need to find a switch
Go back upstairs and into the Admin room

Hospital Admin Room
Pick up the chip – it’s on the ground between the filing cabinets and the bookshelves
Go back downstairs

Hospital Basement
Click the toolbox in the middle of the room – get switch
Go into the open room
Use the chip with the router
Use switch with thing on wall
Click thing on wall

The switch code is randomized – you’ll see some binary above the switches.  1 means the switch needs to be down/green, and 0 means the switch needs to be up/red.  I think what switches affect the others is also randomized between games – when you’re figuring this out, click a switch, write down/remember what it affects, then click the switch again to reset it, moving down the line to figure out which switches affect which.  This is better than randomly clicking until you get it, as you’ll always be able to get back to all up/red to try again.  Good luck.

Click monitor, then click connect – Bronze Sysadmin unlocked
Go back upstairs and into the cafe

Hospital Cafe
Talk to right robot
During the conversation, DO NOT GIVE THE CHIP.  Choose “leave memory chip for myself”.  Your other dialogue choices do not matter. 
When you regain control, enter the apartment building and go upstairs

Apartment 2F
Click the door that is covered in police tape
Go downstairs and outside

Outside Apartment
Go into the alley left of the building
Click the ladder, and also look at it
Look at the open dumpster (Clementine’s hat) (1/2)
Leave the alley but don’t go inside yet
Look at the yellow car (2/2) –  Silver The Walking Robot Among Us unlocked
Go inside

Apartment Lobby
Go past the stairs and to the left
Keep knocking on the back left door until you unlock both Silver Trick or Treat and Silver Annoying (4-5x)
Click the pipe in the back right corner of the room (directly opposite the door you were knocking on)
QTE – despite passing it, you will fail.  This is required.
Go back outside

Outside Apartment
Go into the alley
Pick up the brick directly under the ladder (not the concrete block)
Go back inside the apartment

Apartment Lobby
Use brick with pipe – QTE – get pipe
Go back outside

Outside Apartment
Go into the alley
Use pipe with ladder
Click concrete block
Use pipe with ladder, then follow button prompts

Informant’s Apartment
Bronze There is another way unlocked after cutscene
Note on the right windowsill (4/12)
Audio log on table (5/12)
Look at computer, then look at gun in open drawer – Silver Not as clumsy or random unlocked
Click computer, read all emails, delete them, then back out

NOTE: it’s possible that even after reading the emails, the game won’t let you delete them.  If this is the case, you’re stuck at the computer.  The game autosaved when you entered the apartment, so close the game and try again.  Don’t forget to look at the note and audio log again!!

Walk away from the computer, and click the painting on the left wall
Use communicator with safe – say whatever during the conversation
Use communicator with safe (again)

The safe combination is random.  The way this works is that you need to look at the dots on the left side of the communicator – you want all of the points to connect in a single line.  You do this by switching around the different parts that build the safe number.  It’s pretty obvious what the number needs to be each time, especially because you’ll almost always start with at least two points already connected.  I can’t really describe it well, but you’ll pick it up very quickly.  Open the safe to unlock Bronze Hacker.

Leave the apartment (last chance to get the note and audio log, especially if you got the computer glitch and had to reset).

Click the pool table – pass the QTEs – Gold Accurate unlocked.  If you miss the QTEs, you need to quit to the main menu and choose to continue (you’ll start the chapter again)
Walk right to the bar and click the bottles – Silver He is just a child unlocked
Walk up to the posters
Look at all three posters – Silver Please oh pleeease! unlocked after looking at the middle one
Click the hat on the hatrack – Silver Hipster unlocked (you cannot do this without looking at the hat poster)
Note on table (6/12)
Use key with cupboard
Click open cupboard – GCGF – Gold Perfect hearing unlocked

Bar Basement
Look at chalk drawing on ground – Silver Concrete painting unlocked
Note left of the rug, next to a smaller chalk drawing (7/12) (this one is just a drawing)
Look at/click different things in the room until a cutscene starts (this may just be a timed thing – one time I had to look at everything, and one time I didn’t)
DEATH WARNING!  When given a dialogue choice, say RT-217P and you’ll be fine.
Your dialogue choice during the meeting scene doesn’t matter.  Just remember to hang on to the memory chip if you’re given the option to give it away (you shouldn’t have the option, but just in case)

After the autosave (check the bottom right corner of the screen) during the cutscene after the meeting scene, quit the game and BACK UP YOUR SAVE.  You can die during the next two driving sequences (and all subsequent ones).

Do both driving sequences.  The first is easy – just avoid the stuff in front of you.  The second is more difficult, as the camera is positioned in front of the car – keep an eye on the red boxes at the bottom of the screen that will indicate the position of upcoming items that won’t hurt you, but will slow you down and put you closer to the enemy.  You will also need to avoid the bullets being shot at you from the top of the screen – although you can take 4-5 hits before you actually die.  If you die, quit the game and reload your save.  Good luck; thankfully these sequences aren’t very long – Bronze Ace unlocked

Jammer Location 1
Enter the building and go left
Click the device in back left corner
Click X whenever the red bar is on top of a red dot.  Avoid clicking when it’s on a green dot (you can click 3 green dots before you fail the minigame and have to try again)
Go back outside and into your car

There’s an autosave during the first part of the driving sequence.  I suggest backing up your save again in case you die during the driving sequences.

