My Friend Peppa Pig Trophy Walkthrough

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 40 – 60 min
Trophies: 12 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 0 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the My Friend Peppa Pig trophy guide!
This very short and very easy platinum from Petoons Studio & Outright Games is a fun-filled adventure with Peppa as her new best friend.

There is a good amount of RNG in this game, and therefore you may get scenes slightly before, or after where they appear in the walkthrough. I have tried to cover these off with all eventualities, however you may need to skip over one part and come back to it after.

Tips and Strategies:

The game starts off with a very short tutorial, create your preferred character and just keep following the tutorial until to can walk up to Peppa’s house.

You move the character with  and interact with button.

Trophy Walkthrough:

Once you are inside Peppa’s house, keep walking right until you come to the lounge, walk over to the TV and switch it on. This should trigger George entering the room crying as he’s lost his dinosaur.

Once you have control of your character, walk left all the way until you get outside. Then, after the cutscene, walk back into the house and into the kitchen to trigger the cutscene. – Gold Where’s Mr. Dinosaur?

Go into the lounge and sit on the sofa which should trigger Peppa talking about Potato City. Then stand up, and sit back down a couple of times. This will trigger Dad to enter saying he’s lost his glasses.

The glasses are either on the kitchen table, by the front door, or upstairs in Peppa’s bedroom. Interact using and return them to Dad in the lounge. – Gold Daddy’s Glasses

Leave the house and walk right, until you find the hot air balloon, walk up to balloon and press .

Once at Snowy Mountain, walk up to the ski lift and press .

Walk up to snowman, press .

There are 2 large snowballs to the left and a carrot, black dot (this makes the eyes and mouth) and two sticks to the right to collect for the snowman you’re building with Peppa. – Gold The Best Snowman Ever!

Walk over to the ski hut and press to go back down the hill (hold to ski). Walk over to the hot air balloon and press .

Once back at the forest, go right and you’ll come across some litter that needs picking up and placing into the bin, pick up the litter, one at a time, and place each one into the bin (Peppa will help).
Then go over to the gate, open it with and go through. There will be more litter to pick up and place into the bin back to the right. Once all the litter has been placed in bin, go back right and there should be some tracks on the ground, press to interact and follow. – Gold Whose tracks are these?

After this you should find yourself in the campsite. Madame Gazelle will ask for sticks to be collected for the campfire which you will be volunteered for.

There are 3 sticks in front of the tents to the left of the screen, pick up one at a time, Peppa will help, then place on the fire pile. There are two more sticks to the left off screen, Peppa will pick one of them up. Place on fire pile. – Gold Collecting Sticks For the Campfire.

You may need to pitch a tent in order to progress to the next part. Once this is done press on the fire to trigger cutscene. You will also get a picnic scene following where you have to go left to collect the picnic basket form the car.

***If at any time Peppa starts to fall asleep, you will be taken back to Peppa’s house to go to bed. This doesn’t matter as you can return to where you are at any time once you wake up the next morning***

If you had to go to bed, after waking up, go downstairs and the Windy City trip cutscene should trigger. If you didn’t go to bed, just go back to the car and drive back home, go into the house and it should still trigger.

Once at the Windy Castel, the family will go up the tower and you may need to press to look through the telescope. – Gold The View From Windy Castle. (If this trophy has unlocked, there is no need to go back up)

Once back down the bottom of the tower, walk over to car and go back to Peppa’s house.

***Don’t worry if there is construction on the road, this is a random event and you’ll be able to carry on to destination after cutscene.***

Go outside the house and walk left until you get to Granny and Grandpa’s house. (You may already be outside)

Go over to the car and press to visit The Beach.

***Construction on the road can happen here too***

After cutscene, press three times at the rock pool to collect the three items. – Gold What’s in These Rockpools?

Walk right until you get to the car, press to go back to Granny and Grandpa’s house.

Walk into the house and left into the kitchen to pick up the bird food, go back into lounge and fill up Polly’s bowl.

Then stand in front of Polly and keep pressing until a chicken walks into the room.

After the cutscene, pick up first chicken, walk out of the house and left all the way until you come to the coop. Repeat this with each chicken (3) to get the trophy. – Gold Rounding Up the Chickens.

Go back to Peppa’s house and press by the car to go to The Playgroup.

Once at the playgroup, walk right until you get to a tree and press to trigger the tortoise cutscene.

Walk back left and into classroom to find Madame Gazelle, then once cutscene has ended, walk left to find the ladder. – Gold Helping Tiddles the Tortoise.

Walk left and press on the school bus.

Once you arrive at The Museum, press on the entrance and walk all the way right until you come to the Rocket. – Gold Rocket to the Moon!

After the Moon cutscene, walk all the way left and before you reach the end Peppa might start falling asleep, it’s ok if this happens.

If she doesn’t, keep walking back, leave the museum and press on the car to go back to Peppa’s house.

When you wake up the next day, go downstairs and a cutscene should trigger to visit Potato City.

If you don’t have to go to bed, just to upstairs to Peppa’s bedroom and the cutscene should trigger.

(I think this triggers if all other trophies have been collected.)

Drive to Potato City and after the cutscene that should be the last trophy and platinum. – Gold Always Remember To Eat Your Five! & 40-platinum Friends Forever

Video Walkthrough

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Trophy List:

Friends Forever
Unlock all other trophies in My Friend Peppa Pig
Daddy’s Glasses Gold
Find Daddy Pig’s Glasses.
Where’s Mr. Dinosaur? Gold
Recover Mr. saur for George.
Whose tracks are these? Gold
Follow the tracks in the forest and find out who left them.
The Best Snowman Ever! Gold
Build a snowman in Snowy Mountain.
What’s in These Rockpools? Gold
Find three different things in the rockpools.
Rounding Up the Chickens. Gold
Take all of Granny Pig’s chickens back to the coop.
Helping Tiddles the Tortoise. Gold
Help Madame Gazelle get Tiddles down from the tree.
The View From Windy Castle. Gold
Visit Windy Castle.
Always Remember To Eat Your Five! Gold
Visit Potato City.
Collecting Sticks For the Campfire. Gold
Collect sticks to build a campfire in the forest.
Rocket to the Moon! Gold
Take the rocket to the moon in the Museum.

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