Queeny Army Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 30 – 45 min
Trophies: 13. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 1 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None


Greetings comrades and welcome to the Queeny Army trophy guide!
From Al-link & EastAsiaSoft.

Game Description

“Hardcore action adventure ensues as a team of young women escape an adoption house and wreak havoc against the corrupt enforcers who murdered their classmates and school director. Take the role of these dozen brave heroines, each with unique skills and exclusive weapon types, as they train under the armed forces’ former commander and prepare to overthrow the syndicate leader who’s seized control of the government.

Queeny Army is a side-scrolling action platformer set in the war-torn city of San Romero. As heroines fighting for vengeance and liberation, you’ll have to find new weaponry along the way and adapt quickly to mounting resistance as you jump, shoot and wall slide through 6 challenging stages presented in retro pixel art. It won’t be an easy battle, but multiple difficulty settings keep the experience accessible as your combat skills improve!”


First and foremost, set the game to easy, and from here pick your preferred character.
Each one has a different ability to suit everyone’s playstyle and you have 12 to pick from.

The levels have several checkpoints each, so always try to make it to the next checkpoint if you are struggling; you’ll therefore not have to start over.

Other than that, the game is pretty straight forward. See trophy descriptions for any other help you may need.

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Trophy Guide

Street Girl
Unlock all other trophies.

Collect all other trophies.

Hunter I Gold
Kill 25 enemies.

See Gold Hunter III.

Hunter II Gold
Kill 100 enemies.

See Gold Hunter III.

Hunter III Gold
Kill 300 enemies.

This will be earned naturally through gameplay. If for some reason you haven’t earned after you have beaten the second boss, just continue playing until earned.

Yummy I Gold
Collect 3 health items.

See Gold Yummy III.

Yummy II Gold
Collect 8 health items.

See Gold Yummy III.

Yummy III Gold
Collect 15 health items.

As with the gun spawns, these are also random. They drop when shooting and destroying the steel barrels you come across. Make sure to pick up each one you see.

Reaper I Gold
Die 3 times.

See Gold Reaper III.

Reaper II Gold
Die 9 times.

See Gold Reaper III.

Reaper III Gold
Die 18 times.

This should come naturally with game play. If not earned by time you beat second boss, just farm deaths in the next stage.

Conqueror I Gold
Beat the first boss.

Alfredo is the first boss of the game. He is quite easy to kill if you have a grenade launcher, and will require only a few hits.

If you don’t have one stick to the platforms above him, moving back and forth and picking the best time to attack.

Conqueror II Gold
Beat the second boss.

Nestor is the second boss of the game. Again, the grenade launcher can make short work of him if you have one.

The key with Nestor is to avoid the grenade launcher he has aimed at you and bounce between the top and bottom platform, picking the best time to attack.

Escape from hell Gold
Flee from the attack of the corrupt policemen.

Can’t be missed story related.


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