The Artful Escape Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 3 – 4 hours
Trophies: 13. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 10 / Silver 2 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: Not really, since there is chapter selection
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1 (You can use Chapter Select)


Welcome to the The Artful Escape trophy guide!
Ever dream of becoming so famous that you are known throughout the universe for your musical talent? No? Me neither, but playing The Artful Escape will make you want to become an elusive, galaxy hopping musical extraordinaire who is adored by all manner of creatures and divine beings, alike. So, grab your cosmic guitar, don some cool clothes and start shredding, since this will shape up to be a journey you will wish to experience for real.


This gorgeous game is pretty short and can be completed in one sitting, and the best part is that there are no missable trophies due to the presence of chapter select. So, just hang tight and have a fun ride with this charming game that will serenade you, throughout your journey.

Tips and Strategies

There are no tips required as such since, you can’t really fail in a jamming session. There is something I would suggest that you do, to make the jam sessions a bit easier: You’ll see the lights corresponding to each button in the eyes of the creatures, so follow how each eye lights and in what order. Also, I found it easier to just follow what colour each eye of the creature is projecting rather than waiting for a combo to be finished as sometimes, the sequence becomes a bit hard to follow/remember due to the requirement of pressing two buttons at once. Also, your in-game dialogue choices don’t really matter, you pick whatever you want to.

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Trophy Guide

All Done Unlock all trophies

Platinum Trophy

Made it home Gold
Arrive at Francis’ house

(Unmissable) Your first task, after meeting up with Violetta, will be to go back to your home and you’ll find your home at the top which you can reach by using two lifts.

The journey begins Gold
Leave Lightman’s workshop

(Unmissable) You’ll meet up with Lightman and the alien after exploring the workshop and they will be standing by a door. Complete the dialogue with Lightman and after that, you will get the trophy.

Complete Heliotromms Gold
Jam with Tromms

(Unmissable) StarGordon will tell you that the way to leave is in the lake, so start moving till you encounter an amp landa, jump on it to summon Tromms, a huge butterfly like creature. Entertain it and once you are done, you’ll get this shiny trophy.

Complete GlimmerDimm Gold
Jam with Glimmer

(Unmissable) You’ll face the GlimmerDimm after catching a ride on the wrap turtle, whilst you are being pursued by it. Have a fun session with it and get the gold trophy after you are done.

Complete Hyperion Gold
Jam with the GlamourGonn

(Unmissable) GlamourGonn is like the final jam session of the game, have fun in the concert, play the music and get the trophy.

Guitar Legend Gold
Complete the game

This trophy will pop when you arrive at the after-party, right after jamming with the GlamourGonn. Take the stage to perform in front of the people of Calypso and you’ll pop the trophy.

New Threads Gold
Create a custom outfit

You’ll encounter Frida in the desert and she will offer you a ride to your destination in her flying vessel. Interact with her after she tells you to look around the ship and she will tell you to make use of the closet aboard her vessel. Go right and you’ll encounter a room bathed in blue light with a door at the end, just go through the door to end up in a mall. Pick at least 1 item of clothing to pop this trophy.

How’d you get up there? Gold
Land on top of the archway after the big jelly

You’ll reach an area where there are these hot springs like pools and you’ll encounter slime bubbles there. For this trophy, you have to jump on the archway in this picture and to do this, jump on the bubble before it and then press triangle to slam down on it. This will make your jump higher and while you are high up in the air, press square as this will increase the height further and kind of slows you mid-air. So, position yourself well and follow what I mentioned before to land on the arch. Be careful, because if you overshoot the arch and fall down the waterfall, you can’t go back up and will have to do this trophy via chapter select.

Light it up Gold
Light up every building and area of Calypso

You’ll be given a cosmic electric guitar by the Alien and have to press square to shred, and by doing so you will be able to light up the area around you. So, hold square and move around all the layers of the town, lighting each and every area up. Make sure to cover either sides of the lift since, this is, technically, a missable trophy and you’ll have to do it again via chapter select.

Amp Jammer Gold
Complete all amp landa jams

Amp Landa jams are these platforms which emit a white light, just jump near them by pressing X and then landing on them with triangle to interact. You’ll get this trophy just before meeting the Tastemaker in the Hyperion Wailzone.

Snowman Gold
Jam with the snowman

You’ll encounter this when you are whisked away to your first planet, a snow encased thing of beauty, where you are tasked with finding the StarGordon. After traversing for a bit, you’ll reach an amp landa which is situated just before a gap between two mountains and here you’ll build a bridge. Cross the bridge and jump over the wooden logs, slide down the slope till you reach another wooden log. Just before the wooden log, you’ll see a snowman in the background, press square and shred for it, once it starts dancing that means it is jamming with you and this will pop the trophy for you.

Stage Fright Gold
Don’t do anything for 3 minutes during a jam

You can do this in the very first area, where you encounter Violetta and she enrolls you in her scheme. Once, you reach the stage for the after-party, Violetta will ask you to go on the stage and perform, instead of doing that just let your controller sit idle for 3 minutes and viola, you’ll have your trophy after 3 minutes have passed.

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