Rise of the Third Power Trophy Roadmap

This is not a full walkthrough, it will just show you

  • where can trophy, shop unlocks and quest for the first time
  • accessories and crafting items that you can get from chests and bosses
  • locations for 2 of the harder quests

Evenheart (Rowan)

After the initial fight, go in the right room for Castle Guard Elite. He will also drop Warrior’s stone I.

The Frog enemies here will also can you Bronze Overpowered.

Finish the Quest for Bronze Side Job.

Whetstone in the one of the Chest in the kitchen.

In the right room of the throne room you will find Volatile Trinket in a Chest.

For fighting the Arkadya Guards you will get Opportunist’s Band.

At the bottom floor in the lower room you will find another Whetstone.

The fight will automatically unlock the combo ability Rogue Toss and will drop Warrior’s stone I.

Everheart (Arielle)

Speak to the merchant at the market stand to start „A Magical Trinket“ Quest (missable). Reward: Friendship Ring.

Talk to the weapon shop owner to unlock Whetstone and Lesser Heal for sale.

Evenheart (Corrine)

While going over the plankets you will find a chest in the northeast corner with a Ring of Forgivness.

Everheart Sewers

The Heal and Poison Frogs here drop Frog Charm (Accessory, Very Rare). This item is not necessary, but it will heal some HP every turn.

The Boss Gremlin Commander will drop at least 2 Copper.

Unlock to the appearing merchant to unlock Revive and Mana for sale.

After this unlock the door with the silver key to find a Ring of Speed.

Behind the gold door you will find Strategist’s Band.

The Pirates on the Bridge will drop Thief’s Band.

Port Folio

This is your first opportunity to get Silver Feast.

Use the Shop to unlock Assassin’s Band.

After you were by the cabin, go back to the tavern for a Class Cannon.


Go into the mine at the west side oft he beach. On the southeast exit you will find a chest with a bronze key which starts the quest Bachelor in a Bind. Reward: Desecrated Charm Relic

Talk to the old man in Oceanvale to start the Quest Memorial for the Fallen. Reward: Storm Catcher relic. You will need 3000 ducats for this, you can and should delay it.

Talk to he man in the house behind the old man to start The Haunted Cave quest.

Talk to the Item Store owner to unlock Ring of Speed and Thief’s Band and the Weapon Shop owner to unlock Oppurunit’s Band, Book: Apprentice and Copper.

Open the chest in Rowans House to get Blood Drinker.

Haunted Cave

Clearing this Dungeon and open the Door at the start will give you the Will of Rin Relic and will clear The Haunted Cave Quest.

Goldwood Village

You will get your 4th member here, otherwise nothing much here.

Fort Defiance

Go South and you will automatically start the Missing Acolytes? Quest. Reward: Ancient Might relic


On the 1st floor walk east or west and then north to see a scene and start the Internal Disputes; or, Rats?? Quest. Reward: Empyrean Edge gear


Talk to the seller of the bakery to unlock Heal and Battle Prowess. Also unlock Razorblades, Book: Journeyman and Bronze in the Weapon Shop.

Go into the backroom of the inn for a scene and the The G.H.E.V.G.W. Quest. Reward: Starry Sigil relic

You will find a museum to the west of the town, by entering you will see a scene. Now talk to the woman for the Marceline’s Task quest.

On the World Map east of Riverton you will find a Rogue’s Band.

Parenetti’s Farm

The Farm is to the east of Whirlwind Village. The woman here gives you the Arica Parenetti quest. Reward: Sun God’s Eulogy relic

Whirlwind Village

Go into to house straight to the north to find the Bust of Arenithen quest item in a chest.

You can also find a chest with Bronze in the Town Hall.


While you are down in the cave talk to the merchant to unlock Sorcerer’s Stone I, Archer’s Stone I and Warrior’s Stone I.

