The Wardrobe Trophy Walkthrough

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 1.5/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 2 – 4 hours
Trophies: 27. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 6 / Silver 13 / Bronze 7
Missable trophies: None, with the walkthrough (Otherwise, several)
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to The Wardrobe trophy guide!
The Wardrobe is a comedy point and click adventure game developed by C.I.N.I.C, originally released on PC in 2017 and ported to PS4 in 2018. You play as Skinny, a skeleton who died of anaphylactic shock thanks to an undiscovered allergy to plums. Skinny is cursed to live in his best friend Ronald’s wardrobe for the rest of his un-life. However, one day, Skinny learns that Ronald’s soul is doomed and he must race against the clock to save it.

Video guides of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the guide linked!

Tips and Strategies

Just want to get through the game as quickly as possible? My step-by-step walkthrough will get you all trophies in a single playthrough.

Some notes:

1) Yoga Class is very vague. For the PC version of the game, you couldn’t:

Skip through conversations (by mashing )
Skip cutscenes
Double-click to exit rooms quicker (you need to actually cross the room and exit)
Use the hotspot button ()
While writing this walkthrough, I did all of those except skipping the cutscenes and still got the trophy. I also did this in one sitting, which I think is the key. Don’t play this until you have enough time to do the entire thing in one sitting.

2) There’s a speedrun trophy. My best estimate is you have 4 hours. This walkthrough will get you the Platinum in around 2 hours. That said, if you have to replay for the speedrun trophy, ignore underlined text as it’s not necessary to beat the story.

3) There is no autosave so make manual saves from time to time. Just cycle through the three save slots.

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Trophy Walkthrough

I have to run to the bathroom.
I admit it would be very useful. Go ahead.
Do the tutorial – Bronze Triangle unlocked
Exit right
Pick up drill
Click on bedpost to try to unscrew it – you won’t be able to
Exit left back to bathroom
Click on medicine cabinet
Pick up bottle of pills (bottom shelf)
Back out
Use rubber duck 3-4 times until Silver Tu quoque, Prunus! unlocked
Use toilet flusher chain

Go right
Use the back wall to kick open a passage
Exit through passage

Pick up mug from bar
Exit back to Sewers

Use mug with sewage pipe (“trickle” – next to parking meter)
In inventory, use pills with sewer water – get concoction
Exit to Bar
Exit upstairs

Front Hall:
Pick up alarm clock
Exit right to Kitchen

Pick up junk at bottom left corner of screen – you will eventually get a recorder
Exit back to Front Hall
Exit upstairs

Pick up dentures (on mantle)
Pick up urn x2 – get gum x2
Turn on TV
Use recorder with TV – get robbery recording
Turn off TV
Use concoction with dust monster
Talk to dust monster
In my opinion, you’re not so strong after all (if this isn’t there, you didn’t try to unscrew the bedpost. It’s in the room to the left, so do that, then come back)
Pick up bedpost knob
Exit to Front Hall
Exit to Bar

Use bedpost knob with blowtorch (it’s near the wall exit) – get screw
If you’re just doing the speedrun, exit left. Otherwise:
Exit to Front Hall
Exit Upstairs
Exit left to bedroom
Exit left to bathroom
Use screw with bear – Silver Psych Consult unlocked
Use toilet flusher

Walk left across the wooden plank
Pick up line from front of boat
In inventory, use screw with drill
Use drill with crocodile – get gears
Walk towards the Bar but exit up the ladder just before it

Pick up old fork (in a box next to the trash can)
In inventory, use fishing line with fork – get harpoon
In inventory, use gears with alarm clock
Keep walking right
Use alarm clock with bum
Exit all the way right to moving van

Moving Van:
Talk to Nut (the squirrel) – he will join you
Exit left to Alley
Exit left to Construction Site

Construction Site:
Use Nut with cement mixer – Bronze Attempted Murder unlocked
Pick up small tube (next to cement mixer)
Use Nut with dog
Pick up megaphone
Exit right to Alley
Exit right to Moving Van

