Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time to 100%: 15+ hours
Trophies: 11. 40-platinum 0 / Gold 1 / Silver 5 / Bronze 5
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel trophy guide!
Master Duel is a free to play digital collectible card game made by Konami. It comes with over 10.000 cards and 20 years of Yu-Gi-Oh history. Of course, this meant an influx of current TCG (trading card game) and OCG (original card game) players as well as returning players and anime fans. This guide will show you how to earn every trophy and give you some general tips about the game.


Note: There are no missable trophies which means they can be earned in any order. This roadmap just shows in what order I got them so it may be different for you depending on your playstyle and deck you are using.

Step 1: Reach The Platinum Rank
This is the hardest trophy in the game as it requires you to reach platinum rank in ranked mode. I recommend going for this first to get it out of the way, also you will probably earn most of the other trophies along the way. For more details, check the trophy description below.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Welcome to MASTER DUEL
Bronze Master of Special Summoning
Bronze Chain Blazer
Silver Beginner No More
Silver Master of Spells & Traps
Silver Ultra Burst
Silver Necromancer
Gold To Greater Heights

Step 2: Tribute Summon 20 Monsters And Deal 100k Effect Damage
For this step you will be focusing on earning Bronze Come Forth… and Silver Burn It All as it’s likely these won’t come from playing normally and would take much longer to obtain. For more details, check the trophy description below. 

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze Come Forth…
Bronze Let’s Duel!
Silver Burn It All

Tips and Strategies

If you haven’t played Yu-Gi-Oh in a long time you will notice that the game has changed tremendously. Synchro, xyz, link and pendulum summons are all here and for someone new to the game or someone who hasn’t played in years it can be a little bit overwhelming. That’s why I would highly recommend finishing as many solo campaigns as possible because most of them serve as the tutorial for different decks and gameplay mechanics. They also offer different rewards upon finishing them with your own or loan deck so even if you are familiar with the game you should still complete them to get more cards and gems. 

Gems are the main currency in this game and you can use them to buy card packs and cosmetics. It might seem that you are getting more gems than you can spend at the beginning, however, the amount of gems you receive will drop off quickly. So don’t waste them and only buy packs that you really need. That being said, here are few things you should buy when you start the game:

  • Gold Duel Pass
  • 3 Bundle Deals

Gold duel pass gives you rewards for playing ranked and event duels. It costs 600 gems and if you manage to complete it you can get your 600 gems back plus some crafting materials as a bonus so it’s definitely worth it. 

3 bundle deals are 750 gems each and they give you 10 master packs at reduced price(usually it’s 1000 gems for 10 packs) plus one ultra rare staple card that can be used in any deck. Obviously you should buy all 3 as this is a great offer. Also note that this is the only time you should buy master packs as they are generally not worth it outside of the bundle. 

Best way to spend your gems is on buying secret packs. You can unlock a secret pack by pulling a super rare or ultra rare card featured in that secret pack or simply crafting it in your deck menu. To find out which secret pack you need, go to one of your decks and press L3 to show cards you don’t own and then search for a specific card you want. Then press L2 on the card and click ‘how to obtain’ button. This will show all packs where you can get this card including secret packs. When you find multiple cards you need that are in the same secret pack, you can craft one of the super rare cards(you can craft ultra rare card as well but crafting materials for them are more scarce) from that pack and you will get one free pull from the pack and unlock it for purchase for 24 hours. During that time you can buy that secret pack for gems but when the time runs out you will have to unlock that secret pack again. 

When building a deck you will notice that some cards can’t be obtained from secret packs and are only available in master packs or maybe you bought a few secret packs but couldn’t get a specific card you wanted. In that case it’s better to craft that card than waste more gems. To craft a card press L2 while hovering over the selected card and click ‘generate’ and if you have enough materials you will get your new card. You can also dismantle cards that you don’t need to get more materials to craft other cards. Just note that cards obtained from solo mode, structure decks or legacy packs can’t be dismantled. 

As mentioned before, the amount of gems you get per day gets lower after some time so I will show you how to get more gems from daily missions. These are green missions under limited-time missions. You get 3 new missions every day out of 9 different missions. You can finish them all but only claim 3 of them: for winning 1 ranked duel, for winning 2 ranked duels and for finishing 3 ranked duels. These 3 give you 130 gems in total which is the most you can get. As long as you don’t claim other 6 missions only 3 missions that can appear will be 3 missions listed above. These will reset when the season ends so you can claim the rest of them at that point and start all over again when the new season starts. 

You can go to your profile in the top left corner and click on data to check your statistics. This is very useful as it tracks stats you need for some of the trophies like tribute summons, effect damage, attacks declared on monsters etc. 

