890B Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 1/10 (With Guide For Puzzle Solutions)
Estimated time to Platinum: 30+ min (Guide Dependant)
Trophies: 12. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 0 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the 890B trophy guide!
890B is a walking sim with a few puzzle elements. With a very easy platinum if you follow a guide!


Step 1: Finish The Game
That’s it, that’s all! Once you beat the game, the platinum is yours! If you follow a guide, it shouldn’t take more than 40 minutes. But if you don’t, the puzzles might trip you up for many hours! After this one step, you’ll have all the trophies.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Gold Section 01
Gold Section 02
Gold Section 03
Gold Section 04
Gold Section 05
Gold Section 06
Gold Section 07
Gold Section 08
Gold Section 09
Gold Section 10
Gold The End
40-platinum The Mission

Video Playthrough

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Trophy Guide

The Mission
Unlock all other trophies

Unlock all other trophies

Section 01 Gold
Talk to Luna

As you start the game, walk to the right and get this trophy.

Section 02 Gold
Explore the atrium

From the start of the game, walk up into another room. You’ll see a square in the room.
Walk into it and this will unlock.

Section 03 Gold
Find the calculus lab

From the area that was section 2, walk to the northwest corner. You’ll then see some stairs. Go up them, and travel to the room on the right and walk into the cube to get this trophy.

Section 04 Gold
Bring Luna her laptop

Once you’ve explored area 3, go back to the beginning of the game and talk to Luna. You then have to go back to the room you came from, and walk back to Luna, then you’ll get this trophy.

Section 05 Gold
Restore the power

After you talk to Luna, you then have to go to the atrium just above you, and inspect three squares. Two on the left, and one in the top right. Then go up the stairs to the room on the right. Then go to the room on the left. You then have to go back to Luna.

You then use the keyboard and type “InitPowerCheck”, then “FlushPower”, then “CheckBoardStats”, then “RunSecurityDiagnostics”, then “BeginPowerRestore”, then “Exit”.

Section 06 Gold
Open the door to the observatory

After the events of “Section 05”, you’ll have a countdown on screen. After it ends, you can interact with the power box just above your head. Now go back upstairs and to the room on the right. Walk into the cube, then the cube just to the right. Now go into the left room again and walk into the cube.

Now go out the door and into the cube above you. Now go back to the first area and there’s a new cube to walk into on the right side. Go up into the atrium now and interact with all the cubes. Then go back upstairs to the door on the left. Now you then have to do a little puzzle where you move a line of a circuit to another side. You have to do this many times! When you’re done, you’ll unlock this trophy.

Section 07 Gold
Find the electronic board in the atrium

After the circuit board puzzle, walk into the door on your left and into the square. Walk left again into a computer. Now go back to the atrium to find a telescope lens. Now go upstairs and to the room on the right. Now go back to the beginning room. Now go back upstairs, and go to the top left. Now go to the atrium again and interact with the boxes.

Section 08 Gold
Hack the board

Once you get the lens in the atrium, go up the stairs and to the room on the left. Now you have to do a puzzle. After the 5 puzzles are complete, the trophy unlocks.

Section 09 Gold
Reach the lens in Luna’s office

After doing the five block puzzles, simply run to the room above you and into the square.

Section 10 Gold
Compile the script in the observatory

Once you’re in Luna’s office, look at her computer. Now run out of the room and all the way to the left. Once you’re on the computer screen, hold , as some text requires to be pressed to advance.

The end Gold
End the game

After you finish the computer screen, run through the decontamination room to your right, and then down into your room and this final trophy, plus the platinum will pop.


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One thought on “890B Trophy Guide

  1. For the good ending: you have to get the gun out of the safe. Password: 22123 (you see the numbers on the wall a=2 etc.)
    When Luna points the gun to you, I hold a or x (switch) for holding your gun.


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