Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 4/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 50 – 70 hours
Trophies: 48. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 2 / Silver 13 / Bronze 32
Missable trophies: 1 (Gold Ruler of the Dream)
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: 1 (Gold Ruler of the Dream)
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream trophy guide!

Trophy Roadmap

Step 1: Play most of the Story
Play until you are supposed to get the synthesis the Wiegentraum item. This will unlock the last recipes.

Going into the Nightmare Muster will lock you out of the events until you finished the game, so don’t!

Step 2: Create great Equipment
At this point you should have access to all Recipes and all materials, so you should be able to make the best equipment without problems.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze Premium Alchemist Discount
Silver If It Ain’t Broke, I’ll Still Fix It
Silver Magnum Opus
Bronze Two Green Thumbs

Step 3: Finish the Game
Hopefully you are strong enough for the final boss now, good luck!

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Gold Ruler of the Dream
Silver The Nightmare Passes
Silver Into the Morning Light

Tips and Strategies

You will unlock Dublication in Pirka’s shop once you spend enough cole for Refill. There is no need to register in this game, just select and spend cole.

There are enough AP to unlock everything, but I would recommend to unlock to unlock the gathering related skills first, to pretend unnecessary grind during the story.

In this game you will not need to rise friendship to see events, instead friendship will rise by seeing events. More of them will unlock with your story progress. There will be some point in the game where you can’t proceed, but it’s possible to proceed with the clear save. Character Events are normally marked with the icon of the character with the exception of some of the doll Plachta events.

How to get better traits: Every traits has a secret trade value, when you choose traits at the of your synthesis, the one with the highest grade will be at the bottom. The last effect of all the seeds is Trait Harvester, this effect gives you higher value traits depending on the traits on your seed. So create a seed by sorting your ingredients by trait and choose only the one at the very bottom. Then grow the seeds and continue with the highest you get. The end goal should be to get the traits Awakening, Healthy Body, Pure-hearted, Reliable Skill, Transcendent Mastery and Ultimate Power, which you will need to combine to get the best traits. If you want to go for One Hit Kill also look out for Vorpal Strike. Keep them!

Location that you will not visit during the story:

  • Illusion Vale: Near-Forest – Misty Garden Northeast exit
  • Dusk Forest  – Fairy Haunt: Dusk Forst – Azura‘s Pear West exits (snow)
  • Dusk Forest – Verdigris Paradise: Dusk Forest – Azura‘s Pear Southwest exit
  • East side of Windswept Plains – Newborn Verdure: Erternal Sand Dunes – Forbidden Monument
  • Almare Grasslands – Neil’s Shore: Quartz Lapis – Quartz Caverne Northeast
  • Almare Grasslands – Hometown Path South: Almare Grasslands – Neil’s Shore North exit

Trophy Guide

Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream
Acquired all trophies.

Collect all trophies!

The Land of Dreams
Arrived in Erde Wiege.

You will get this trophy automatically after the opening scenes.

Fateful Encounter
Met Ramizel.

You will get this trophy automatically after the Main Quest The Mysterious Dimension.

The Dreaming God
Agreed to help Elvira.

You will get this trophy automatically after the Main Quest Evira, the Goddess of Dreams.

Welcome Back!
Found Plachta’s soul.

You will get this trophy automatically after the Main Quest The Depths And.

I’m the Mayor Now!
Saw Plachta accept a position of authority.

The Scene for this trophy will play right after Bronze Welcome Back!.

On Dark Wings
Encountered a shadow from Diebold’s past.

You will get this trophy automatically during the Main Quest Zmei Attacks.

Settling Scores
Defeated the Zmei.

You will get this trophy automatically during the Main Quest The Thread Ahead.

Portent of Disaster
Beheld the withering of the Dream Tree.

You will get this trophy automatically after the Main Quest Abnormality.

In Memory
Journeyed through Elvira’s memories.

You will get this trophy automatically during the Main Quest Elvira’s Past.

The Nightmare Passes
Saved Elvira from the Groll.

You will get this trophy automatically during the Main Quest The Final Battle.

You need to do the last Battle of this quest on Very Hard difficult or higher for Gold Ruler of the Dream, you can’t repeat this battle if you miss this, you will to to this in a new playthrough.

Into the Morning Light
Witnessed the end of a dream.

You will get this trophy automatically after the credits.

Fledging Master
Made a promise with Plachta.

This trophy will unlock after you finished all of Plachta’s Events.

A list of all events including the rewards and the Dual Trigger Events:

  • Synthesising: Self-Taught Alchemist > Assist Skills: Quality Light, Element Switch: Light
  • Friendship > Assist Skill Link Morph: Light
  • Plachta’s Future > Passive Skill: Unbroken Focus
  • Past and Future
  • Thank You for the Meal
  • Atelier – Dual Trigger: Twilight Bullet (if you also have seen Olias’s Event: To You, Who Is Strong)
  • Free Food Tastes Best (Doll Plachta, no Icon) > Assist Skill: Extra Ingredient: Magical
    • Synthesis Hot Soil Potato Stew
  • Atelier – Dual Trigger: Riotous Bloom
  • Atelier – Dual Trigger: Surprise for You (if you also have seen Alette’s Event: The Full-Fledged Alchemist)
  • A Weapon to Protect > Maximum DG Increase by 20% > Bronze Fledging Master
    • Craft the strongest Weapon for Plachta
The Alchemist of Happiness
Learned about Ramizel’s newfound dream.

This trophy will unlock after you finished all of Ramizel’s Events.

A list of all events including the rewards and the Dual Trigger Events:

  • An Awkward Relationship
  • Nice to Meet You (Again) > Assist Skill: Element Switch: Fire
  • To Peas in A Pod > Assist Skill: Link Morph: Fire
  • Sophie’s Goal
  • Relationship Status > Passive Skill: Perfect Foresight
  • A Fixed Future
  • Atelier – Dual Triggers: Flash Strike
  • Someone to Depend on > Assist Skill: Extra Ingredient: Fuel
  • Atelier – Dual Trigger: Rune Breaker (Diebold: Subduing a Monster)
  • An Unchanging Town
  • Licensed Alchimist
  • Ramizel’s Determination > Maximum DG Increase by 20% > Bronze The Alchemist of Happiness
What Cole Can’t Buy
Received a priceless gift from Alette.

This trophy will unlock after you finished all of Alette’s Events.

