Beyond a Steel Sky Trophy Walkthrough

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 6 – 8 hours
Trophies: 33. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 5 / Silver 12 / Bronze 15
Missable trophies: 0, with the walkthrough (Otherwise, several)
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1.5


Welcome to the Beyond a Steel Sky trophy walkthrough!
Beyond a Steel Sky is a cyberpunk/sci-fi point and click adventure game developed and published in 2021 by Revolution Software (the Broken Sword series). It is a direct sequel to 1994’s Beneath a Steel Sky, and absolutely assumes you’ve already played that game. This game gives you enough backstory for the first game that you won’t be totally lost, but you’ll definitely enjoy it more if you play the original. Which is totally (and legally) free! Download it from ScummVM (<3) , GOG or Steam

In Beyond a Steel Sky, you once again play as Robert Foster, a decade after the first game, as he travels from The Gap to Union City in search of a kidnapped child – only to uncover a deeper and darker conspiracy than just kidnapping.

Video guides of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the guide linked!

Tips and Strategies

There is a trophy for not using hints for the entire game. If you’re worried you may accidentally use them (accessed from the pause menu), then before starting your new game, go to Options – Game and toggle the hints off.

During this walkthrough, I’ll say “exhaust conversation.” What this means is that you need to choose all options that show up as ! (usually all of the right-hand options). All of the ? choices are optional.

Many of the NPCs will wander around. So I can’t always give a precise location as to where someone is when you need to talk to them at a given point in time. They never wander far.

A full written text walkthrough is provided below, and if you enjoy my work, please consider donating to my Ko-fi.

Text Walkthrough

Tutorial Desert
Run forward until a cutscene
Use pie with gang-gang bird (the tutorial will teach you how to use inventory stuff)
Examine body – Bronze Your Lessons Are Over unlocked after cutscene

Union City – City Walls
Run forward until a cutscene – exhaust conversation
Get on the right sidewalk and follow it up to a booth with a purple and green roof
Use the hand device
Continue following the sidewalk back to the main road, and continue forward
Repair the broken barricade pillar to talk to Hobbsworth – exhaust conversation – he will upgrade your registration chip
Head back towards the welcome gate and enter the playground on the right
Use crowbar on the chain on the roundabout
When the kid (Pixel) gets on, push the roundabout x2
Talk to Pixel – exhaust conversation
Go to the sidewalk you followed to get your hand chip, and interact with the strange bench (will now read “Voxel’s Hideout”)
Talk to Voxel – exhaust conversation – get firecracker
Go to the back of the truck
Use firecracker with murder of gang-gangs
Try to open the truck door
Go to the front of the truck and talk to the trucker (Wendell) – exhaust conversation
Open the truck – perform truck ritual (hit bumper / pull door) – get Mini K

Look to your left – you should see a waterfall.  Wandering around the area is a gang-gang that has a purple head and is holding something in its beak.  Interact with it and lure it over to the waterfall.  When you’re there, use the Mini K with the waterfall.

Pick up strange tool
Locate the gap kid you saw at the beginning of the game (Ember)
Talk to Ember – exhaust conversation
Talk to Ember when she’s finished setting up at the workbench – yes
Interact with workbench
Go back to the kiosk where you got your hand chip
Use the door controls and enter
Turn around and examine the poster above the door (1/5)
Pick up the sandwich and the scanner, then leave
Go back to Voxel’s Hideout
Talk to Voxel
Bye –
Silver Hunger Games unlocked
Go back to the barrier and use the bridge controls on the left
Talk to Ember – exhaust conversation
Talk to Ember at the work bench – get hacker
Press R1, then when prompted, hack the vending machine – swap “dispense drink” with “play refusal”, then click the diamond shape (or press ) and choose “apply”.
Hack the bridge controls (will show as “safety bridge”), then use the controls

Cross the bridge and go left
Hack both the cooling system (fan) and the conveyor belt (recycling unit) – set belt speed to “rapidly”
This will (eventually) trap the robot
Pick up the battery from the robot’s back once it’s trapped
Cross the bridge and approach the front of the truck
Open truck hood and use the universal power cell with the battery compartment
Talk to Wendell – exhaust conversation
Gold Infiltrator unlocked after cutscenes
Go up the stairs and enter the monopod

Go forward and use Greta terminal – okay
Exit conversation (you don’t need to take the survey)
Turn around and enter the monopod – Graham’s Home

