The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 15 – 30 min (If you skip all text)
Trophies: 36. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 5 / Silver 10 / Bronze 20
Missable trophies: Many, if you make the wrong choices
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1+ (Depends if you save scum)


Welcome to The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel trophy guide!
A very intriguing and fun read! Or a quick platinum with a few minigames if you’d like it that way! Solve the mystery of the Ermangerde Mansion, and hope you survive!


Step 1: Make Everyone Survive
This platinum can be obtained in one playthrough if you follow a proper guide! You only have to reload a save once! You also have to complete 4 QTE’s on Normal difficulty. Afterwards you can skip them all! Refer to the “Text Walkthrough” section for further instructions towards the platinum. After this step, you’ll have everything done!

Video Walkthrough

Text Walkthrough

Before we start, we have a few options we need to configure. Go to options, and press down on the D-Pad to go through the options. Set it to skip “All Text”, then set “Skip Mode” to “Instant”. To confirm the settings, press square. To select the options such as “Save/Load” or “Skip”, you use the D-Pad or the left stick to cycle the options on the bottom right of the screen, then you have to hit triangle to confirm it. Now start a new game and follow the steps, while skipping everything;


  • “I Eat Other Things Too!” – Bronze This Or That, Bronze Pass It On Unlocks
  • Be Brave And Look Up!
  • Die during the QTE – Bronze Necrotic Paralysis Unlocks
  • Complete the QTE: Mash square – Gold Grasp The Nettle, Bronze Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Unlocks
  • “We’ll Check With Our Supervisor” – Silver D-List Horror Prop Unlocks
  • Don’t Show The Letter
  • “Change The Subject”
  • Stay For The Movie
  • Meet With The Professor
  • “My Instant Noodle Days Are Over!”
  • “I Know You’re Trying To Help” – Bronze Psychotherapy Not Included Unlocks
  • “You Can Be Nice When You’re Trying”
  • Talk About Her Job
  • Go To Work – Bronze Employee Of The Month Unlocks
  • Complete The QTE: Stop The Slider In The Red Zone 3 Times. Be Careful Of Input Delay


  • Defend Myself – Silver Weal And Woe Unlocks
  • Free Up My Schedule
  • “You’ll Be A Great Father” – Silver Monsieur Le Photographe Unlocks
  • Stop It
  • “I Was Tending The Gardens”
  • Call Them Out
  • “Be Honest With Me” – Bronze Real Talk, Silver Reunion Unlocks
  • “I Need To Work For My Happy Ending”
  • Complete The QTE: Press The Button You See When The Monster Appears. Be Warned, You Barely See The Button Prompt – Bronze In Safe Hands, Gold A Safe Haven Unlocks


  • Tell The Truth – Bronze Feels Like Yesterday Unlocks
  • “I Cooked Up A Feast!” – Bronze A Hearty Meal Unlocks
  • Show The Photo To Ash
  • “She’s Married To One Now”
  • “It’s Really Just A Gig” – Silver Need Some Advice Prof, Silver Nightly Visit, Bronze Hello Mister! Unlocks
  • “We Can Still Fix This”
  • Complete QTE: Take A Picture Of The Monster – Bronze Daredevil Unlocks
    Go To Options Menu, Press R1 Twice To Get To Gameplay, Press X To Set “Skip QTE” To On, Press Square To Apply, Return To The Game
  • Keep Looking For Ash – Bronze Mind Your Own Business, Bronze Sing The Blues Unlocks


  • “This Is Wrong” – Silver Pop Quiz! Unlocks
  • “You Have Something To Say?” – Bronze Grow Up, Kid Unlocks
  • Continue Waiting
  • “I Just Remembered Something”
  • “Yes, It Sounds Fair”
  • Check The First Floor
  • “You Must’ve Been Quite The Pair” – Silver Remember Me? Unlocks
  • Move On
  • Ask If He’s Alright
    Save On Save Slot 1
  • “I Want To Stay” – Gold The Beginning Unlocks
    Load Save Slot 1
  • “I Need To Move On” – Bronze Behind Closed Doors Unlocks