Jamming Location 2
Enter the tower
Note on the bed (8/12)
Click the jamming device and do the minigame again
BronzeFound it! unlocked during cutscene

Keep running forward to the rocks
When you come to the trees closest to the rocks, check behind the right tree for a body
Click the body – get keycard
Walk to the rocks
Use the keycard with the electronic panel, then use the communicator with it

On the ground is now a red line.  Follow it (it will branch; just pick a branch and follow it.  If you pick the right branch, it will branch again).  When you get to the end of whatever branch you’ve followed, click the line and you’ll bring up an electronic panel.  Do this with all three forks, then go back to the cave and use the keycard again – Bronze Not what it seems unlocked

Use keycard with panel next to open door
Walk right and use keycard with panel next to closed door
Enter the next room
Use the keycard with the panel next to top door
Enter the top room – Bronze Goody unlocked, then continue forward
Use keycard with panel at top of the room and enter the next room
Take the right fork and enter a new room
Click the monitor
Solve the routing puzzle – the start and end positions are randomized – Bronze That’s much better! unlocked

The game autosaves here.  BACK UP YOUR SAVE.  The next room has turrets that will kill you.  If you’re quick enough, you can quit to the main menu and continue, but it’s good to have this back up just in case.

Go back to the fork and take the other path

Get behind the left boxes, then when you can, go forward to the next set of boxes on the left.  When both searchlights are moving to the right, run forward and to the left – you’ll be in the left searchlight’s beam but not in the active part that’s searching for you.  When you’re at the front of the room, go right to the door.  HERE is a video by Zombie of that particular strategy if you want visual help.

Note that the turrets will lock onto you for 2-3 seconds before they start firing.  You can use this to your advantage to switch up their pattern (like ducking behind the crates after they lock on).  It’s also possible to outrun the bullets, so you could possibly make your way to the crates on the right at the front of the room (that’s how I eventually did it)

However you go about it, as soon as you reach the door, Silver Blade Runner will unlock.  Good luck.

Use keycard with panel next to door between turrets
Enter the room, then enter the next room
Walk down to the three rows of desks
Audio log on the right desk of the middle row (9/12)
Continue walking down until you see a big monitor
Use memory chip (the one you got from the shipwreck robot) on the monitor – this will disable all turrets (including ones we haven’t come across yet), making the rest of the lab easier!
Backtrack through the turret room, and continue backtracking through the decontamination room (an overhead-view shot).
In the room past the decontamination room, go down and use keycard with panel on left and enter a new room
In the new room, walk down until you see some lockers
Enter the conference room past the lockers
On the table is an audio log (10/12)
Backtrack to the hallway
Go down until the camera angle changes
Use keycard with panel against back wall and enter new room
In this new hallway, go into the left area (sleeping quarters)
Note on bench (11/12)
Note on ground on right between two big red crates (12/12) – trophy will unlock at the end of the game
Leave this room and enter the top room
Click the console
Cutscenes – Gold Lucky dog , Gold Meticulous, and 40-platinum Clearing up the uncertainty unlocked during the ending cutscenes

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Trophy List

Clearing up the uncertainty
Collect all trophies
Quick charge Bronze
Use the dock-station
Buckle up Bronze
Witness the shuttle crash
Now you know Bronze
Discover humans
Hands up! Bronze
Find yourself in a vulnerable position
Short circuit Bronze
Pass out because of an EMP-grenade explosion
Curious Silver
Check the contents of the data disk
Sysadmin Bronze
Start the server
Everybody lies Silver
Check an unknown item
There is another way Bronze
Enter the informer’s apartment
Hacker Bronze
Crack a safe
Trick or Treat? Silver
Trick or Treat?
The Walking Robot Among Us Silver
Find two unusual objects
Annoying Silver
Knock on the apartment door
Ace Bronze
Survive a pursuit
He is just a child Silver
Break a bottle in the bar
Found it! Bronze
Calculate the location of the lab
Not what it seems Bronze
Discover the entrance to the lab
Goody Bronze
Use the decontamination chamber
That’s much better! Bronze
Start generators
Concrete painting Silver
Admire the painting
Please oh pleeease! Silver
Please, release it already!
Hipster Silver
Try on the hat
Not as clumsy or random Silver
Check the revolver
Uncertain Silver
Express incredulity
Every little helps Silver
Extract the memory chip from pilot
Blade Runner Silver
Escape the fire from the turrets by yourself
Perfect hearing Gold
Pick the audio code without a hint
Meticulous Gold
Read all notes
Accurate Gold
Pocket all balls at the pool
Lucky dog Gold
Die not even once
Silent Silver
Keep silent while talking to the customer
I can do a thing or two Bronze
Calibrate the plasma cutter

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