A list of all events including the rewards and the Dual Trigger Events:

  • Commercial District: Alette’s Sundries
  • It’s What’s Inside That Counts
  • Synthesis to unlock Assist Skill > Assist Skill: Quality: Wind
  • Let‘ Call It Recycling? > Assist Skill – Element Switch: Wind
  • Failures Are Art > Assist Skill: Link Morph: Wind
  • Greed is Good
  • Meeting of the Merchants
  • Alchemy Training > Passive Skill: Special Snack Bag
  • Judgment Skill Training
  • The Path to Endless Riches?
  • The Thing before the Storm
  • Careful with the Antiques > Assist Skill: Extra Ingredient: Gases
    • Repair the broken pot
  • Atelier – Dual Trigger: Gigant Barrel Missile
  • The Full-Fledged Alchemist
  • Atelier – Dual Trigger: Surprise for You (Plachta: Free Food Tastes Best)
  • Alette’s Determination
  • Friends Forever > Maximum DG Increase by 20% > Bronze What Cole Can’t Buy
A Bridge Between Dream and Reality
Learned about Olias’s family.

This trophy will unlock after you finished all of Olias’s Events.

A list of all events including the rewards and the Dual Trigger Events:

  • The Popular Bodyguard > Assist Skill: Element Switch: Ice
  • The Troubled Bodyguard
  • Guarding Experience
  • A Different Problem
  • A Sudden Scolding
  • Freshs Gifts > Assist Skill: Link Morph: Ice
  • I Shine Brighter Than Dreams!
  • Nostalgie
  • To You, Who Is Strong > Passive Skill: Hunter’s Aim
    • Deliver an ointment with „HP Regen M“
  • Atelier – Dual Trigger: Twilight Bullet (Sophie: Thank You for the Meal)
  • Atelier – Dual Trigger Einzelkampf (Diebold: Subduing a Monster)
  • What the Strongest Fear > Extra Assist Skill: Ingredient Water
    • Synthesize the Daydream Crystal
  • Birth of a Dream > Maximum DG Increase by 20% > Bronze A Bridge Between Dream and Reality
The Beginning of a Legend
Helped Diebold reclaim his oath of knighthood.

This trophy will unlock after you finished all of Diebold’s Events.

A list of all events including the rewards and the Dual Trigger Events:

  • An Air of Maturity > Assist Skill: Element Switch: Lightning
  • An Unexpected Past
  • Scouted by a Bodyguard
  • Weapon-Loving Commander > Assist Skill: Link Morph: Lightning
  • For the Town
  • The Bodyguard’s Assistant > Passive Skill: Trusty Guard
    • Deliver 5 Jellyfish Larvae to Pirka
  • Banquet oft he Bodyguards
  • A Foreign Knight’s Sword
  • What Is a Knight?
  • Subduing a Monster > Assist Skill: Extra Ingredien: Metals
    • Defeat the monster in Near-Forest
  • Atelier – Dual Trigger: Rune Breaker (Ramizel: Someone to Depend on)
  • Atelier – Dual Trigger: (Einzelkampf Olias: To You, Who Is Strong)
  • A Heroic Knight’s Tale > Maximum DG Increase by 20% > BronzeThe Beginning of a Legend 
    • Synthesis Crimson Dragon Fangs
No More Mr. Sandman!
Gave Pirka a pendant to stave off sleepiness.

This trophy will unlock after you finished all of Pirka’s Events.

A list of all events including the rewards and the Dual Trigger Events:

  • The Trick to Catch Z’s
  • Connection with Alette
  • In the Eye oft he Beholder
  • Pick-Me-Up
    • Deliver Delicious Milk with 50+ Quality (x3) > Buy at The Sallow’s Song Shop in Commercial District
  • A Mysterious Productf
  • About Corina
  • Duplication Has Side Effects?
  • Surrounded by Suspicious Pots
  • Pirka’s Clan
  • Can Sleepiness Be Conquered?
  • Managing Side Effects
    • Synthesize a Lilac Jewel Necklace
  • Livin with Unique Powers > Bronze No More Mr. Sandman
An Unexpected Talent
Marveled at Gnome’s artistic skill.

This trophy will unlock after you finished all of Gnome’s Events.

A list of all events including the rewards and the Dual Trigger Events:

  • Proprietress on a Break
  • Let’s Have a Meal
  • Supporter of the Tavern
  • Gnome’s Past
  • Gnome’s Hobby
  • Painting with an Alchemist
  • For a Hard Worker Like You
    • Synthesis the Artisan Brushes
  • A Worthwhile Workplace > Bronze An Unexpected Talent
Roytale’s Most Competent Slouch
Assisted Kati in helping a child in Roytale.

This trophy will unlock after you finished all of Gnome’s Events.

A list of all events including the rewards and the Dual Trigger Events:

  • To Much Wasted Time
  • Event: A Utopia, for Some People
  • Showing Off Skills
  • Kati’s Hobby
  • An Unexpected Background
  • Pining for Home, or Not
  • Emergency Situation
    • Deliver Wake-Up Flower to Kati
  • A Necessary Presence > Bronze Roytale’s Most Competent Slouch
Veteran of Countless Battles
Reached the maximum Battle Level.

You will obtain this trophy once you reach level 50 with Sophie. You will already start at level 20.

Equip the Adventure Item Training Charm to rise your EXP gain.

The Power of Two
Unleashed all Dual Triggers.

You will unlock the first Dual Triggers during The Depths And:

  • Whiteout: Alette + Olias
  • Photon Ruler: Plachta + Ramizel
  • Flash Strike: Sophie + Diebold

The other Triggers will unlock when you have seen enough of the Character Event:

  • Mysterious Miracle: Sophie + Ramizel (after Ramizel’s Event: Relationship Status)
  • Gigant Barrel Missile: Sophie + Alette (after Alettes’s Event: Careful with the Antiques)
  • Twilight Bullet: Plachta + Olias (after Olias’s Event: To You, Who Is Strong and Plachta’s Event: Thank You for the Meal)
  • Rune Breaker: Ramizel + Dieblod (after Ramizel’s Event: Someone to Depend on and Diebold’s Event: Subduing a Monster)
  • Einzelkampf: Diebold + Olias (after Diebold’s Event: Subduing a Monster and Olias ‘s Event: To You, Who Is Strong)
  • Riotous Bloom: Sophie + Plachta (after Plachta’s Event: Free Food Tastes Best)
  • Surprise for You: Alette + Platcha (after Plachta’s Event: Free Food Tastes Best and  Alette’s Event: The Full-Fledged Alchemist)

You can activate Dual Triggers when your Dual Gauge reached at least 100%. The Dual Guage will rise while using Twin Action and Support Guard.

Ultimate Maximum Absolute Final Strike!
Broke an aura 30 times.

Auras are kind of shield that will reduce the damage your enemies receive and can also heal status debuffs from bosses, when they reactivate it.

All of the bosses and one of the monster in normal battles will have auras, so you will need to destroy a lot of them and this trophy will come naturally.

Traits like Breath of Ruins Tyrant King: Skill can help you to reduce it faster.

Cross … Counter!
Activated the effects of talismans 15 times.

Talismans will activate if you successfully use Support guard.

I Must Be Dreaming!
Dealt over 99999 in damage with a single attack.

