Splitgate Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 5/10
Estimated time to 100%: 100+ hours
Trophies: 19. 40-platinum 0 / Gold 0 / Silver 2 / Bronze 17
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: Thousands of Matches


Welcome to the Splitgate trophy guide!

A Free-to-Play PvP Portal Shooter from 1047 Games.
What if you can make portals that transport you from one location to another and combine that with fast pace shooting action like Call of Duty? Well, Splitgate is your answer as you will going through an enjoyable time with this underrated game.


Just have a look under each of the trophy descriptions to get a idea of what must be accomplished before starting this severely underrated game.

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Trophy Guide

So it begins… Bronze
Complete a match

Check Silver 1047 for more information.

Veteran Bronze
Complete 100 matches

Check Silver 1047 for more information.

Expert Bronze
Win 50 matches

Check Silver 1047 for more information.

1047 Silver
Win 1,047 matches

This one will be your final trophy for completing the list due to winning, not completing but winning matches and huge grind for it too.

You will need to win 1047 matches in order to pop this silver trophy. If you want to just win matches, it’s best to play unpopular game modes, as you will be fill up with room of bots instead.

If you want to check your stats, it’s in Career section and check on stat. Lifetime is where all your stats show playing this game overall.

Killing Spree Bronze
Get 5 kills without dying

Check on Bronze Fragtastic for more information.

Killection Agency Bronze
Get 10 kills without dying

Check on Bronze Fragtastic for more information.

Fragtastic Bronze
Get 15 kills without dying

This is one of the most difficult trophies due to it being skill based. The only thing I would advise would be playing a room full of bots due to it making it easier for yourself.

On Fire Bronze
Get 500 kills

Just as the description said, get 500 kills. The only thing you must do is complete the matches in order to register those kills.

Back-2-Back Bronze
Get 25 double kills

Check on Bronze Unstoppable for more information.

Crowd Control Bronze
Get 10 triple kills

Check on Bronze Unstoppable for more information.

Unstoppable Bronze
Get a quad kill

In order to get this trophy, you must kill 4 enemies in a quick session.

It will be difficult to get it in a team game mode as there it is a 4v4. The best game to get this would solo match like, Free For All, Instagib, Gun Game, or One in the Chamber, as it will be a 6 man FFA style game mode.

Alternatively you can play a fast paced game like Speed bats, as those are your best chance to get that medal.

Initiator Bronze
Get 10 First Blood medals

For this trophy, you must get the first kill of the match as that will pop the First Blood medal, and you must do this 10 times.

You will get this naturally as you will work your ways up to getting 1047 wins.

Fool Me Once… Bronze
Get 25 Revenge medals

For getting the Revenge medal, you must kill the person who killed you last. Just like the Bronze Initiator trophy, you will get this naturally as you work your up to 1047 wins.

2 for 1 Special Bronze
Get a collateral kill with the Sniper Rifle

This is one of the most difficult trophies to get, as you must kill 2 persons with one sniper shot. The only way to get that would be to get two headshots with that one bullet, and they must be lined up.

The best game mode to play this would be Team Shot Snipers, or Big Head Snipers as you have access to the Sniper rifle as one your main two weapon throughout the match.

Best do this with Bots, as they lined up easily while looking for you and best to do it with portal as you can position yourself and they won’t see you.

Lasered Bronze
Get a collateral kill with the Railgun

This one is actually one of the easier weapons to get as you need to kill 2 people with one railgun shot. This one is much easier because it can pierce through multiple enemies with one shot, as long as they are lined up.

Best game mode to do this would be Instagib, as you have access to the Railgun and don’t need to charge up.

Over Here Bronze
Get 25 kills through portals

For this trophy, your finishing shot must come from your portal or your opponent as it will reward you kill through portal medal.

It shouldn’t be difficult to do as long as you just camp on your portal and kill your enemies passing by your portal.

Dangerous Bronze
Deal 10,000 damage to enemies

Check Bronze Battle-Hardened for more information.

Battle-Hardened Bronze
Deal 500,000 damage to enemies

There isn’t much to explain about this one as you will be getting this along the way to 1047 wins. The only thing you must do is complete matches in order to save your process.

Trickster Silver
Get a Portal Kill

This is actually one of the most difficult trophies to obtain as you must kill your opponent by falling to their death with your portal.

There are multiple methods to do this, but sadly it can’t be done with bots because they won’t go through their opponent’s portal. The map that would be best for this trophy is Olympus as there are floating platforms on each side of the map that you can put your portal, and if anyone comes from there, then that is a guaranteed kill by falling off the map as there is no platform to save themselves.

For my method, it would be playing Team Oddball, or Contamination, as there a platform on the bottom of the map and usually everyone would go there to ensure they survive, or gather points for the win; however there is a portal making platform too, and with a well-aimed shot for making a portal, you can put one on your opponent and they won’t have time to react.

As they go through the portal, it’s best to close it too by pressing either the right or left directional button.

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