Lakeview Apartments
Run forward but don’t enter the building yet
On the right side of the building is a sprinkler control box – hack it – swap the flow rate numbers
Enter the building
Exhaust conversation – color doesn’t matter
Use the lift
Talk to the butler robot and enter Graham’s Apartment

Graham’s Apartment
Turn left and walk through the door into the posters room
Look at all four posters on the left wall
Turn around and look at the poster in the right corner – Silver Rational or Just Crazy? unlocked
Look at photos hanging over the mattress
Use MINOS terminal
Click the “view QDOS history” button
Click Civic Guide – click all five buttons, then back out
Click City Live – scroll down the entire screen, then back out
Look at the movie poster on the exit door (if you accidentally open the door, just wait for it to close again) (2/5)
Exit the posters room, turn left, and enter the bathroom
Use the medical scanner, and exit when you can.
Look at the employee of the month poster above the toilet
Exit the bathroom and into the main room
Enter the bedroom (right of the fireplace).  You will still be given the option to look around if you want to keep poking around.
Quiz answers: comfort / A+ / B / train depot / heart / photography – Bronze Interview Jeopardy unlocked
Go back into the bedroom
Look at plush collection on right bench
Look at empty spot on the bench
Talk to Songbird – husband – exhaust conversation
Locate Momma Bear on the bookshelf, and turn her on – Bartleby
Leave the room and pull out the hacker so you have access to both “toy tracker” and “digi-bonsai holoprojector”
“holoplinth app” / “toy finder service”
Look at holoplinth (to your right)
Find Chipworth and talk to him – Butler Duties / Windows
Quickly enter the bathroom (Songbird will tell Chipworth to close the windows soon after he opens them)
Close the toilet, then climb on it
Use Mini-K with gang-gang
Pick up the box – get damaged hololens and photograph
Exit the apartments

Lakeview Apartments
Take the lift downstairs
Go into the laundry section of the lobby
Wait until the cleaning robot is refilling the water in the machines, then hack them (“integrated laundry system” and “waterboy base-station unit”) – swap the laundry 0% with the base-station unit 100%
Hack the cleaning droid – swap the two cleaning options
Take the lift back upstairs and enter Graham’s Apartment
Talk to Chipworth – (butler duties / laundry) x2
Follow Chipworth and watch him do laundry – Silver Wash Pin Bowling unlocked
Exit the building

Make a manual save after the cutscene – sometimes this puzzle can soft-lock, and you’ll want something to reload in case that happens

Go to the little garden area and wait for the cleaning robot to refill, then hack it along with the sprinkler control – swap the base-station unit 100% with the sprinkler control 100%, so both numbers are at 100%.
Open the sprinkler control box, then use it – Silver Water the Plants unlocked
Talk to the woman on the roof – exhaust conversation
You should see a cutscene of the woman climbing onto the robot – this may take 2-3 cycles of the robot actually flying up to get her.  If it doesn’t happen after 2-3 cycles, reload that save I told you to make.
Talk to the people once the girl comes down – exhaust conversation
Get on the monopod – Piazza

Run forward, take the left branch when the path splits, and stop at the giant statue
Walk up the stairs behind the statue – exhaust conversation
Enter the building

Museum of New History
Follow the path left to the marionette bear, then stand between the exhibit and the water refill station you passed
Wait for the cleaning robot to use the water refill station (or for it to be in the bathrooms behind the refill station), so you can hack both the exhibit and the robot at the same time – “excitedly”/ “aggressively”
Use the children’s exhibit – Silver The Zen of Screaming unlocked
Approach the arm in the center of the room
Go back up the stairs, find the Asio City exhibit, and stand on the stairs so you can access both that exhibit and the robot circling around the arm
Hack both the robot and exhibit – “enticingly” / “calmly”
Go back to the arm
Hack both the robot and arm – “enticingly” / “gently”
Stand on the stairs between the arm and the children’s exhibit
Hack both the robot and children’s exhibit – “aggressively” / “gently”
Go back to the arm – make sure the man has approached the arm before continuing
Hack both the robot and arm – “aggressively” / “enticingly”
Pick up the aspiration brooch (should be directly behind you)
Interact with all five Joey history stations – Silver History Lesson unlocked
Approach the gates to the Old History Exhibit, and enter