You can either do this with damage bomb or a height power Dual Trigger like Diebolds Diebolds and Olias Einzelkampf.

  • For bombs Twilight Prism in combination with a high MP stat Plachta will do good work.
  • For Einzelkampf get there ATK and Crit-Rate as high as possible.

For both methods also use buff and debuffs items. See Gold Ruler of the Dream for equipment tips.

Let’s Get Mixing!
Synthesized an item with Sophie for the first time.

You will automatically synthesis after finishing gathering during the Main Quest Is That… Platcha?.

Critical Finish!
Achieved Super Success more than 10 times.

The chances of Super Success will rise with the number of filled component slots on the synthesis panel. Fully Filling any vertical and horizontal lines on the synthesis panel will greatly raise the chances of a Super Success.

You can see you chance in percent on the meter at the bottom.

Who Do You Take Me For?
Synthesized an item with Plachta for the first time.

Plachtas Synthesising will unlock after you craft the Sunlight Heliodor during the Changing the Weather Main Quest.

You will get this automatically if you synthesis the Cloudburst Hydrite or anything else with her.

I’m a Genius!
Devised a new recipe.

This trophy will unlock the first time you meet the requirements for a new recipe.

Font of Inspiration
Devised all possible recipes.

Recipes will unlock per story progress, finding recipes books or by meeting the requirements.

A lot of recipes you can only unlock if you have obtained the linked recipes first. The counter on the recipes will only rise once the recipes have appeared on your list, doing this things before will not count!

A list of all possible recipes:


Name How to obtain
Sotea From the beginning
Grass Sickle From the beginning
Starguide Staff From the beginning
Sunlight Heliodor Main Story·       Bask in sunlight at the highest point oft he Dream Tree.

·       Hunt: Blue Puni (x2)

Puni Missele Obtain: Ingot (x1)Obtain: Alchemic Coal (x1)
Tent Prototype 1 Synthesis: Cloth (x1)
Pickaxe Synthesis: Silvalia (x1)
Traveler’s Shoes Obtain: Leather (x1)
Azure Cage Battle: Use Support Guard (x3)Gathering: Sparkling Sand (x1)
Fire & Ice Bracelets Hunt: Green Puni (x3)
Imp’s Mischief Obtain: Mushroom Powder (x1)
Seife Synthesis: Refresh Oil (x1)Hunt: Forest Jellyfish (x3)
Twin Blades Main Story·       Synthesis: Ingot (x1)

·       Hunt: Diamond Rabbit (x1)

Knight’s Twinblades Gathering: Magnet Stone (x1)Synthesis: Silvalia with 30+ quality
Healing Talisman Gathering: Wing Plant (x1)Hunt: Magical Parasol (x3)
Rune Specter Ramizel joins the Party
Force Halberd Gathering: Gravistone (x1)Battle: Use Ramizel’s Blaze Rod or Burning Rod skill (x3)
Dimensional Solvent Main Story·       Gathering: Suspicious Liquid (x1)

·       Gathering: Pendegrün (x1)

·       Gathering: Comet Butterfly (x1)

Draco Bomb Synthesis: Flame Emperor Dust (x1)Items: Use Bomb (x4)
Flame Emperor Dust Obtain: Alchemic Coal (x1)Obtain: Flammable Sand (x1)
Scorching Talisman Gathering: Flammable Sand (x1)Alchemy Lv.: Raise Sophie’s Alchemie Level above 55
Thunder Talisman Gathering: Spirit Stone (x1)
Soul Cage Main Story
Kriech Lightning Bomb Synthesis: Lightning Bomb (x2)Item Use: Lightning Bomb (x4)
Decoy Doll Synthesis: Multicolor Dye (x1)Hunt: Fungus Hound (x3)
Snowflake Crystall Obtain: Silver Crystall (x1)Obtain: Pure Water (x1)
Glacial Larimar Main Story
Royal Guard Obtain: Big Beast Bone (x1)Battle: Use Diebold’s Glotious Blade or Dragon Slayer skills (x3)
Milky Sign Synthesis: Golden Eisen (x1)Gathering: Sand Bamboo (x1)
Avalance Naginata Synthesis: Wirbel Ice Bomb (x2)Synthesis: Gold Eisen with 40+ quality
Hot Soil Potato Stew Plachta’s Event: Free Food Tastes Best·       Syntehsis: Weisscream (x1)
Goldsteel Sickle Synthesis: Sperrholz Plywood (x1)Major Gathering: Grass Sickle
Antique Pot Alette‘s Event: Careful with the Antiques
Exquisite Pickaxe Synthesis: Undastone (x1)Major Gathering: Pickaxe (x3)
Artisan Brushes Gnome‘s Event: For a Hard Worker Like You
Bomb Hammer Main Story·       Knowledge: (Stone) category items (x7)
Lilac Jewel Necklace Pirka’s Event: Managing Side Effects
Spirit Weave Cloth Obtain: Wise Smaragd (x1)Obtain: Nu Ilahat (x1)
Codex of Creation Obtain: Honest Topaz (x1)Obtain: Zettel (x1)

Obtain: Stained Grimoire (x1)

Flame of Origin Obtain: Passion Ruby (x1)Obtain: Sulphur Ore (x1)
Phantom Suit Battle: Use Support Guard (x4)Battle: Win a battle (x4)
Emergency Bag Obtain: Dreamer’s Tentacle (x1)Obtain: Fine Pelt (x1)
Dream Vessel (Storm) Main Story·       Exploration: Research the lightning object in the Windswept Plains.

·       Obtain: Obtain a material infused with the power of lightning.

Crackling Dravite  Main Story
Wake-Up Flower Kati’s Event: Emergency Situation
Daydream Crystal Olias’s Event: What the Strongest Fear
Inferno Bomb Hammer Obtain: Nitro Water (x1)Major Gathering: Bomb Hammer (x4)
Tellus Mater Gathering: Sun Powder (x1)Battle: Have Sophie and Ramizel use Twin Action (x4)
Time Control Hourglass Obtain: Dawn Tree Branch (x1)Obtain: Einquatz (x1)
Black Iron Swords Gathering: Steel Balls (x1)Battle: Have Diebold and Sophie use Twin Action (x4)
Gloria Wing Gathering: Golden Leaf (x1)Battle: Have Ramizel and Diebold use Twin Action (x4)
Synergy Talisman Obtain: Seele Pilos (x1)Hunt: Abyss Tyrant (x1)
Golden Seeds Gathering: Gold Beehive (x1)
Reverie Powder Main Story·       Applied: Alchemie Clay (Effect: Synth Quantity +4)