Moving Van:
Exit to back of van
In inventory, use megaphone with robbery recording
Use DIY anti-theft device with thief (in window)
Pick up crowbar
Exit left to Alley
Exit down (near the gas pump) to Sewers
Use crowbar with parking meter – Silver High Score unlocked
Exit up ladder
Exit right to Moving Van
Moving Van:
Exit to back of van
Use crowbar with back of van
Enter moving van – Bronze Wardrobe unlocked
Exit left to Alley, then down to Sewers, through the Bar and up to Front Hall
In Front Hall, exit left
Living Room:
Use chewing gum with Moai head
Talk to Moai – get chewed gum
Give other piece of gum to Moai; let him keep this one
Every time the Moai blows a bubble, the guys’ heads will turn.
When they’re facing forward, click on the box next to the fishbowl to move there.
When they’re facing left, use harpoon with boxes on the right
Click on the speaker to move to that area (the guys may need to be facing left)
Click on the boxes under the clock (the guys may need to be facing left)
Click on clock to change the time
You will be at the back of the moving van

Moving Van’
Exit left to Alley
Exit left to Construction Site

Construction Site:
Use chewed gum with cement mixer – get fast-setting chewing gum
Make a save
Wait 15-20 minutes until Gold Concrete block unlocks
Reload save
Exit right to Alley, then down to sewers, through the bar and into the house, then right into the Kitchen

Use chewed gum with microwave
Use small tube with microwave – Bronze Vollo dell’angelo unlocked after some cutscenes

Pick up plutonium (in dumpster)
Pick up battery (on the ground; Skinny was blocking it when he picked up the plutonium)
Pick up battery (on sombrero on top of TV)
Walk right until you get to the clubhouse
Pick up trashcan right of house – get battery
Pick up map next to clubhouse entrance

From now on, you can fast travel! Press to bring up the map and choose your destination (you can’t go anywhere yet).

Enter clubhouse

Pick up bow tie (on hooks next to wizard robe)
Exit left to dump
Exit left to outside party

Outside Party:
Pick up mailbox – get love letter
Pick up cup from the pile
Pick up 14 more cups from the pile – you should have 15 in total
Exit left into the house

Party Downstairs:
Talk to Frank the bunny
It’s really fun around here
What else is there to do around here, then?
See you later – locations will be added to your map
Use cup with keg – get beer
Fill the rest of the empty cups with beer – Silver Drunkard unlocked
Exit to Kitchen

Party Kitchen:
Open fridge
Pick up Chilli Pepper
Pick up absinthe bottle (green)
Back out
On the 5 tile of the hopscotch board is a loose tile. Walk on it to move it
Pick up matches
Exit down to Party Downstairs
Exit up stairs

Party Upstairs:
Pick up tie (doorknob)
Pick up cap (on railing) – get hair
Exit to left room
Use one of the beer cups with guitar-shaped urinal – Silver Guitar Solo unlocked
Map () – Lake (bottom-middle)

Use absinthe with dancing flower – Silver Spoilertale unlocked
Pick up flashlight
In inventory, use the batteries with the flashlight
Map – Outside Party (neighbourhood area)

Outside Party:
Enter house, then go into kitchen
Exit left into pantry
Use flashlight with boogeyman
Click on “roll out” – they’re posters in front of the boogeyman – location added to map
Use flag with X on it
Pick up ragdoll
Pick up Polaroid (camera)
Go back a few screens to outside party

Outside Party:
In inventory, use hair with ragdoll
Enter treehouse
Use incomplete doll with hermit – get voodoo doll
Map – Graveyard

Use tie on Oliver’s grave
Use bowtie on Stan’s grave
Pick up shovel (next to upstanding coffin – Skinny was blocking it before)
Enter Oliver’s grave
Use matches with torch
Walk left to skulls/book
Use book
Chapter 3: Voodoo practices.
Stop reading
Pick up ancient plate (1861) from wall under skulls/book
Go back outside
Walk left, past the concert, and into the mausoleum
Use dentures with grandma
I do eat, but the weight ends up only on my butt Silver Not so Skinny unlocked
I’ll come back and visit you very soon.
Exit mausoleum – get Bible
Map – Beach/Lighthouse

Exit to cave on left
Use bible with devil – Silver Exorcist unlocked
Pick up disk (in right wall, near the red/crook of the staff)
Talk to devil
What are you doing?
The cave painting idea might be set aside
Map – Dump
Walk right and enter clubhouse

Use beer with janitor’s cocktail
While the janitor is drinking, quickly use the shovel on him
If you messed up, you can go back to the party and get more beer
Pick up keys
Use voodoo doll on pentacle
Pick up working voodoo doll
Go back outside
Open crane door
Enter crane
Click on Vault Boy bobblehead x15-20 – Silver Obsessive-compulsive Disorder unlocked

At some point while you’re in here, the panel on the right will burst. After that happens, pick up the wire that’s revealed. If you finish with the crane prior to this, you can always go back in afterwards but you do need the wire.