Old History Exhibit
Approach the fridge and look at the poster on the side (3/5)
Go to the back of the exhibit to the Joey Speaks booth
Use the exhibit information scanner next to it
When the robot arrives, hack both it and the Joey Speaks booth – “play attraction” / “announce exhibit information”
Wait for the robot to leave, then use the exhibit information scanner again
Use the exhibit information scanner again, then quickly run to the fridge
Use crowbar with padlock
Go back to the Joey Speaks booth and use crowbar with it
Pick up Joey board, then enter the room on the left
Use circuit board with vacuum bot – exhaust conversation
Go back into the exhibit and find the holo-display
Use crowbar with panel on holo-display
Joey the port (click the port and choose Joey for him to interact with it)
Talk to Joey – escape
Go back into the small room
When the flying robot comes in, hack it – “barrel robot” / “vermin warning”
Go back into the holo-exhibit
When the flying robot comes in, hack it – “union city map” and “barrel robot”
Joey the holo-display image – yes
Use crowbar on barrel
Climb inside barrel

Museum of New History
Leave the bathroom – aspiration day / yes
Exit to Piazza – Bronze Reunited With an Old Friend unlocked

Go down the stairs and go right to the brooch kiosk
Use aspiration brooch with brooch slot – choose whatever
Repeat with the other two holograms – Gold Ultimate Collector unlocked
(Just continue with whatever brooch you like after unlocking the trophy)
Continue on the path to the safety services area and interact with Greta terminal – exhaust conversation (when given the option between Alonso and Orana, choose Orana)
Turn around and get on the monopod – Graham’s Home

Graham’s Apartment
After the cutscene, enter the building, take the lift up, and enter Graham’s Apartment
Enter the posters room
Put on the cleaner’s uniform
Backtrack to the monopod – Aspiration Platform

Aspiration Platform
Walk forward – exhaust conversation
Walk to the tree and Joey the five piles around it – Silver Cleanliness is Next to Joeyness unlocked
Enter the little elevator room
Just inside the door is a sprinkler control panel.  Open and use it, then go back outside
Walk over to the vending machine and look above it – you should see a gang-gang.  If it’s not there, either find it or wait for it to land above the machine
Lure the gang-gang, then throw the Mini-K at the tree
Go back into the elevator room and use the control panel again
Joey the fallen bunting
Exhaust conversation – get travel waiver – Bronze Lax Safety unlocked
Take the Joeyboard out of the vacuum robot
Go up the open staircase and get on a monopod – Recycling Center

Recycling Center
Enter the building, go down the stairs on the right and approach the crusher
You will automatically get an empty bottle
Turn left and turn off the crusher conveyor belt
Use the crowbar with the crusher
Turn the crusher belt back on
Quickly turn right and hide in the locker
When the robot turns the belt off and is inspecting the crusher, quickly exit the locker and turn the conveyor belt on
Pick up the crowbar (it’s next to the locker)
Go up the stairs, turn right, and follow the path until you can exit left

Continue forward, go right at the fork, and enter the Furnace
Follow the path down the stairs to a distiller
Use green bottle with tap – get moonshine
Backtrack to the Recycling Center

Give moonshine to Leet – exhaust conversation
Place hand on hand clamp
When given the opportunity, grab the fish – Silver A Fishy Tail unlocked
When given the opportunity, grab the empty glass bottle – Bronze Knockout unlocked
Pick up cleaver (ground) and unicorn made of plastic explosives (desk)
Backtrack towards the furnace area, but go left at the intersection this time

Instead of going up the stairs, go under them
Look at the poster on the wall (4/5)
Go up the stairs, and head right
Use crowbar on rusty box, then turn off light switch
Backtrack to the ladder and climb it
Walk up to the ANCHOR sign
Use cleaver with tether
Go back down the ladder and go to the anchor
Use unicorn with broken light (just above the gas pipes)
Go back to the rusty box and turn on the light switch
Backtrack to the furnace area, and enter

Go down the stairs
Enter the furnace and climb the ladder
Talk to Leet – exhaust conversation – Bronze The Man Behind the Iron Furnace unlocked
Sit down in the LINC Interface – yes x2

Use the safe pillar
Download the duct tape and fire extinguisher, then go back
Use duct tape on damaged data
Use Z symbol pillar
Use duct tape on damaged data
Download eyeball, then go back
Use eye with giant eye
Use rock platform pillar
Download divine wrath, then go back
Use gear pillar
Use duct tape with damaged data
Download magnifying glass, then go back
Use chess piece pillar
Use divine wrath with virus (don’t get too close), then go back
Use the safe pillar again
Use magnifying glass with giant safe – get core.log, then go back
Approach the firewall
Use extinguisher with firewall, then go forward – Bronze 8bit Days unlocked

Go into the dome
Use Core.log with Converter.Exe – Silver Classic Threads unlocked
Turn around and interact with Navigator.Exe, then go through the door
Talk to Security Control AI