·       Alchemie Lv.: Raise Sophie’s Alchemy Level above 70

Resurrection Wear Obtain: Geranovirgen (x1)Obtain: Alles Welt (x1)
Daydream Key Obtain: Key to the Stars (x1)
Black Agujero Battle: Use Dual Trigger (x3)Synthesis: Confeito with 80+ quality
Philosopher’s Stones Obtain: Dragon Bloodstone (x1)Obtain: Black Agujero (x1)
Barrage Talisman Alette’s Event: Friends Forever
Mystery Elixir Obtain: Dunkelheit (x1)Obtain: Herbal Sky Medicine (x1)
Support Talisman Obtain: Forbidden Grimoire (x1)Battle: Support Guard (x5)
Calm Blue Flame Gathering: Uro Hielo (x1)
Flame of the End Obtain: Innocent Adamas (x1)Obtain: Calm Blue Flame (x1)
Crimson Dragon Fangs Diebold’s Event: A Heroic Knight’s Tale
Alles Welt Synthesis: Asterisima (x1)Synthesis: Sythesize items (x4)
Enlightenment Staff Hunt: Sweet Fragrance (x1)Battle: Have Sophie and Ramizel use Twin Action (x5)

Battle: Have Sophie and Ramizel use Dual Trigger (x1)

Heavenly Einsamkeit Obtain: Abgrund Schüler (x1)Battle: Have Ramizel and Diebold use Twin Action (x5)

Battle: Have Ramizel and Diebold use Dual Trigger (x1)

Dream Vision Pendulum Main Story


Name How to obtain
Cloudburst Hydrite Cloudburst Hydrite
Long Boots Unlocks with Plachtas Syntesising
Tasty-Looking Bait Unlocks with Plachtas Syntesising
Trick Hand Unlock with Plachtas Syntesising
Alchemic Coal Gathering: Kiefer (x1)
Fishing Rod Unlock with Plachtas Syntesising
Hunting Rifle Olias joins Party
Gem Heels Obtain: Crimson Coral (x1)Battle: Use Alette’s Cross Cut or Crucial Cut skills (x3)
Chaos Arm Battle: Use Twin Action (x3)Obtain: Bat Wing (x1)
Alter Gun Gathering: Woodchips (x1)Battle: Win a battle (x3)
Bug Net Gathering: Lady Bug (x1)
Monster Bait Synthesis: Tasty-Looking Bait (x1)Gathering: Devil’s Kiss (x1)
Storm Bracelets Gathering: Pendeloque (x1)
Rejection Weight Synthesis: Polish (x1)Hunt: Spore Dog (x4)
Lustrous Talisman Gathering: Sunset Grass (x1)
Slingshot Synthesis: Stretchy Band (x1)
Stretchy Band Gathering: Gumstone (x1)Hunt: Gentle Phantom (x4)
Mysticastein Applied: Polish (Effect: Synth Quality +10)
Glacier Talisman Gathering: Frost Uni (x1)
Gale Talisman Obtain: Straight Baum (x1)
Wirbel Wind Ice Bomb Synthesis: Snowflake Crytal (x1)Item: Use Ice Bomb (x4)
Hawk Scout Hunt: Gustaf (x3)Battle: Use Olias’s Frozen Cannon or Snowfall Cannon skills (x3)
Ancient Mecha Arm Applied: Gold Eisen (Effect: Gear Synth: ATK-SPD +6)
Spy’s Footfalls Obtain: Jelly Gems (x1)Hunt: Extinct Ancient (x4)
Ennui Mirror Major Gathering: Fishing Rod (x2)
Rest Bubbles Gathering: Anti-freeze Water (x1)
Undine’s Sigh Gathering: Green-Spike Ore (x1)Gathering: Gather materials (x20)
Ritual Luft Synthesis: Undine’s Sigh (x1)Items: Use Luft (x4)
Tailwinder Hunt: Guardian (x3)
High Grade Rod Applied: Tasty-Looking Bait (Effect: Add (Seafood))Major Gathering: Fishing Rod (x3)
Verre Cuir Synthesis: Flügel (x1)Obtain: Black Puniballs (x1)
Light Bug Net Gathering: Wild Beast’s Beard (x1)Major Gathering: Bug Net (x3)
Poison Seeds Obtain: Yuqtul Frog (x1)
Trickshot Gathering: Plasmein (x1)Major Gathering: Slingshot (x3)
Typhon Keim Gathering: Viper Zweig (x1)
Dream Vessel (Air) Exploration: Reseach Snowy Bridge at the Frosted WallKnowledge: (Gases) category items (x5)
Floating Gibeon Main Story
Destuctive Talisman Obtain: Monoclonius (x1)
Tikometal Gathering: Malgam Ore (x1)Alchemy Lv.: Raise Plachta’s Alchemy Level above 56
Safeguard Talisman Gathering: Bergstone (x1)
Spike Cleaver Gathering: Rosesstamm (x1)Battle: Have Alette and Olias use Twin Action (x4)
Blood Kaiser Obtain: Evil Core (x1)Battle: Have Plachta and Alette ues Twin Action (x4)
Thunder Cannon Battle: Have Olias use Support Guard (x3)Battle: Have Olias and Plachta use Twin Action (x4)
Fire Dragon Salve Obtain: Indracom
Cycle Talisman Obtain: Eternal Plate (x1)Obtain: Old Master (x1)
Twilight Prism Synthesis: Priarco (x1)
Great Gift Knowledge: (Poisons) category items (x10)
Langwolke Gathering: Sweet Cloud (x1)
Groll-warding Stone Main Story·       Gathering: Rustproof Heart (x1)

·       Hung: Large Groll (x10)

Millio Quartz Gathering: Einquatz (x1)
Intertwining Scarf Synthesis: Langwolke (x1)Hunt: Dragonaire (x1)
Shadow Lynchpin Obtain: Spiritcall Tree (x1)
Gunfighter Talisman Obtain: Evening Star Piece (x1)Hung: Chaos Blossom (x1)
Book of Hades Obtain: Fatal Nebula (x1)
Cerberus Plate Hunt: Horned Beast (x2)Applied: Geranovirgen (Effect: Gear Synth: All + 14)
Lebestrahl Obain: Breath Organ (x1)
Wiegentraum Main Story·       Alchemy Lv: Raise Plachta’s Alchemy Level above 75

·       Applied: Philosopher’s Stones (Effect: Four Elements Max Lv.)

