Treasure Hunter Simulator Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10 (With a guide)
Estimated time to Platinum: 4 hours
Trophies: 23. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 8 / Silver 6 / Bronze 8
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the Treasure Hunter Simulator trophy guide!
Reading the name might give you an impression of Nathan Drake or Lara Croft but this game is completely different from what you are probably imagining. You, instead, look for treasures by using a metal detector and hoping that you hit the jackpot.


There are no missable trophies as you can easily switch to a level from the map and get any missing items/trophies and as such there is no roadmap.

Note: Please read the Tips and Strategies first, otherwise you are bound to waste valuable time.

Tips and Strategies

  • It is recommended that you do the tutorial as it introduces you to the mechanics of the game and you can also earn some trophies in the tutorial level.
  • All legendary treasures are obtained via taking normal jobs so don’t waste your time finding them on your own except for the Gettysburg level (Level 1).
  • To do time trials, you need to accept the required side job from Email otherwise they won’t show up.
  • There are two types of jobs: Normal and Side jobs. Pick up all the job listings first before starting off an area. This will make the process to get Gold Prestigious easier and if you do all the jobs you can reach max Prestige rank by the time you finish Syria.
  • Buy a new analogue metal detector as soon as you can as this will make your life easier by locating more items. The cheapest, new one costs $300 and unlocks at Prestige 2.
  • Try to keep your pace slow when you are doing jobs/side jobs as it is easier to detect items as compared to when you are sprinting. Be patient while searching for items, rushing it will just make your job even more difficult.
  • Job progress resets if you decide to return to the office, so try to finish the jobs you have started in one session. Also, in later levels you’ll need money to travel to areas so it is pragmatic to load all available jobs in that area and finish them in one go.

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Trophy Guide

It belongs in a museum
Unlock all trophies

Unlock all other trophies to get the Platinum trophy.

Rare Bronze
Find your first rare item.

I got this trophy in the tutorial. After you have finished cleaning the item, identify it by rotating it and if done correctly you’ll know the rarity of the item in the top right. The trophy unlocks when you get a rare item.

Experienced Bronze
Find 5 items.

Can be unlocked in the tutorial level.

Through Dirt Bronze
Find 10 common items.

See Bronze Digging a Hole for more details.

Digging Gold Bronze
Sell your first item.

See Silver Auctioner for more details.

Bling Bronze
Find 5 rare items.

You’ll most likely get this trophy in the first two free to travel levels. Not a difficult one as rare items aren’t too ‘rare’ to find.

Digging a Hole Bronze
Find 20 common items.

You’ll get this naturally if you dig around looking for items till the Bavarian Lake level (Level 2), or if you can’t be bothered then you can easily get this by completing jobs/side jobs which you have to do anyways for Gold Prestigious.

Making Money Bronze
Sell 5 items.

See Silver Auctioner for more details.

Hunter Silver
Find your first legendary item.

See Gold Exceptional for more details.

New at the Job Silver
Finish your first job.

See Gold Hunter for Hire for more details.

Auctioner Silver
Sell 10 items.

Pretty simple, when you are back into your office, manoeuvre to the collections tab and sell any 10 items to get this trophy. Keep in mind that you can’t sell Legendary items.

Hard Metal Silver
Buy your first metal detector.

There are 4 analogue metal detectors available to purchase and they have their own specific Prestige requirement:

In my experience, I had to buy the Frankie Z ($300) as I was barely able to detect items with the default one. So, that would be your first purchase giving you the trophy.

Investor Silver
Have a total of 1000$.

Earned by natural progression as you need $4000 to buy a digital metal detector for Silver Technology. You’ll get money by two ways:

  • Completing Jobs/Side jobs
  • Selling items in your collection, which you’ll do anyways to get Silver Auctioner.

Note: This might unlock even after you have earned $1000, it unlocked for me at $1800 or so. Not a major issue.

Hunter for Hire Gold
Finish 10 jobs.

You’ll unlock this by natural progression as you need to do Jobs to unlock new levels as well as also do side jobs to increase your Prestige.

Photographer Gold
Take 20 photos with your PDA.

This is a photo spot, walk up to it and press  to bring up the camera and when the circle turn whitish then press to the take the photo. This trophy unlocked for me just by doing jobs/side jobs so no need to fret over this trophy and I unlocked it at the Syrian Temple Level.

Prestigious Gold
Reach the top prestige level.

To get this trophy you are required to reach Prestige Level 10 i.e. the max level. I got it when I completed the Syrian Temple level as I had done all the jobs as well as the side jobs till the Syrian Temple Level. Even if you skip some annoying side jobs, it is possible to get this trophy later as well.

Technology Silver
Buy your first digital detector.

There are three digital detectors available for purchase and the cheapest one costs $4000, these are the your options:

Buy anyone of them to pop the trophy, I personally bought the second one to help me find treasures more easily.

Treasure Hunter Gold
Find 5 legendary items.

See Gold Exceptional for more details.

Speedrunner Gold
Finish 5 time trials.

Don’t be daunted by the trophy description as this is an extremely easy trophy to achieve. You’ll encounter your first time trial in the Bavarian Lake level. What the time trials require is you to reach from one Orange Flag to another Orange Flag by taking the shortest route possible. Hold down the button to sprint and since there is no stamina system as such, you can sprint all the way. I have included the shortest routes for all the time trials:

Bavarian Lake:

Slovakian Valley:

Tenczyn Castle:

Scandinavian Cave:

Irish Cliffs:

Exceptional Gold
Find 10 legendary items.


There is only 1 Legendary item per level and it is unmissable because you’ll be given a job to locate it along with a faded photograph which approximately tells you the location of the item. This means, that there are 11 legendary items in total and you need only 10 for this trophy but you need all 11 for Finish Line trophy. I have included the photos of the spots where I found each legendary item in each level:

Gettysburg – 1855 Springfield Musket:

Bavarian Lake – Pickelhaube:

Slovakian Valley – Ulfberth Sword:

Tenczyn Castle – Russian Hand Grenade Model 1912:

Scottish Isle – Captain Cook’s Spyglass:

Scandinavian Cave – Norman Sword:

Irish Cliffs – Weathervane:

Syrian Temple – Corinthian Helmet:

Jordan’s Lost City – Roman Medusa Medallion:

Oman Oasis – Astrolabe:

Forgotten Isle – Meteorite:

Globetrotter Gold
Travel the world.

There are 11 levels/areas to explore and once you reach the last one, Forgotten Isles, you’ll unlock this trophy.

Finish Line Gold
Finish the story mode.

You’ll get this trophy once you have unlocked all the levels/areas and collected all 11 legendary items (1 in each level) by doing the relevant jobs. These 11 areas are:

  • Gettysburg
  • Bavarian Lake
  • Slovakian Valley
  • Tenczyn Castle
  • Scottish Coast
  • Scandinavian Cave
  • Irish Cliffs
  • Syrian Temple
  • Jordan’s Lost City
  • Oman Oasis
  • Forgotten Isle
First Steps Bronze
Find your first item.

Unmissable and unlocks by natural progression.

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