Rotate crane left x2
Use 8-ball lever
Press red button
In inventory, use wire with battery
In inventory, use magnetizer with alien disc – get magnet
Map – Outside Party
Enter the party, then go into the kitchen

Party Kitchen:
Use magnet with fishing pole. Cheater.
Click on fishing pole – get coupon and new map location
Map – Homeless Camp (bottom left corner)

Homeless Camp:
From the barrel fire, move the cursor up until you hit a tree
In between the top and middle branch “levels” of this tree, you will find a dead pixel
Look at dead pixel – Silver Pixel Hunting unlocked
Walk left to gypsy caravan
Use coupon with gypsy
ET videogame for the Atari – Silver WGE unlocked
Regardless of what you picked, you will actually get a box
Pick up haystack – get pin
In inventory, look at box – get metalhead starter kit and videocassette
In inventory, use pin with working voodoo doll
Map – Dump

Enter crane
Use videocassette with cassette player (slot above 8-ball)
Click on cassette
Wait until Skinny says This is a cool track…too bad I don’t know the title
Exit crane
Map – Outside Party House
Enter party, then go upstairs

Upstairs Party:
MAKE A SAVE just in case
Enter middle room
Use rings on bedside table (left of lamp) – Silver Game Over unlocked
Pick up rings on bedside table (left of lamp)
Pick up red sheet
Exit back downstairs and outside

Outside Party:
Talk to Quarterback
Why are you so angry?
Why don’t you give me a hand getting a wardrobe from the dump?
The bedroom on the upper floor is empty now
Exit to treehouse
Use metalhead starter kit with dragon
(humming the videocassette song) – Bronze Pyromaniac unlocked after cutscenes
Map – Homeless Camp

Homeless Camp:
Pick up spraycan (under dragon)
Map – Dump

Talk to The Short (#7)
Map – Lighthouse/Beach

Use plutonium with scientist
Use 1861 plate with cauldron
Enter time machine
Dial 939 then confirm – Silver Time Traveler unlocked
It should already read 1863 so just pull the lever

1863 Beach:
Talk to Manet – Bronze Art Burst unlocked
Look at fishing net – you will fall in
Pick up cauldron – get apple seeds
Exit back to time machine
Map – Graveyard

Enter Oliver’s grave
Walk all the way left
Talk to zombie – get bubble bath (if he doesn’t, you didn’t fall into the fish back in 1863)
Map – Outside Party
Enter the party house, then go upstairs

Party Upstairs:
Use bubble bath with right door
Open medicine cabinet
Pick up makeup remover
Talk to fat guy – get museum pass and new map location
Map – Museum
MAKE A SAVE here, just in case.
Enter security room on right
What about that heart rate monitor?
Your cousin wanted to know if it was all okay here.
Small, chubby, and a heart patient. Is there anything else?

You will enter an insult battle. Choose only the following insults, in any order:

1) You will never be half the guard your cousin is, that’s for sure!
2) Behind you, an aortic dissection!
3) From the looks of things, the pumpkin shape on your skull is still visible
4) Perhaps your heart has been pierced by Cupid’s arrow
5) Your Netflix subscription has been hacked

Gold Sword Master unlocked as long as those were the only insults you chose (choosing four correct ones in a row is what unlocks this)
Use (Polaroid) camera with Second World War screen (second row, second from left – it’s an orange thing moving up and down)
Exit back to where the T-Rex was, then exit left to Botany

Walk right to the WW2 exhibit
Use picture with camera (it’s a silhouette in the top right foreground – it says “bother Ralph” when you hover over it)
Pick up defused bomb
In inventory, use makeup remover with love letter
Exit right

Walk right to Egypt exhibit
Use love letter with Cleopatra
Use rings with Cleopatra
Map – Graveyard

Walk left
Use red sheet with the little thugs next to the mausoleum
Enter mausoleum
Talk to grandma
Grandma, two kids out here are making fun of me
Pick up firecrackers (where the Purple Tentacle thug was standing)
Enter mausoleum
In inventory, use firecrackers with defused bomb
Use charged bomb with ball of spider web thread – get charged and sticky bomb
Map – Outside Party
Enter party, then go into kitchen