  • “This Cold Caught Up With Me”
  • “Sorry For The Trouble”
  • Hit Him Where It Hurts
  • Apologize To Luke
  • “Is This Why You Didn’t Go Home Last Night?”
  • “You’re Good At Handling Her”
  • “Okay, But Only Because Kylie Asked”
  • “What Right Do You Have?”
  • “I-I Might’ve Seen Her”
  • “You Should Be With Your Wife”
  • “Care To Explain Your Reasons?” – Bronze Buried History Unlocks
  • Head For The Door


  • Insist It’s Confidential – Bronze Easy Way In Unlocks
  • “Tell Me About Him”
  • Take Her Offer
  • “You’re-You’re Okay”
  • “Are You Alright?” – Gold Safe And Sound Unlocks
  • “I’d Feel Better If I Don’t Have To Worry About You”
  • Take Isabella’s Side
  • “I Can’t Let You Do That”
  • Beg Him To Listen – Bronze Swallow Your Pride Unlocks


  • “I’m Just Worried About The Children”
  • Give Them To Hannah – Silver One Big Happy Family, Silver In Living Memory Unlocks
  • Demand Hannah’s Release
  • Burn The Mansion – Bronze Light It Up Unlocks
  • Press Circle To Skip The Credits – Gold The REAL Letter, 40-platinum The Letter Unlocks

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Trophy List

The Letter
Collect all other trophies.
This or That Bronze
Make your first decision.
Pass it on Bronze
Find the letter.
Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Bronze
Win a QTE.
Necrotic Paralysis Bronze
Lose a QTE.
Grasp the Nettle Gold
Win a QTE without skipping.
D-List Horror Prop Silver
Pass the letter to Hannah, Luke and Marianne.
Psychotherapy not Included Bronze
Consult with the professor about the mansion.
Employee of the Month Bronze
Be a good employee and go to work.
The Beginning Gold
Unlock a memory fragment.
Weal and Woe Silver
Start Chapter 2 with a good standing with Luke.
Monsieur le Photographe Silver
Meet Zachary, the photographer (as Hannah).
Real Talk Bronze
Ask for Marianne’s honest advice about marriage.
Reunion Silver
Meet an old friend at the housewarming party.
In Safe Hands Bronze
Resist the mansion’s influence.
A Safe Haven Gold
Let a friend stay over for the night.
Feels Like Yesterday Bronze
Share a painful memory to a friend.
A Hearty Meal Bronze
Have lunch with Ashton and Isabella.
Need Some Advice, Prof Silver
Consult with the professor about the photographs.
Hello Mister! Bronze
Meet Kylie (as Zachary).
Nightly Visit Silver
When nightmares just won’t leave you alone…
Mind Your Own Business Bronze
Keep looking for Ashton.
Sing the Blues Bronze
The ghost of guilt and sorrow remembers who I am…
Behind Closed Doors Bronze
Explore the deepest corners of the mansion.
Grow Up, Kid Bronze
Give a piece of advice to the younger you.
Pop Quiz! Silver
Meet a fellow nerd.
Remember Me? Silver
Meet the ghost from your past.
Daredevil Bronze
Win 4 QTEs in Normal difficulty without skipping.
Buried History Bronze
Dig deeper into the Ermengarde Mansion’s past.
Easy Way In Bronze
Find a way into BRC with the help of a friend.
Safe and Sound Gold
Ensure that all your friends are safe and accounted for.
Swallow your Pride Bronze
There are more important things, no matter how much you hate his guts…
In Living Memory Silver
Take a trip down the memory lane.
One, Big, Happy Family Silver
I think mommy overdid the make-up.
Light it Up Bronze
Not only do I have trespassers in my property, they’re also arsonists!
The REAL Letter Gold
There’s another one?!

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