Circus Pocus Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 30 – 60 min
Trophies: 21. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 9 / Silver 3 / Bronze 8
Missable trophies: 3 (Silver There’s a star called…, Gold Luxury, Gold Extremely luxury)
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the Circus Pocus trophy guide!
Kill some clowns, explore an abandoned theme park, save your brother, and get an easy and quick platinum trophy in the process!


Step 1: Complete The Game While Getting The Stars
All this game truly needs is one run! So long as you watch out for every star, as those are technically missable, as you can’t level select. The rest of the trophies will come naturally as you play, and you just need to roll and whistle a bunch! At the end of the step, you’ll have the platinum.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Outta The Cage!
Bronze Introduction To Whistling
Silver Whistle Here, Whistle There
Gold Master Whistler
Bronze Physical Culture For Rookies
Bronze Gymnastics For Amateurs
Silver Aerobics For Experts
Bronze Never Happened Before!
Gold Time To Get Used To It
Silver There’s A Star Called…
Gold Luxury
Gold Extremely Luxury
Bronze Stick Fighter 
Bronze Boy And His Ball 
Bronze It
Gold They
Gold Clown Crowd
Gold Unmasked
Gold Foo Fighters Clown
Gold What A Twist
40-platinum The Circus Is Gone

Tips and Strategies

If you press at the right time to roll, you can avoid damage, and kill anything that isn’t a clown. This is a great little tool that allows you to progress through the game with the greatest ease.

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Trophy Guide

The circus is gone
Unlock all trophies

Unlock all trophies

Outta the cage! Bronze
Escape the cell

When you start the game, you have to escape a jail cell. Go to it, and rotate your lock pick to the red zones and press triangle repeatedly until they clear. When the cage opens, you get this trophy.

Introduction to whistling Bronze
Whistle 10 times

When you reach your second set of clowns, you learn how to whistle. Unlike rolling, there’s no cool down for this action. So whistle 10 times, this trophy is yours.

Whistle here, whistle there Silver
Whistle 72 times

When you learn to whistle, do so 72 times.

Master Whistler Gold
Whistle 100 times

After you learn to whistle, do so 100 times!

Physical culture for rookies Bronze
Make a roll 10 times

For this trophy, you need to roll 10 times. When you’re walking in a direction, press to roll.

Gymnastics for amateurs Bronze
Make a roll 50 times

When you roll 50 times, this trophy is yours!

Aerobics for experts Silver
Make a roll 100 times

After rolling 100 times, this trophy will finally be yours.

Never happened before! Bronze
Die once

Get caught by a clown once, and get this trophy!

Time to get used to it Gold
Die 10 times

When you die 10 times, this trophy is all yours!

There’s a star called… Silver
Pick up your first star

For this trophy, you just need to collect one of the stars in the game. Refer to Gold Extremely luxury for details on all the stars.

Luxury Gold
Pick up 5 stars

In order to get this trophy, you just need 5 stars. Refer to Gold Extremely luxury for details on all the stars.

Extremely luxury Gold
Pick up 10 stars

Getting this trophy requires you to obtain 10 unique stars. So you cannot grind the same star over and over. The locations are below:

  • Star 1: At the beginning after you get past the first clown, go to the left.
  • Star 2: When you first see the spinning saw blades in area 4, go to the right and you’ll see the star behind a wall.
  • Star 3: In the 7th area, you’ll be in a maze-like area. Go left, and you’ll see the star next to a trap floor.
  • Star 4: In the 10th area, where you find your first stick, this Star is to the right of the exit.
  • Star 5: In the 14th area, you’ll find yourself needing to run from killer hay bales. As you circle down through them, you’ll see this star in an alcove.
  • Star 6: In the 17th area, you’ll see a sort of brick maze to your right. In this maze, there’s 4 clowns. In the top right of this maze, there is the star.
  • Star 7: In area 22, you’ll be in a room with a bunch of enemies. This star is along the top of the room, in the middle.
  • Star 8: In the 29th area, you’ll see a giant tile puzzle to your right, with moving cubes of death. Just walk upwards, and you’ll see this star!
  • Star 9: In the 34th area, you’ll need to use a stick to hit some bombs towards boxes to break them apart. This star is at the very end of this area, in the bottom right corner. Super hard to miss.
  • Star 10: In the 35th area, after you use the statue to get back inside, you’ll find yourself a stick. To the left of the stick, is the very last star!
Stick Fighter Bronze
Pick up a stick

In the 9th area, you’ll finally find the stick! Walk up to it and press to acquire it and get this trophy!

Boy and his ball Bronze
Ride a ball

After you beat the first boss, and enter level 11, there is a ball right in front of you. Once you interact with it, this trophy is yours.

It Bronze
Kill one clown

In the 4th area, you see twirling saw blades. There’s a clown to your left. Get it’s attention and lure it into the blades, and get this trophy!

They Gold
Kill 5 clowns

When you kill your 5th clown, this trophy is yours!

Clown crowd Gold
Kill 10 clowns

After killing your 10th clown, this trophy is yours.

Unmasked Gold
Defeat the first boss

In the 10th area, there is your first boss. To kill it, you have to press the buttons on the ground to activate the traps. The boss mostly circles the outside of the map, so the only two buttons you need to worry about are the bottom left and bottom right buttons. It may cross over the middle trap now and again, but that button is the very top one. You have to act fast, as the boss is only over each trap for a short amount of time. Once it’s dead, this trophy is yours. Below is a video of the boss fight!

Foo Fighter Clown Gold
Defeat the second boss

Foo Fighters Clown (Gold) – In area 23, you’ll be faced with the second boss of the game. This one is much easier than the last. It will circle around the arena, and you need to pick up a box in the middle, and put it on any one of the orange squares to activate all the traps at once. If you’re fast enough, you’ll be able to hit the boss 3 times on every trap! Once he’s dead, you’ll get the trophy. Below is a video, showing the fight.

What a twist! Gold
Defeat the third boss

What A Twist (Gold) – At the end of the game, you’ll fight the final boss. This boss flies around the room, and stops in specific spots to shoot fire at you. What you have to do is use the stick to hit bombs at him. When he has ¼ health left, he’ll start shooting bullets out from all sides of him as well! So be careful! Once you beat him, you’ll have beaten the game and hopefully gotten the platinum! Below is a video to reference to see how the boss is defeated.

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