She Sees Red Trophy Walkthrough

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 2 hours (With this guide)
Trophies: 15. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 10 / Silver 4 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: 0, with the walkthrough (Otherwise, several)
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 4.5


Welcome to the She Sees Red trophy walkthrough!
Developed and Published by Rhinotales; She Sees Red is a FMV, interactive thriller!

Video guides of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the guide linked!

Tips and Strategies

Unlike many new FMV games, there’s no option to stop the choice timer, so you have to pay attention to the game.  It’s pretty short, though.

While I’ve written the walkthrough the way I usually do, often times the trophy will not unlock immediately after making the choice that unlocks it – the trophies are tied to specific scenes that occur because of the choices.  But the trophy will pop before the next choice, so don’t worry if the trophy doesn’t pop right after you make the choice (example: your first trophy will pop several minutes after making the choice that triggers it).

Walkthrough was written on patch 1.01, and all trophies were popping normally, while keeping in mind the delay I referenced above.  Definitely play the game patched, as 1.00 had unlock problems.

Text Walkthrough

New Game

Leave it alone
Leave without taking a risk
Hide – Silver Lights out unlocked
Follow the plan
Spare their life – Gold Mercy unlocked
Get rid of cocaine – Gold Say no to drugs!  unlocked
Examine the wall (this option may not appear)
Follow the plan – Gold He is upset unlocked

Endings: 1/4

Select “Second Playthrough”

(let the timer run out) – Silver What’s the difference? unlocked
Leave without taking a risk
Try to distract – Silver Wet work unlocked
Go around
Try to escape – Gold Three to tango unlocked
Examine the desk (this option may not appear)
Attack – Gold She is angry unlocked

Endings: 2/4

New Game.  You can now skip scenes you’ve already seen by pressing pause/options, then skip scene.

Take care of the body
Look around the room – Silver Collateral damage unlocked – do not skip subsequent scenes until this pops!
Try to distract
Go around
Try to escape – Gold Pacifist unlocked – do not skip subsequent scenes until this pops!
(either) (this option may not appear)
Look through the documents – Gold She lost unlocked

Endings: 3/4

New Game.

Leave without taking a risk
Follow the plan
Spare their life
(either) (this option may not appear)
Improvise – Gold She is not angry and Gold Full set unlocked

New Game.

No – Gold No means no and 40-platinum Platinum unlocked

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Trophy List

Collect all trophies
She is angry Gold
Fail to look through the documents
He is upset Gold
Don’t improvise
She is not angry Gold
She lost Gold
Look through the documents
Full set Gold
Watch all the endings
Collateral damage Silver
Examine the room
Lights out Silver
Wet work Silver
Distract a guard
Pacifist Gold
Fail to have a fight in the kitchen
Three to tango Gold
A fight with two guards
Say no to drugs! Gold
Eliminate drugs
Mercy Gold
Not killing the informant
What’s the difference? Silver
Refuse to make a choice
No means no Gold
Refuse to watch the movie

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