Divine Punisher Plachtas’s Event: A Weapon to Protect
Demon Slayer Synthesis: Millio Quartz (x1)Battle: Have Olias and Plachta use Twin Action (x5)

Battle: Have Olias and Plachta use Dual Trigger (x5)

Hollow Waker Gathering: Licht Kalpasmos (x1)Battle: Have Alette and Olias use Twin Action (x5)

Battle: Have Alette and Olias use Dual Trigger (x5)


Name How to obtain
Sedactive Ointment From the Beginning
Red Neutralizer Obtain: Red Flower (x1)
Yellow Neutralizer Obtain: Yellow Flower (x1)
Craft From the Beginning
Bomb From the Beginning
Lightning Bomb From the Beginning
Blue Neutralizer Obtain: Blue Flower (x1)
Green Neutralizer Obtain: Green Flower (x1)
Ice Bomb
Traveler’s Vest
Cure-all Base Obtain: Jellyfish Larvae (x1)
Golden Thread Obtain: Cotton Wool (x1)Obtain: Silver Web (x1)
Wiege Wheat Flour Obtain: Weige Wheat (x1)
Zettel Obtain: Paper Scraps (x1)
Honey From the Beginning
Polish Gathering: White Sand (x1)
Puni Candy Gathering: Soil Potatoes (x1)
Puni Jelly Obtain: Tough Bone (x1)Obtain: Crackling Water (x1)
Carapace Talisman Obtain: Pretty Shells (x1)
Ringmail Battle: Have Olias use Suppoert Guard (x2)
Gnade Ring Obtain: Ingot (x1)Obtain: Pendeloque (x1)
Reflection Talisman Obtain: Sharp Claws (x1)
White Neutralizer Gathering: White Flower (x1)Hunt: Lickshroom (x4)
Refresh Oil
Heat Earrings Major Gathering: Fishing Rod (x1)
Silvalia Obtain: Kupfer Ore (x1)Obtain: White Ash Stone (x1)
Healing Elixir Obtain: Tall Taun (x1)Obtain: Crimson Grass (x1)
Pure Water Obtain: Drinking Water (x1)Obtain: Aroma Holz (x1)
Tanning Fluid Gathering: Salt Water (x1)
Leather Obtain: Beast Pelt (x1)
Scrap Armor Synthesis: Golden Thread (x1)
Moffcloth Obtain: Monster Bird Feathers (x1)Obtain: Rabbit Fut (x1)
Yarn Coat Obtain: Moffcloth (x1)Obtain: Leather (x1)
Demolition Bomb Main Story
Natual Yeast Obtain: Grass Uni (x1)Obtain: Altare (x1)
Numbing Venom Gathering: Zapping Water (x1)Hunt: Biteshroom (x4)
Warding Incense Obtain: Charmanduft (x1)Obtain: Cure-all Base (x1)
Nectar of Life Obtain: Avus Weg (x1)
Honey Syrup Obtain: Blessed Sap (x1)Obtain: Salt Water (x1)
Breezy Aroma Obtain: Refresh Oil (x1)Synthesis: Charmaduft (x1)
Fire Seeds Gathering: Oil Tree Fruit (x1)
Water Seeds Gathering: Cucumis Fruit (x1)
Victor’s Charm Obtain: Expird Ticket (x1)Obtain: Pendegrün (x1)
Hustle Belt Obtain: Leather (x1)Obtain: Shining Disk (x1)
Gold Eisen Obtain: Kimberlite (x1)
Klavier Band Gathering: Kimberlite (x1)Knowledge: (Threads) category items (x4)
Stone Seeds Knowledge: (Stone) category items (x3)
Growlia Catalyst Automatical during Main Quest: The Induction Ceremony
Flügel Obtain: Golden Thread (x1)Obtain: Griffon Feather (x1)
Limitia Catalyst Automatical during Main Quest: The Induction Ceremony
Meteor Iron Armor Hunt: Rock Golem (x2)Battle: Have Diebold use Support Guard (x3)
God’s Gift Obtain: Noble Sapphire (x1)Obtain: Star Powder (x1)
Alchemic Clay Obtain: Sticky Mud (x1)
Passion Ruby Gathering: Rubis Gemstone (x1)Gathering: Glowshell (x1)
Honest Topaz Obtain: Topacio Gemstone (x1)Applied: Polish (Effect: Add (Neutralizers))
Resolia Catalyst Obtain: Resolia Catalist (x1)·       Chest in Ancient City Royum – Royum: Base
Training Charm Obtain: Wicked Fang (x1)Obtain: Golden Leaf (x1)
Wise Smaragd Gathering: Emeraude Gemstone (x1)Applied: Polish (Effect: Synth Quality + 15)
Noble Sapphire Obtain: Saphir Gemstone (x1)Obtain: Polish (x1)

Obtain: Glowshell (x1)

Heaven’s Cleanser Obtain: Great Gift (x1)Obtain: Nareinja (x1)
Spirit Tears Obtain: Pure Water (x1)Obtain: Siren’s Tear (x1)
Prierco Hunt: Diamond Golem (x2)Knowledge: (Sand) category items (x5)
Velvetis Obtain: Schneekleid (x1)Obtain: Rainbow Neutralizer (x1)
Alchemy Mantle Obtain: Velvetis (x1)Obtain: Tikometal (x1)
Storagia Obtain: Storagia Catalist (x1)·       Chest in Illusion Vale
Arzeizel Gathering: Wurzel Aqua (x1)
Harmonium Obtain: Atelis Ore (x1)Obtain: Priarco (x1)
Ambrosia Garland Obtain: Parum Bouquet (x1)Obtain: Large Portable Nest (x1)
Absopta Catalyst Obtain: Absopta Catalyst (x1)·       Chest in Eternal Sand Dunes – Forbidden Monument
Innocent Adamas Gathering: Diamond Gemstone (x1)
Primal Storm Obtain: Abgrund Schüler (x1)Applied: Typhon Keim (Effect: Wind Lv. +3)

Alchemy Lv.: Raise Sophie’s Alchemy Level above 80


Recipe Name Book Name Location
Baked Waffle Waffle Cooking Guide Tavern Quest: I want to Run A Store 3
Multicolor Dye Happy Living Pirka’s Emperion (after meeting Ramizel)
Charmanduft Happy Living Pirka’s Emperion (after meeting Ramizel)
Plant Seeds Greenhouse Basics Main Story
Extacraft Spiky Weapon Tavern Quest: Wishing for a Balanced World 5
Glacial Larimar Weather Control (Snow) Main Story
Demolition Bomb How to Make Demolition Bombs Main Story
Weisscream The Secret Ingredient Pirka’s Emperion (after The Depths and)
Confeito The Secret Ingredient Pirka’s Emperion (after The Depths and)
Undastone A Puni Guide to DIY Pirka’s Emperion (after The Depths and)
Sperrholz Plywood A Puni Guide to DIY Pirka’s Emperion (after The Depths and)
Wake-Up Flower Wake-Up Flower Recipe Kati’s Charakere Events
Mystic Seeds Mystic Seed Recipe Gnomes Trade Shop in Tavern
Eaglescope The Art of Battle Alette’s Sundries (during Anti-Groll Measures)
Moonless Mist Book oft he New Moon Gnomes Trade Shop in Tavern
Rainbow Neutralizer Heart of Alchemy Chest in Survas’Heart – Inferno’s Pulse
Asterisima Dream Vision Log Alette’s Sundries (during Anti-Groll Measures)
Starry Comet Falling Star Gnomes Trade Shop in Tavern
Okeagyrn The Secret of Smithing Chest in Zelgador Summit – Heaven Sword Peak
Geranovirgen Heavenly Weaving Chest in Eternal Sand Dunes  – Shimmering Land
Crimson Dragon Fangs True Knight’s Sword Diebold’s Charaktere Events
That’s What Friends Are For
Activated all Assist Skills at least once.