Party Kitchen:
Talk to Jesoos
Use bible with Jesoos
Go upstairs

Upstairs Party:
Enter left room
Use apple seeds with carnivorous plant
Use picture that’s in the bookcase
Use charged and sticky bomb with safe
Click on bomb
Exit to downstairs party

Downstairs Party:
Walk across the dance floor
Use megaphone with DJ
Go back upstairs

Upstairs Party:
Enter right door
Talk to fat guy – Bronze Everything Under Control unlocked
Exit back to the upstairs hallway
Enter left door
Click on bomb
Pick up bank notes
Map – Beach/Lighthouse

Enter cave on left
Use Chilli Pepper with paint can – get Jalapeño
In inventory, use absinthe with plutonium
In inventory, use Jalapeño with plutonium – get capsaicin concentrate
Exit outside
Use banknotes with cauldron
Use ancient plate that’s in front of the cauldron – it will flip and read 1981
Enter time machine
Enter 1981, confirm and pull lever

1981 Beach:
Pick up cauldron – get coins
Use time machine
Map – Lake

Watch the cutscene
Map – Outside Party
Go inside party house, then go upstairs

Upstairs Party:
Pick up mummy wrappings
Look at phone book
Tear out advertisement for the shipping company
In inventory, look at advertisement
Enter right door
When fat man is underwater, use capsaicin concentrate with all the bath products (“salts”)
Turn the knob on the rim of the tub (left of the pipes)
Pick up tarp
Go downstairs
Talk to Morpheus
I don’t see you having much fun
Now I’ve really got to go
Go outside

Outside Party:
Walk right
Enter red phone booth
Pick up receiver
Use coins with coin slot

Dial 00 / bottom left blue button / 8554011 / ok – Gold Close Encounter of the Third Kind unlocked
Pick up receiver
Use coins with slot
Dial 666 / ok – Silver 666 unlocked
Pick up receiver
Use coins with slot
Dial 0100 / 1110 / 0110 / 0101 / 1011 / 11 / ok
Pick up blue pill
Exit phone booth
Go back into house
Use blue pill with Morpheus Gold White Rabbit unlocked
Have fun in the developer room. To leave, knock on the door, then ask how you can leave
Go back outside and into the phone booth

Dial 00 / 8458901 / ok (if this doesn’t work, you need to look at the advertisement)
Exit phone booth
Use packaging kit (stuff automatically combined in your inventory) with the wardrobe
Bronze Reunification unlocked after cutscenes
Exhaust all dialogue with Ronald
Gold Yoga Class and Gold Speedrun unlocks when the credits start if you met their requirements
40-platinum The Wardrobe unlocked after they do.

Trophy List

The Wardrobe
Unlock all other trophies
Triangle Bronze
Tutorial completed
Drunkard Silver
Drunk Skinny
Guitar Solo Silver
Van Halen, I fear you not
Spoilertale Silver
Here you go, some friendliness pellets
Concrete Block Gold
Have you forgotten something?
Psych Consult Silver
Someone here has a couple of screws loose
Attempted Murder Bronze
Take a life, are you NUTS?!
High Score Silver
Pixel hunting Silver
You have a good eye for a guy with no sockets
Obsessive–compulsive Disorder Silver
Do you want some clomipramine?
Art Burst Bronze
The last luncheon on the grass cost me my life
Close Encounter of the Third Kind Gold
Skinny phone home
666 Silver
Six! Six! Six! The number of the beast!
Speedrun Gold
Hey! Catch your breath, mate
Yoga Class Gold
You’re a real Zen master
Tu quoque, Prunus! Silver
Pruna iacta est!
Wardrobe Bronze
Home sweet home
Volo dell’angelo Bronze
Volare, oh oh!
White Rabbit Gold
Red pill, you take a trip to Wonderland
Sword Master Gold
You fight like a dairy farmer!
Reunification Bronze
Look who’s risen from the dead!
Pyromaniac Bronze
Quo vadis?
Time Traveler Silver
John Titor would be proud of you
Exorcist Silver
Not such an excellent day for an exorcism
WGE Silver
Remember to correctly dispose of your videogames cartridges
Game Over Silver
That was a bad idea, my friend

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