Gears Of War 3 Review


Gears of War 3 is a third-person shooter video game developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox 360. It was released in September 2011.


It’s been 2 years since Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad had to sink Jacinto to win the fight against the Locust army. Unfortunately this means that what’s left of the COG Army have all been living on a giant freighter ship, as they go around the world, trying to survive and killing Locusts as they see them. The world is filled with something called “stalks” though, and even though they defeated one enemy, they have another, known as “The Lambent”. These are just Locusts that have been around imulsion too long, and go nuts! But what will it take to defeat them?

The story gets pretty wild in this entry to the series. There are a lot of high stakes, and the general basis is that Marcus finds out that his father is alive. So the whole time you’re trying to get to him to figure out what he knows and how he’s been alive all these years. The game finally touches on Marcus’ war crimes ever so slightly, but after the beginning, it once again never mentions them again. But at least after 3 entries, we finally have a bit of an idea about what happened to him that caused him to get locked up.

Throughout the journey there are quite a few emotional scenes again. Especially one that I knew about, but didn’t know how it played out. I got sad, and a bit choked up, only because the developers have found a way to inject so much life into all of the characters. So seeing everyone’s reaction to said event, you can understand why everyone feels the way they do, especially in the middle of the new battles happening all around them!

The game does an excellent job of wrapping up the original trilogy of the series. Answering a lot of questions that I’ve had throughout the games, but also making me ask more. Like who is the Queen of the Locusts? How does she know so much? Why is she so human, when the Locusts themselves are twisted creatures? All these are just questions I never got answers to. Maybe in other games I might, but I’m going to guess that all those answers are somewhere in the books unfortunately.

The gameplay is still what it was. You have your 3rd person cover based shooting, along with a plethora of weapons. The one big change they did make is with the enemies. In the first and second game, when enemies spawned, they would usually come from holes in the ground called “Emergence Holes”. You could stop the spawn of enemies quicker if you threw a grenade in the hole. In this entry, with the giant stalks that come out of the ground, they get little sacs on them that enemies just drop out of, that you have to shoot off the stalk. It was a weird new system and also kind of annoying. Only because it seems like the sac could be anywhere, and they seemed to take a lot of ammo.

With the new enemies came a whole set of new problems in its own right though. If you used your chainsaw to try and cut the new variant of locusts, they’d explode. Dealing damage to you. So you’d have to kill them from a distance so you didn’t get hurt. This made the moments of just being a moron and chopping everything to death hard. The amount of times I got downed due to this damage was more than you’d think. Then the explosion damage doesn’t even hurt the other enemies in the area.

There are new types of Lambent Locusts as well, and these were all just a giant pain to deal with. If you ever played something like Resident Evil 4, you’ve seen the enemies that got a new head once you shoot theirs off. In this, as some of the enemies die, they transform. They either get new limbs, or a long neck, and take even more damage. When they transformed I was never sure where to shoot to effectively kill them. Sometimes when they die, even their head is still alive and wiggles around towards you, being fast and just smacking you for quite a bit of damage.

I played the whole game in co-op, and this made for a great time. Not only was I running and gunning around with a friend, but the whole campaign is 4 player co-op. So there were a couple times where I was playing with two friends, and we were just having a ball. I wish I had the opportunity for a full party, but unfortunately I did not. This made for a fun time later in the game when we were in an on rails shooter section, and we all had our own turret on a vehicle, and we were screaming and shouting and calling out shots, only to steal each other’s kills. It was an insane amount of fun and I truly wish the rest of the series kept the 4 player co-op.


Rating: 8 out of 10.


  • Exciting Co-op
  • Great Ending To The Original Trilogy
  • More Backstory!


  • Made More Questions
  • Lambent Locusts Aren’t Great


This entry was a thrill ride, especially with a lot more than two players. I enjoyed almost every second of it. I do wish the enemies weren’t so annoying, but at least it was funny to see enemies always explode! Now if only the rest of the series was 4 players co-op. Guess I’ll wait and see!

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Epic Games
Developer Socials: Twitter
Publisher Website: Microsoft Game Studios
Publisher Socials: Twitter

Gears of War 3 World Premiere Trailer

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12 thoughts on “Gears Of War 3 Review

  1. He lost Tai in the second game, and now Dom. Jeez how does he cope? During the game sometimes I had the urge to say, Marcus you gotta control your temper a little more.


    1. So far I’ve only done act 1 of Gears 4. Waiting on my co-op partner to wanna play again…but the urge to leave them in the dust is rising xD


      1. I couldn’t finish the fourth game, story just failed to grab me, especially after facing robots for two hours. I felt like it ended best with the third.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. And after that it was the swarm just meh… and the other characters aside from Marcus returning eh just not for me. Oh well.


  2. A lot more action-packed for sure, and many devastating losses. Plus we finally get to go head to head with Corpsers more.


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