This is a stacking puzzle, and you have three platforms to work with – the two kneeling guys and the Security Control AI.  From left to right, number them 1-3.  Solution: 2-3 /1-2 / 3-2 / 1-3 / 2-3 / 2-1 / 3-1 / 2-3 / 1-2 / 1-3 / 2-3

Exhaust conversation – you will automatically come into possession of Songbird’s Bartleby Bilby plushy
Exit into the furnace area
Walk past the furnace burner (do not interact with it), and backtrack to the monopod – Graham’s Home

Graham’s Apartment
Enter the building, go upstairs, and enter the apartment
Enter the posters room and use the MINOS terminal
Click Messages – click the one with the attachment, then back out
Click Holo-Plinth – scroll over to the ?, then back out
Exit MINOS, then leave the posters room (you can change clothes in here if you’d like)
Walk towards the fireplace so you can access both the toy tracker and the holoplinth
Hack holoplinth – “holoplinth app” / “toy finder service”
Use damaged hololens with holoplinth, then look at the message – Bronze Crystal Clear unlocked

Make a manual save.  DO NOT OVERWRITE THIS SAVE.  We need it for a separate trophy after we finish the game.

Find Songbird – sometimes she goes outside of the building, if you can’t find her in the apartment
Give Graham’s photograph and Bartleby Bilby plushy to Songbird
Talk to Songbird – exhaust conversation
Go to monopod – Piazza

Go forward, take the right path at the fork, and approach Café de la Spankles
Enter the café and hack just the VIP lounge door system – “open door” / “play refusal”
Use the café terminal
Pick up the can of Spankles
Hack the café terminal – “order drink” / “alarm”
Go outside and turn right, hanging out by the tables
Look for someone in green – when you pull out your hacking device, you can see their portable music device
Find a spot against the side of the building where you can access both the music device and the café audio system with your hacking device
Hack both systems – “lounge music” / “album b-side”
Reginald will leave the lounge
Go back into the café
Use the café terminal
When the robot shows up, hack both it and the e-reader on Reginald – “Aspiration Gala poem” / “Aspiration Day”
Leave the café (if you are interrogated by another robot, just claim ignorance)
Follow the robot you summoned and hacked, until it gets to the brooch booth by the museum
Approach the brooch booth and hack both the robot and the brooch stall – “Aspiration Gala poem”/ “(something) holofile”
Use aspiration brooch with brooch slot – choose any of them (they’ll all display the poem)
Backtrack to the monopod – Graham’s Home

Graham’s Apartment
Find the dapper butler robot – he’s almost always outside
Talk to the dapper butler robot – exhaust conversation – Bronze Party Party unlocked
You will end up in the posters room
Wear the party clothes
Backtrack to monopod – Aspiration Platform

Aspiration Platform
Go forward and down the stairs (cutscene)
Approach the small elevator room – exhaust conversation

This is timed.  If you mess up, start over again at the vending machine, as the hacks will reset.

Hack the nearby vending machine – “dispense drink” / “alarm”
Wait for someone to use the machine – don’t do it yourself!
Stand between the two holo-adverts left of the vending machine, and hack both of them – “vermin warning” / “aspiration day” (or “fireworks”, or whatever the advert is.  You’re basically just moving the “vermin warning” tags across the room between the “load advert for citizen” part of the holo-adverts for this puzzle)
Go halfway down the stairs next to the holo-advert – you should be able to access the one at the bottom of the stairs as well as the one at the top of the stairs
Hack both holo-adverts – “vermin warning” / “aspiration day”
Go down the stairs and hack both the holo-advert and the projection robot – “vermin warning” / “fireworks”

Backtrack to the elevator room and use the elevator
Use crowbar with vent
Crawl into the vent system
Keep following the path.  Eventually you will be given the option to watch a performance or move on
Choose to watch the performance – Silver Poetry Slam unlocked
Continue following the path
Exhaust conversation – Bronze Hidden Trouble unlocked (eventually)

Reflection Spa
Go down the stairs into a new room with a console in the center
Locate the patrolling droid.  Ideally, it would be just entering a room.  If not, wait until it is.  This is timed and may take you a few tries.
Use console screen – click whatever room the robot is in, and click the red button(s) for an empty chair, then exit the console
Quickly enter whatever the room is and fly behind the empty chair – if you’ve timed this correctly, there should not be electricity behind the empty chair
Press the system override button on the back of the empty chair
When the robot comes in, go behind it and push it over the railing
Go back to the console – Bronze Joey Time unlocked when you regain control
Enter Room 5
Backtrack to the console for a conversation, then back up the stairs and leave the spa
Continue following the path – Bronze Freedom! unlocked