Assist skill can boost item quality, modify the synthesis panel and supply additional materials and other effects.

The will activate automatically once for form enough links of their associated element.

The first Assist Skill will unlock if you synthesis after have seen enough of Alette’s Character Events. The others will unlock while progressing through all of your party members events.

There are 4 kind of skills for all of the 5 elements so 20 in total.

Mixing Master
Obtained all catalysts.

Catalyst will help you by creating items with higher effects. The first to catalyst will unlock during the Main Quest The Induction Ceremony.

The 3 other need to be find in chest:

  • Resolia Catalyst: Ancient City Royum – Royum: Base:  cherost behind the Dragon in the Northwest
  • Storagia Catalyst: Illusion Vale
  • Apsopta Catalyst: Eternal Sand Dunes – Forbidden Monument
Magnum Opus
Created an item with 999 quality.

The best way to get high quality items is harvest from high quality seeds.

Example for Plant Seed:

Create a Wake-Up-Flower with as much quality as can, by using the traits:

  • Ultimate Masterpiece – Superb Quality x Ultimate Power (if you already have)
  • Superb Quality (Well-Made x Pro Perfection)
  • Pro Perfection (Quality + x Quality ++)
  • Quality++

You might want to make a item like Spirit Tears with this first, so you can make a better one later and don’t forget that Super Success also gives you a great quality boost.

Harvest this seeds, create a new seed with them and Wake-Up Flower (or upgraded one) and continue with this until you reach the 999 quality.

Boundless Knowledge
Reached the maximum Alchemy Level with both Sophie and Plachta.

For this trophy you will need to reach Alchemy Level with both Sophie and Plachta. Sophie will start at level 50 and Plachta at level 25.

You get more EXP depending on the item level. You also get more EXP for new labelled items.

Premium Alchemist Discount
Spent over 100,000 Cole at Pirka’s shop.

Pirka’s shop offers a restock for your equipped usable items, item duplication and a normal item shop.

You should get this trophy naturally latest while going for the best equipment.

This game doesn’t offer a really great way of earning money.  The simplest way will just doing quest at the tavern. You can also try doing normal battles with a bomb with One Hit Kill trait in your least unlocked area.

Changed the weather.

You will get this trophy the first time you use a weather control tool after the tutorial.

Weather Oracle
Obtained all weather control tools.

All of the tools are story related, so you will get this trophy automatically.

Conducted an extensive barrel inspection.

You will find barrels left of the door inside of your atelier. You will need to interact with them 40 times to get this trophy.

First Haul
Played a Major Gathering mini-game using any of the gathering tools.

Major Gathiring points will show up with a Pickaxe-and-Sickle-Symbol on the map and with a glowing on the actual point.

Expert Gatherer
Played Major Gathering mini-games with all of the gathering tools.

Major Gathiring points will show up with a Pickaxe-and-Sickle-Symbol on the map and with a glowing on the acutal point.

There are 6 kind of tools: Sickle, Pickaxe, Bomb Hammer, Slingshot, Bug Net and Fishing Rod.

Leave It To Me!
Raised the Adventurer Grade.

This trophy will unlock the first time you raise you Adventurer Grade. See Silver If It Ain’t Broke, I’ll Still Fix It for more information.

If It Ain’t Broke, I’ll Still Fix It
Reached the maximum Adventurer Grade.

Request and Adventure Garde will get available during the Main Quest Helping Out Alette.

Completing requests will improve Sophie’s reputation. While reputation improves advancement request will become available. Completing them will increase your Adventurer Grade.

Once you have filled the meter complete you will need to do a Rank-Up Quest, but they will only appear if you are far enough in the story.

I’m Good at This!
Learned a Bonus Skill for the first time.

You will unlock Bonus Skill when you spend enough AP by unlocking Skills.

You obtain AP per level ups, finding landmarks and finishing party quests.

Landmark Location:



Illusion Vale

Flower Bank Ruins

Dusk Forest

Dream Tree

Windswept Plains

Almare Grasslands

Erk’s Ice Caves

Snowy Corridor

Quartz Lapis

Ancient City Royum

Burning Mt. Surva

Surva’s Heart

Thunder Bolt Plalace

Zelgador Summit

Eternal Sand Dunes

Nightmare Muster

Two Green Thumbs
Harvested crops grown from every variety of seeds and in every greenhouse environment at least once.

There are 7 kind of Seeds: Plant, Stone, Fire, Water, Mystic, Poison and Golden. The Plant Seed recipes will unlock when you get the first greenhouse. The recipe book for Mystic Seed you can trade by Gnome in the tavern at some point. The others can be find in the recipe list.

You can unlock 4 greenhouses: Thunderstorm, Rain, Sunshine and Snow. At the beginning you will only have one. More will unlock if you use the greenhouses and are far enough in the story.

Ruler of the Dream
Defeated Frenzied Elvira on Very Hard difficulty or higher.

Frenzied Elivra is the Final Boss of the game. You will need to fight two battles without a break. It is not necessary to play the complete game on this difficulty, you can change it right before the boss once you reach the end of Nightmare Muster – Evil Dream.

It is not possible to repeat this battle, so this trophy is missable! Luckily at this point of the game you already have access to every materials and recipes excluding one final story recipe.


Use the highest tier ones, which use Okeagyrn.

Good Traits:

  • Tyrant King: Skill (Increases ATK by 100. Attacks against a target with an aura reduce the aura gauge by an additional 3.)
  • Scholar King: Skill (When the user is in the attack team, increases the whole attack team’s ATK by 50 and item and skill damage by 10%.)
  • Awakened Power (Increases ATK by 60.)
  • All-Stat Power (Increases all stats by 40.)
  • Evolve the Body (Increases base stats by 30%)


Possible Armors:

  • Phantom Suit: reduce chance of being target, shorten WT after using Skills, SPD+, Critical Rate+
  • Rescurrection Wear: Self-Recovery, Chance of surviving KP With 1 HP, Recovery HP when HP is low, HP+
  • Cerberus Play: Increase Chance of being target and ATK-DEF-SPD+ when HP below 50%, increase SE Resistance and Stack of Speed increase on successfully nullifiying a status effect, recude critical damage received, damage reduction
  • Alchemy Mantle: shortens WT after using items and issuing a Time Card restores HP, recover X% of damage received as MP, shortens WT for items, Item Boost+

Alchemy Mantle would be good for alchemist, especially for bomb users.