Once you reach the fortress, you will find a Vanguard’s Sigil in the left room. On the next floor you can also get 8-Pounder Short Gun.


Talk to the weapon shop owner to unlock Book: Outfitter and Iron.

Copper Road

The Boss here will drop Ruby, sell it to get Sparkly.

In the tent once you reach the desert speak to the merchant to unlock Refresh and The Demonic Hymn.

After you left the cave, go one to the west and you will find a Nymph Charm in a chest. It’s also a rare drop from the Nymphs in this area. You can’t buy them! It gives you random stats boost including money and EXP.


Go to the weapon shop to unlock Ring of Evasion, Shielding Ring and Tremor Band.

You will find the Blades oft he Three Kingdoms (Quest item) in the house north of the weapon shop.

Talk to the man in the backroom of the inn to start Desert Secrets quest. Reward: Winter’s Song relic


You can find a Ring of Purity behind the blue flame trap. You can evade this with a Fireball ring.

The gremlin boss will drop Book: Tinker.

You can find 2x Steel behind the silver looked door in the basement of the right tower.

Behind the door in the left tower you will find a merchant who will unlock Sorcerer’s Stone II, Archer’s Stone II and Warrior’s Stone II.

After you saw a scene go into the big house to find Ring of Flight.

Further north in the building you will find a Gambler’s Ring.

Nadim (after the boss)

Go to item shop to unlock Volatile and to the jewellery store to unlock Ring of Endurance.

When you walk between the towers, you will see a scene to start the Nadim Justice Force quest.

Port Hole

You can find a 5-Round-Tournament here. Rewards: Elemental Spirit, Ring of Sapping, Ring of Learning, Cursed Ring and Grandmaster: Rogue. Ring of Learning gives an Experience boost!

Fort Nasir

You can unlock Hero’s Band, Book: Artisan and Steel in item shop.

In the northwest house is a chest with the Queen Avenni’s Shield quest item. Reward: Sunlight relic


Item Shop will unlock Greater Healer, Strong Twine and Supple Hide.

Upstairs in the house right of Rashims house talk to the woman to start the Unity quest. Reward: Frostwall Relic

Port Cullis

You can find Silver in one of the two chest beside the red traps.

The first boss will drop Paladin’s Fire.

In the left tent, the pier to the south und the tent a bit farer you can find Silver. You can find another one one you leave the ships, through the door right beside the stairs.

The second boss will drop Drops Book: Expert and 2x Silver.

Angelico Wilds

After you left the cave, go the east way and in both buildings you will find Monster Chests which drop Sorcercer’s Stone IV.

Angelico City

In the item shop you can unlock Healer’s Ring, Warrior’s Band, Warlock’s Band and Silver.

You will get 2x Silver from the boss battle.

Tika Village (south on the World Map)

Talk to the Weapon Shop owner to unlock Ring of Death. It’s possible that the trophy GoldMaster Trader already unlock here.

Aden’s Home

Go into cave by Tika Village to start the Aden’s Childhood quest. In the next room take the right way for Gambler’s Ring. You need to find 7 Stone Memorials (by Aden’s House, north of Ardo Rita, island northwest of Jena’an, northeast of Telindra, south of Port Hole, north of Tarindor, northeast of Thunder Isle). Reward: Grandmaster: Warlock

Port Apotti

Go west tot he Angelico Wilds and then north until you reach Rowan house. Go in there to start the Squatters quest. When you got the Captain’s Seal you can go into the building by the entrance to get Poisoner’s Band, 2x Gold and Treated Silver. Also get the Mother’s Locket out of the chest after you finished with the quest.

Ardo Rita

Talk to the woman in the middle of the village to start the Bless the Rains Down in Ardo Rita Quest.

Abandoned Port (pier north of Trepidaner’s Shop)

See the scene to start the quest War Hero. Boss Drop: Grandmaster: Veteran

Trepidanos’ Shop

Talk to the Trepidanos to unlock Fireball Ring, Sorcerer’s Stone III, Archer’s Stone III, Warrior’s Stone III, Book: Magicksmith, Treated Silver, Book: Master and Gold.