Recycling Center
Follow the path to the furnace area
Go to the moonshine station and turn on the tap
Climb the ladder to where Leet is
Sit down in Linc Interface

Use Navigator.Exe, and follow the path
Talk to avatar
Pick up the (division sign) and the 0 from whatever pedestal they’re on
Look at the pictures above the pedestals.  Find the one with three people that reads “ALL CITIZENS”.  Change those values so it reads (division sign) 0 – Bronze Equality For All unlocked

Recycling Center
Approach the d-RYD shell on the mattress
Transfer Joey Board into it
Go back down the ladder, and try to leave
(if you didn’t turn the moonshine tap on earlier, do it now)
Talk to Joey – Moonshine
Walk to the locker
Follow Orana for another cutscene
Turn left and hack the elevator console – “call elevator” / “play refusal”
Use elevator, then leave through the nearby door

City Walls
Follow the path to the control room
Stand midway between the door and the stairs so you can hack anemometer and gun controls – “green” / “red” and “manual fallback” / “send shutter alert” – dialogue choice doesn’t matter
Leave the control room, and hack both anemometer and gun controls – “red” / “green” – you should see the shutters open again
Go to top right corner of control room
Hack both land train doors and signal system – “land train gate” / “main gate”
Find a spot along the left wall of the control room so you can hack both the toaster and the satellite dish – “transmit to land train fleet” / “toast”
Press lever on the toaster – Bronze Time to Get Out of Here unlocked after cutscene

Follow the path to a vacuum shell – exhaust dialogue
Quickly hack the stalkers – “enemies” / “androids” (do this on both) – Bronze A Meeting of Minds unlocks when you regain control
Enter the room
Walk up to the computer monitor on the right wall
Under the table is poster (5/5) – Gold Movie Buff unlocked
Sit in Overmann chair

You will be rotating picture cubes to progress through the conversation.
The pictures in order : robot grabbing person / Songbird and a man / a kneeling man / falling man (the corner triangles look identical, so swap them around one at a time if the picture doesn’t take) / kneeling people in front of buildings – Silver Snuffing Out the Light unlocked
At credits, Gold Completionist and Gold Brain the Size of a Planet unlocked

Load the manual save I told you to make earlier.   This time, ignore all the stuff with Songbird.  Just go directly to the monopod and continue with the walkthrough.  Play through and Silver Two Faced and 40-platinum Metallurgist will unlock after dealing with Alonso at the City Walls.

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Trophy List

You got all the trophies… A final one for the cabinet
Completionist Gold
Complete the game
Your Lessons Are Over
Complete all tutorials
Brain The Size Of A Planet Gold
Complete the game without using any hints
The Zen Of Screaming Gold
Set the Kids’ Exhibit to speak ‘Aggressively’
Hunger Games Gold
Feed Voxel a stolen sandwich
Wash Pin Bowling Gold
Knock Chipworth over
Water The Plants Gold
Turn the sprinklers on
History Lesson Gold
Learn the full story of Joey the Savior
A Fishy Tail Gold
Porpoisefully fail Jimmy’s scary moment
Poetry Slam Gold
Watch a full poetry recital
Cleanliness Is Next To Joeyness Gold
Clean everything up, ready for the party
Classic Threads Gold
Unlock Foster’s classic coat
Rational Or Just Crazy? Gold
Examine all of Graham’s conspiracy posters
Two Faced Gold
Witness both Songbird’s endings
Ultimate Collector Gold
Transfer all the holo-trinkets to your brooch
Movie Buff Gold
Discover all five movie posters
Infiltrator Gold
Enter the main gates
Interview Jeopardy
Complete the Alonso interview
Reunited With An Old Friend
Liberate Joey from the Museum of New History
Lax Safety
Obtain a waiver from Orana
Neutralize Jimmy
The Man Behind The Iron Furnace
Enter the secret room behind the fire
8bit Days
Complete LINCspace
Crystal Clear
Read the secret message
Party Party
Earn a party invite
Hidden Trouble
Got caught spying
Joey Time
Free Foster
Orana can free the children
Equality For All
Set everyone’s Qdos level to infinity
Time To Get Outta Here
Open the main gates to allow Wendell to leave with the kids
A Meeting Of Minds
Confront the Council in the Citadel
Snuffing Out The Light Gold
Destroy everything that Joey created

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