Every trophy except Bronze Welcome to MASTER DUEL is earned in ranked or event mode and it’s required to finish the match for it to count so don’t quit out even if you are losing as any actions you performed (activated spell/trap, special summoned monster etc.) won’t be tallied up to your total either. 

That is all for this part of the guide, for more information on how to obtain certain trophies check the trophy guide below.

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Trophy Guide

Welcome to MASTER DUEL
Register the player name

This one is pretty self-explanatory, all you need to do is pick a username and register it when the game asks you to.

Come Forth…
Tribute Summon a total of 20 or more monsters in Ranked/Event Duels

For this trophy you need to tribute summon 20 monsters in ranked or event duels. Most decks don’t rely on tribute summoning so this could take some time. If you want to speed it up I would recommend building a deck for this trophy specifically.

Personally, I used True Draco deck because it’s easy to play and was cheap to build. You can check how many tribute summons you performed under the data section of your profile. 

True Draco

Master of Special Summoning
Special Summon a total of 50 or more monsters in Ranked/Event Duels

Special summoning is the most common way of summoning in this game so this will probably be one of the first trophies you will earn. You can track your progress on this trophy under the data section of your profile.

Chain Blazer
Make a Chain of 5 or more effects (including both players have activated) in a Ranked/Event Duel<

Chains are used when a card or effect is activated before another activated card or effect resolves. Each player has the opportunity to respond to each activation by activating another card or effect. To earn this trophy you have to chain at least 1 card in a 5+ card chain. For example, if your opponent makes a chain of 4 and you chain the fifth card you will get the trophy after the game ends. This trophy isn’t hard to get, it just requires a bit of luck. You can check your highest chain under the data section of your profile.

Let’s Duel!
Declare attack to monsters 100 or more times in Ranked/Event Duels

This will most likely be your last trophy because it takes a lot of time. It’s very simple though, all you have to do is declare attack to 100 monsters in ranked or event duels. So just keep playing ranked mode and attacking enemy monsters and eventually the trophy will unlock. You can keep track of your progress under the data section of your profile.

Beginner No More Gold
Duel in Standard 30 times or more in Ranked Duels

This will come naturally while going for other trophies as you will have to play more than 30 matches in order to get all trophies. Just make sure to finish your matches and not surrender otherwise they won’t count.

Master of Spells & Traps Gold
Activate 100 or more Spell/Trap Card in Ranked/Event Duels

Another simple trophy that doesn’t require you to go out of your way to unlock. Use your spells and traps when you need them and you will unlock this trophy in no time. You can track how many spells/traps you activated under the data section of your profile.

Ultra Burst Gold
Defeat your opponent by dealing more than 4000 damage at a time in a Ranked/Event Duel

There are many ways to get this trophy, you can use a monster that has over 4000 base attack and attack your opponent directly, card effects that can increase attack of your monsters or effects that inflict damage to your opponent. Make sure that this is the final hit that reduces your opponent’s life points to 0 and the trophy will unlock.

Necromancer Gold
Special Summon 50 or more monsters from the Graveyard in Ranked/Event Duels

Special summoning from the graveyard is pretty common in most decks so this shouldn’t be a problem. You can use spells, traps and monster effects to do this and once you have performed 50 special summons from graveyard you will unlock this trophy.

Burn It All Gold
Deal a total of 100K or more damage with card effects in Ranked/Event Duels

Most decks don’t have a reliable way of dealing effect damage so chances are that you will reach platinum rank before getting this trophy. Deck that I used for this trophy was Nurse Burn. Games tend to be very short when using this deck and you can get 8-9k effect damage per win which will significantly reduce time required for unlocking this trophy.

Nurse Burn

To Greater Heights Gold
Reach the Platinum rank or higher in Standard

Like mentioned before, this is the hardest trophy in the game but you should be able to do it as long as you are using a decent deck. 

That being said, top tier deck isn’t necessary to reach platinum rank but it will definitely make it easier. Ranked mode in Master Duel is comprised of 5 different ranks (rookie, bronze, silver, gold and platinum) and each rank has 5 tiers with exception of rookie rank that has only 2 tiers. Each player starts at rookie tier 2 (the lowest tier) and can be promoted to higher tiers and ranks by winning enough games all up to platinum tier 1 (the highest tier). To unlock this trophy you need to reach platinum tier 5. You can’t get demoted until gold tier 4, at that point each time you lose the number of wins needed to advance to the next tier will increase and if you lose too many times you will be demoted to a lower tier. Decks that I would recommend for this trophy are Virtual World, Tri-Brigade, Eldlich, Drytron and Prank-Kids. Of course, there are many other decks that are good options and it’s possible to reach platinum even with decks that are much weaker than those listed above. 

Note: Decks below are just examples and can be adjusted to your preference. For example, Eldlich doesn’t need an extra deck but you still want to put some cards there just to make use of Pot of Extravagance. 

Virtual World






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