Also go up the stairs and claim A Storm is Coming (Quest item).


Find the woman in the north eastern part (use east pier) to start the quest Port Manteau. Reward (Chest): Grandmaster: Pirate, Cat’s Eye Ring

In on of the nearly houses you can also find the Everheart (Quest item).

On the World Map south of Northport you can rind a Ring of Focus.


In the chest on the world map east of Tarindor you will find a Lucky Trinket. It gives a 25%+ gold bonus!

In the cave west of Tarindor you will find a Fireball Ring, with this traps will no longer hurt you. (enter from the west pier)

Fort Adara

You automatically get the quest Fort Adara. Reward: Ring of Focus


Talk to the soldier to start the The Port of Yanira quest. Reward: Estoc


The merchant here will unlock Ring of Sapping.

You can find Armor of Sunlight (Quest item) in the house in the southern part. This should be your last item for the Marceline’s Task quest. Reward: Light of Empyra relic

If you already got all other relics this should get you Gold Mysteries of Rin now.

Forinya – Forest

If you leave the forest to the south you will find Templar’s Ring.

There is also a house where you can find Fencer’s Band and Ring of Sapping.


The item store will unlock Platinum.

Rezkow Estate

You get the The Rezkovs quest when you enter. Reward: Grandmaster: Spy

There is a Ring of Focus on the World Map right before Fort Wrath.


The item store will unlock Ring of Shell and Ring of Protect.

Udingrad Ghetto

There is a chest with Snow Hawk Pelt near the entrance.

The enemies here have a good chance of dropping accessories.

Once you opened a door with the bronze key and crossed houses over the roof, you will find a Tesla Coil in the garden.

Talk to the Trepidanos to unlock Snow Hawk Pelt, Ice Bear Hide, Sorcerer’s Stone IV, Archer’s Stone IV and Warrior’s Stone IV.

To the east of him you can find a guarded chest with a Vampiric Ring.

In the chest beside the silver key is a Aetheric Ring.

Once you got your last team member, you can get the Silver Bling trophy.

Arkadyan Wilds

After a few fights the last compi ability should unlock and also Silver Teamwork.

Orenad & Thunder Island

If you already where by the Trepidanos’ Shop regarding the Bless the Rains Down in Ardo Rita quest, you randomly should see a scene with Tom and should able to finish it. Boss Drop: Grandmaster: Warrior, Reward: Grandmaster: Cannoneer


You will get Signet Ring after you finished up the story here.

Once you leave the castle you will get the Liberate Telindra Quest. Reward: Grandmaster: Priestess and Gold Patience if this is your last quest

Trepidanos’ Shop

You can now unlock Sorcerer’s Stone V, Archer’s Stone V and Warrior’s Stone V. You should now have everything to unlock Silver Ready to Rock and Gold Master Crafter.

Empyrean Champion

After finishing escaping from Undingrad and getting Mysteries of Rin trophy, you should have seen a scene with torches flaming up. So you can go fort he Eldritch Horrors now.

  • In the first northwest of Tika Village, Reward: Sword of Fire relic
  • Fort Kahleea (southeast of Jena’an), Reward: Soul of a Dark God relic
  • Island Northwest of Jena’an, Reward: Heroine of Tunder relic
  • Island South of Angelico, Reward: Arrows of Ice relic

After the fourth you will get Gold Empyrean Champion.

Peren Desh

On the 3rd floor you can find a Templar’s Ring.

The first boss will drop Oath of Templar and hopefully Gold Geared.

Once you open the door with the key and continue Silver Beginning of the End should pop and with it your platinum 40-platinum Master Tactician.

The Trepidano here gives you an option to teleport back to the start. This is also the Point-of-no-Return!


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