Good Traits:

  • Tyrant King: Body (Increases DEF by 100 and restores HP and MP at the start of each turn. Recovery: 30)
  • Scholar King: Body (When the user is in the attack team, increases the attack team’s DEF by 50 and SE resistance by 10%.)
  • Awakened Protection (Increases DEF by 60.)
  • All-Stat Power (Increases all stats by 40.)
  • Evolve the Body (Increases base stats by 30%)
  • Secluded (Increases ATK, DEF, and SPD by 1% every 5 levels. When affected by a parameter buff, the parameter is increased by an extra 25%.)

Accessories & Talisman

Possible Traits:

  • If you want some SPD
  • Tyrant King: Heart (Increases SPD by 100 and user’s TP gain by 30%.)
  • Scholar King: Heart (When the user is in the attack team, increases the whole attack team’s SPD by 50 and shortens WT by 10%.)
  • For Plachta if you use Twilight Pism:
    • Dragon God Soul (Increases max MP by 100 and restores 15 MP on turn.)
    • Awakened Spirit (Increases max MP by 100.)
    • Dragon’s Vitality
  • or whatever you want, you can also look at the above ones

Available Accessoires and there effect:

  • Heart Earrings: HP+, MP+, HP Regen, MP Regen
  • Gnade Ring: ATK+, DEF+, SPD+, Skill Damage+/Item Damage+/Damage Reduce-
  • Fire & Ice Bracelet: Ice Resistance+, Fire Resistance+, DEF+, Damage Reduction+
  • Hustle Belt: Effect of Knockback-/Damage against Bosses+, KO Resistance+, ATK+, Skill Reduction+
  • Lilac Jewel Necklace: Chance of remove random debuff, SE Resistance+, MP+, MP Regen on Turn
  • Eaglescope: Crit Multiplier, Accuracy+, Critical Boost, Critical Rate+
  • Ambrosia Garland: ATK-DEF-SPD increase when recovering from debuff, extra HP recovery when status effect cured, ATK-DEF-SPD+ during morning, ATK-DEF-SPD+
  • Time Control Hourglass: Shortens WP, increase ATK by SPD, KO Resistance+, easier chance of dealing high damage when attacking
  • Intertwining Scarf: DG gain+, damage dealt by Twin Actions+ and damage received during Support Guard-, TP gain+ and decrease WT during snow, HP Regen of Turn

Available Talismans and there main effect:

  • Reflection Talisman: reflect damage
  • Carapace Talisman: applies stack of DEF
  • Healing Talisman: restores HP
  • Gale Talisman: applies stack of wind resistance
  • Scorching Talisman: applies stack of fire resistance
  • Thunder Talisman: Gale Talisman: applies stack of lightning resistance
  • Scorching Talisman: applies stack of fire resistance
  • Safe Guard: chance of being target increase
  • Synergy Talisman: grants TP
  • Support Talisman: skill damage boost
  • Destructive Talisman: applies Aura Inhibition and reduce aura gauge
  • Cycle Talisman: stack of SE resistance increase
  • Barrage Talisman: increase normal attack count
  • Lustrous Talisman: applies stack of critical rate decrease and accuracy decrease to the enemy
  • Gunfighter Talisman: applies item damage boost on the user

Buff Items: Spirit Weave Cloth

Possible Traits:

  • Pure White Glory (Applies 1 stack each of all stats increase and random resistance increase, and 3 random buffs.)
  • Herculean Blessing (Applies 3 stack(s) of ATK increase on the target)
  • Seraph’s Blessing (Applies 3 stack(s) of DEF increase on the target)
  • Secluded (Increases ATK, DEF, and SPD by 1% every 5 levels. When affected by a parameter buff, the parameter is increased by an extra 25%.)
  • Anticlimactic (Increases ATK, DEF, and SPD by 30%. Effect reduces after each turn.)

Debuff Items

It possible to simple use a weak bomb for this traits, so it’s possible for all of your characters to use it.

Possible Traits:

  • Pure White Corrosion (Applies 1 stack each of all stats decrease and random secondary element resistance decrease, and has a 50% chance of inflicting 5 random status effects.)
  • Banish All Strength (Applies 3 stack(s) of ATK decrease to the target.)
  • Banish All Protection (Applies 3 stack(s) of DEF decrease to the target.)

Healing Items

Possible Traits:

  • Demon Heal (Increases the item’s recovery power by 100% at the cost of consuming 20% of max MP.)
  • Dragon God Cure (Increases the item’s recovery power by 30%, with a further increase depending on the strength of the applied traits.)
  • Multi Burst (Increases the item’s power and recovery power by [targets in area of effect x 20]%.)
  • Ultimate Recovery (Increases the item’s recovery power by 50%.)
  • Awakening Heal (Cures KO and recovers 20% of HP.)
  • Life Awakening (Cures KO, recovers 30% of HP and applies 1 stack of HP Regen.)


Best Traits:

  • Dragon God Roar (Increases the item’s power by 30%, with a further increase depending on the strength of applied traits.)
  • Stun Burst (Deals 80% more damage to stunned targets.)
  • Demon Throw (Increases the item’s power by 150%, but also extends WT after use by 80%.)
  • Demon Flare (Increases the item’s power by 100% at the cost of consuming 20% of max HP.)
  • God Throw (Increases power and recovery power by 100%, but extends WT after use by 200%.)
  • Ultimate Destruction (Increases the item’s power by 50%.)

Twilight Prism

  • can only be used by Plachta
  • This is a good bomb for the 99,999 Damage Trophy! For this it’s important to get Plachtas MP as high as possible and the item power as high as possible. Don’t forget that quality also has an high influence!
  • Wild Rainbow Effect: Consumes all of current MP, increasing power by 1% for each MP consumed.
  • Also Raise the Consume HP Effects

Optional Bomb for normal enemies (use a weak bomb, so that everyone can use it, power doesn’t matter anyway)

  • One Hit Kill (Guaranteed to kill the target, excluding bosses and powerful enemies.)
  • Multiply (Increases item uses by 3 but decreases the power by 30%.)

