Deeeer Simulator Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 30+ min (Dependant On Using A Guide Or Messing Around)
Trophies: 17. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 9 / Silver 3 / Bronze 4
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None


Welcome to the Deeeer Simulator trophy guide!
Welcome to Deer Simulator! Where one day you’re a person saving a deer, and you wake up as a deer! This trophy list is quick if you’d like it to be, but a touch difficult. So strap in!


Step 1: Present Day Shenanigans!
What you’ll want to do when the game first starts, is everything in the present day! The last step will be reaching A rank in your “Deer-saster” rank at least once to unlock the Doggo boss, needed to advance to the future! Once you beat the dog, drag the body to the tower in the water, to activate the buttons, and then onward to the future! You’ll earn about half the trophies in this step!

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Self Sacrifice
Bronze God Disguised As A Cow
Silver The Divine Move

Gold Dunkleosteus
Gold Dead Or Deer
Gold Town Musicians Of Bremen
Gold Kept You Waiting?
Gold Like A Truck

Step 2: The Future!!
The second half of the game takes place in the future! There’s a few bosses to beat, and a bit of shenanigans to get up to. You do need to get a “Deer-saster” rank of A again, but I recommend doing the “Rhinosaber” trophy before attempting that! At the end of this stage, you’ll need only one more trophy!

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze Deer-Hunting
Bronze Rhinosaber
Silver Genius

Gold Counting Sheep
Gold Big Time Monkey
Gold The Trudeer Show
Gold 13th Deer

Step 3: Fly A Dragon!!!!!!
After you get the true ending, which is “The Trudeer Show”, start the game again from the main menu. You’ll then be put in the present day! In front of you, will be a dragon! Fly it to the basketball court and burn cows and get your platinum!

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Silver 100% Beef
40-platinum I Am Deeeer

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Trophy Guide

I am Deeeer.
Unlock all achievements.

Unlock all other trophies.

Self-sacrifice Bronze
Get hit by a truck.

Once you finish creating your character, choose “Yes” to be reborn

13th Deer Gold
View the average everyday ending.

Similar to Gold The Trudeer Show. Follow the steps in that trophy, but when you beat the second phase of the boss, choose to fire the gun, and see this cutscene, then get your trophy.

The Trudeer Show Gold
View the true ending.

This is a long one. Once you get to the future, you have to get your disaster rating too A. I recommend using the lightsaber to beat the cops. Refer to “Rhinosaber”. When you’re at the highest rank, a portal unlocks at the police station. Go into it. Now fight the deer in Dark Souls fashion. They drop whatever weapon they just used. I recommend using the sword if they do. Not the lightsaber. In the second phase, it’s a rock paper scissors minigame. Wait for the deer to glow a certain colour, then use the colour to beat it. Green beats red, red beats blue, blue beats green. Then choose not to shoot the deer. You’ll then be in a new fight. But this isn’t a fight. Simply run around constantly until the health bar runs out. The more you die, the more health you get and the easier it becomes to survive. At the end of all of this, you get this trophy.

Like a Truck Gold
Defeat the Giant Koala.

I suggest you complete the “Kept You Waiting” trophy first. Once you do that, use the vehicle to fight the Giant Koala attached to the side of the building in the center, as the vehicle beats it very fast! Once you beat it, this trophy unlocks.

Dunkleosteus Gold
Defeat the Giant Fish.

I advise completing the “Kept You Waiting?” trophy first. Once you have access to the vehicle, use it to get close to the fish that flies around the island. Just keep shooting at it, and eventually you’ll do damage and it’ll immediately be defeated and you’ll get this trophy.

Town Musicians of Bremen Gold
Defeat DOGGO.

Once you reach Deersaster Level 4, which is attained by causing havoc then defeating cops, you’ll be at Rank A. You then have to go out across the water to what looks like a sand colosseum. Here you’ll fight a boss. Make sure you have a weapon from a cop, or you can fly the cow from the basketball court up to the top of the tower next to the island, for a gun. During the boss battles, shoot the bosses bunny shoes. If he attacks, sprint away. When he falls, shoot the cop cars on his shoulders. Once they run out of health, sprint and jump to hit the buttons on them. After they’re both broken, the dog runs around the arena. Simply shoot him till you beat him, then you’ll get this trophy.

Big Time Monkey Gold
Defeat Big Time Monkey.

I recommend doing “Rhinosaber” first, this way you have a lightsaber. While in the future, you’ll need to spawn the monkey. In the middle of the plaza, are two guinea pigs running on wheels, and people turning a giant turnstile. Destroy the wheels and turn all the people into deer. Or hit them. When all of them are powered down, then around and you’ll see a giant monkey with cymbals. Get the lightsaber, go behind it, and start mashing the attack button. When it dies, you get this trophy.

Deer-hunting Bronze
Acquire a total of 30 weapons.

For this trophy, you have to collect 30 weapons in total. Not all at once. This is super easy in the future, as just about everything you break, drops a weapon. So keep picking them up as you see them, and you’ll get this eventually!

Counting Sheep Gold
Defeat a total of 100 sheep.

The sheep in this are just cops. So cause mass destruction and every time your disaster ranking goes up, beat the sheep! When you kill 100, this trophy unlocks

Dead or Deer Gold
Turn a total of 10 humans into deer.

To get this trophy, simply run up to a person, and press up on the d-pad while looking at them to turn them into a deer! You’ll know they’re a deer when they have antlers. Once you’ve deerified 10 people, you get this trophy!

God Disguised as a Cow Bronze
Ride the Cow.

Near the giant Cow on the map, is a basketball court. In the court is a cow. If you get close to it, you get the option to ride it. Do this to unlock this trophy.

Kept You Waiting? Gold
Ride Metal Deer.

Across the map, there is a tiny strip of land with three buttons next to it. One has a rhino on it, and the middle needs a cow and the other button needs a deer. Grab a cow from the basketball court, located near the giant cow. Then put it on the middle button at least once, while you stand on the other. You’ll see a cutscene happen, then ride the vehicle that appears for this trophy.

Rhinosaber Bronze
Defeat all the Rhinos.

In the future, you’ll see a giant Rhino. Destroy some of the environment to get some weapons then start shooting at the rhino. Eventually it will explode and another rhino will come out. Then repeat the process. These never attack so you don’t have to worry about dying! Once you eventually defeat the tiniest one, which takes a lot of damage, this trophy is yours!

The Divine Move Silver
Win at Cowthello.

On the map, you’ll see a giant cow. Go to him and in front of him will be a blue portal. You then get to play a minigame like “Reversi”. Basically you have to have the most cows on the board, and when you place a cow, you have the chance of turning other cows back to your colour. I have no idea how it worked and I won by putting my cow down in random spots. Once you win against the AI cow, you get this trophy.

Genius Silver
Clear the Animal Puzzle.

Once you reach the future, there is a giant cow, just past the rhino, that has a minigame in front of it. Simply beat a puzzle on easy difficulty, and this trophy is yours.

100% BEEF Silver
Make 4 hamburgers.

Once you finish Gold The Trudeer Show, load up the game again. In the parking lot, ride in front of you, is a dragon! Fly it to the basketball court and use it to burn the burn and turn them into burgers!


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