Trait Combinations:

Name of the Trait Which combination give it
Awakened Power War God’s Power x Awakening
War God’s Power Beastly Power x Power of Destruction
Beastly Power ATK Charge x AKT Boost
Power of Destruction ATK Boost x ATK Supercharge
Awakened Protection Dragonscale Protection x Awakening
Dragonscale Protection Steel Protection x Diamond Defence
Steel Protection DEF Charge x DEF Boost
Diamond Defence DEF Boost x DEF Supercharge
Scholar King: Skill Scholar King x Reliable Skill
Scholar King: Body Scholar King x Healthy Body
Scholar King: Heart Scholar King x Pure-Hearted
Scholar King Benevolent Ruler x One for All
Benevolent Ruler Trusty Leader x Inner Ambition
Trusty Leader King of the Hill x Sign of Growth
Tyrant King: Skill Tyrant King x Reliable Skill
Tyrant King: Body Tyrant King x Healthy Body
Tyrant King: Heart Tyrant King x Pure-Hearted
Tyrant King Benevolent Ruler x All for One
All-Stat Power All Stats Supercharge x Awakening
All Stats Supercharge ATK-DEF Supercharge x ATK-SPD Supercharge
ATK-DEF Supercharge ATK Supercharge x DEF Supercharge
ATK-SPD Supercharge ATK Supercharge x SPD Supercharge
Evolve the Body Develop the Body x Awakening
Develop the Body Enhance the Body x Super enhanced Body
Enhance the Body Parameters + 5% x Parameters + 8%
Super enhanced Parameters + 8% x Parameters + 10%
Dragon God Soul Sage’s Wisdom x Dragon God Blessing
Awakened Spirit Sage’s Wisdom x Awakening
Sage’s Wisdom Magician’s Wisdom x Grand Magician’s Wisdom
Magician’s Wisdom MP Charge x MP Boost
Grand Magician’s Wisdom MP Boost x MP Supercharge
Dragon Vitality From the Item Dragon Bloodstone
Pure White Corrosion Pure White Resonance x Dark Decline
Yellow Rhythm Red Surge x Green Surge
Pure White Resonance Yellow Rhythm x Blue Surge
Dark Decline Empty Anxiety x Invisible Illness
Pure White Glory Pure White Resonance x Feeble Property
Feeble Prosperity Sharp Mind x Familiar Presence
Herculean Blessing Mighty Blessing x Transcendent Mastery
Seraph Blessing Guardian’s Blessing x Transcendent Mastery
Banish All Protection Banish Protection x Transcendent Mastery
Banish All Strength Banish Strength x Transcendent Mastery
Anticlimactic From the Item Devil Pumpkin
Secluded From the Item Schneekleid
Demon Heal Tremendous Healing x Devil’s Brand
Dragon God Cure Tremendous Healing x Dragon God Blessing
Ultimate Recovery Tremendous Healing x Ultimate Power
Tremendous Healing Ample Healing x Terrific Healing
Ample Healing Recovery Up x Recovery Up +
Terrific Healing Recovery Up + x Recovery Up ++
Multi Burst Multi Bonus x Ultimate Power
Multi Bonus Area Bonus + x Effective vs Many
Effective vs Many Area Bonus x Area Bonus +
Awakening Heal From the item Horn
Life Awakening From the Item Seele Pilós
Ultimate Destruction Extremely Devastating x Ultimate Power
Extremely Devastating Rather Devastating x Very Devastating
Rather Devastating Destruction Up x Destruction Up +
Very Devastating Destruction Up + x Destruction Up ++
Stun Burst Merciless Strike x Ultimate Power
Merciless Strike Ruthless Strike x Relentless Blow
Ruthless Strike Enhance Finisher x Enhance Finisher +
Relentless Blow Enhance Finisher + Enhance Finisher ++
Demon Throw Strong Throw x Devil’s Brand
Devil’s Brand Comes from the item Evil Core
Strong Throw Power Throw x Power Throw +
Demon Flare Extremely Devastating x Devil’s Brand
God Throw Strong Throw x Transcendent Mastery
Dragon God Roar Extremely Devastating x Dragon God Blessing
Dragon God Blessing From the Items Dragon Core or Dragon Eye
Multiply Uses + 1 x Uses + 2
One Hit Kill Certain Critical x Vorpal Strike
Certain Critical Critical Finish x Half Critical
Critical Finish Critical x Critical +
Half Critical Critical + x Critical ++


Nightmare Acolytes
Defeated powerful enemies haunted by nightmares in all regions.

This trophy will pop after you beat all the EX Quest Monster from the Tavern, excluding the Rematches that unlock after beating the game:

  • Attack from the Skies – Demonic Wing
  • Bunny of Destruction – Star Jumper
  • Demon oft he Desert – Covetous Devil
  • Dream Tree Fungus – Sweat Fragrance
  • Giant JellyFish in the Caves – Countless Feelers
  • Giant Footsteps – Abyss Tyrant
  • Incredible Puni Research – Rainbow Punny
  • Second Dragon Quest – Goldnaire
  • Verdigris Paradise – Tidal Bunny
  • Watch Out for Man-Eating Plants – Maneater
Dream Conqueror
Defeated one giant enemy.

This trophy once you defeat your first giant enemy.

This trophy can also unlock automatically during the Special Request 2 Main Quest.

Fearless Challenger
Defeated all giant enemies.

Giants refence to the enemies who appear with a big red symbol on your map and in the maps master list.

Here a complete List of them:

  • Abyss Tyrant: Surva’s Heart – Deep Cavern (Giant Footsteps)
  • Admiral Puni: Windswept Plains – Breezy Field
  • Azure Ibis – Hometown Path – Almare Grasslands
  • Big Tree Soldier: Near-Forest – Misty Garden
  • Cavern Keeper – Erk’s Ice Caves (Rank Up: Grade B)
  • Countless Feelers: Quartz Lapis – Quartz Caverne (Giant JellyFish in the Caves)
  • Covetous Devil: Eternal Sand Dunes – Oblivion Wasteland (Demon oft he Desert)
  • Chaos Blossom: Illusion Vale
  • Dark Lord: Near-Forst – Bustling Lane
  • Demonic Wing: Dusk Forest – Fairy Haunt (Attack from the Skies)
  • Diamond Golem: Quartz Lapis – Quartz Terrain
  • Dragonaire: Ancient City Royum – Royum: Base, Ancient City Royum – Base: Summit, Nightmare Muster – Beguiling Dream
  • Flammpfeil: Nightmare Muster – Hollow Dream, Surva’s Heart – Deep Cavern
  • Giant Fortress: Eternal Sand Dunes – Forbidden Monument
  • Giga Mushroom: Dusk Forst – Luminecent Swamp
  • Goldnaire: Zelgador Summi – Heaven Sword Peak (Second Dragon Quest)
  • Maneater – Illusion Vale (Watch Out for Man-Eating Plants)
  • Poltergeist: Dusk Forest – Azura‘s Pier
  • Queen Specter: Eternal Sand Dunes – Shimmering Land
  • Rainbow Puni: I Windswept Plains – Breezy Field (Incredible Puni Research)
  • Silverus: Zelgador Summit – Pockmarked Cliff, Nightmare Muster – Haunting Dream
  • Star Jumper: Windswept Plains – Breezy Field (Bunny of Destruction)
  • Tital Bunny – Dusk Forest – Verdigris Paradise (Verdigris Paradise)
  • Venom Spreader – Quartz Lapis – Quartz Abime
  • Wandering Pariah – Dusk Forest – Fairy Haunt (also during Main Story)
  • Wood Golen: Windswept Plains – Newborn Verdure

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